Bodybuilding for the Martial Artist

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mmafiter, Jun 15, 2002.

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    If competing in tournaments is your goal than muscle would be more useful than not having muscle, but I wouldn't consider MMA fights to be martial arts. Muscle weighs more than fat so might slow you down if you didn’t have sufficient tone.

    And only the heavy weight divisions have massive muscles, the lighter weight divisions have great muscle tone, which I would consider to be much more valuable than muscle mass. Suppose building muscle tone is included in bodybuilding, but I was just thinking of the muscle mass side of it.
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    What do you mean by muscle tone?
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    Not sure what muscle tone is exactly, I've been trying to look it up but with little success. I think muscle mass is the amount of muscle fibres you have in a muscle and tone is the density of the fibres :S!

    I always think of it as muscle mass = schwarzenegger and muscle tone = Bruce Lee
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    Ok, it would be a good idea not to use terms you don't know the meaning of.

    The only difference in 'tone' between Bruce and non-Olympia Arnold is that Bruce had very low bodyfat which made his muscles stick out more.

    Forgetting that bruce trained as an MA, and Arnold did not, Arnold could have punched/kicked just as fast.

    In things like K-1, all of the fighters have a lot of muscle mass, comparitive to their frame, and they are all fast.

    Basically, big muscles don't necessarily slow you down. Muscle does weigh more than fat but fat is a useless deposit, muscles are the things which generate speed in the first place.

    Toning is a buzzword that means low bodyfat and pronounced muscles.
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    i seeee. I would still personally not bother with building muscle, if my MA helps me grow muscle mass than cool, i could use some! But I wouldn't go to a gym for the sole purpose of lifting weights.
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    Then you will never gain any muscle mass!
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    The topic of this thread is bodybuilding for the martial artist and a lot of other topics were brought into the thread. I think this is fine even though it drifted off topic it was very informative and I learned a lot. I think one thing that might be remembered is that weight training is a suggested method for training in the martial arts, it is not the only method. I know martial artists that weight train often and are good fighters and I know martial artists who do not weight train at all and are good fighters. So I think its all about picking what works for you. Personally I like to incorporate the weights into my workout and the calethestenics as well. I got a great workout from that is a navy seal workout using no weights. I have a friend who just got back from Iraq and is a buds graduate and he's told me I have the real thing. Doing this in conjuction with the weights has been very beneficial to my martial arts conditioning. But I don't frown on people who frown on weights.
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    Martial artist wight Training / im not so good in english

    im pretty young but i know things and have read much :)..
    u couldent do more then 3 days a week in wight training or u wont improve that fast and tak the other 3-4 days whit some non-wight traning, oky to faster improved muscels and strenght on wight training , when u do like a bench press u could take the barbell slow down and fast up agein it should be done by all exursises. and u sgould do from 2-5 sets whit 8-12 reps it will greatly improve ur muscels, and if u do the exursises right u dont need to strech ur muscels. and one thing taht is really really importante is to do the exursises right or u will ruin ur muscels.. talk whit some1 whit experianse. and when it goes whit back training dont take to much wights on.......

    Get good skills in punching and kicking

    a really good exursise for arms is to go in fighting posision and grap some wights in each hand and shadow box, if u really want to gein skills fast do a pyramid training ,ann example: take first whit no wights and hit 50 times each hand and when that is done take some wights on ur han and do 50 on each han and more wights whit 50 on each hand and go down agein whit the wights and do it to u got no wights agein!!...
    to gein good speed power and strenght on the hand u could train ur forarm and ur shoulders find some exursises for that.
    to get good kicking, kicking is always a good thing to do, u can do it whit wights on ur legs. walking/jogging/running is always good, u got frog jump and ursal jump for good snap training.

    good for legs!!
    oky heres a good jogg program, if ur really out of not in good shape start walking do not start jogging.. u will improve faster if u start walking!!.
    and example: if or not so bad shape start walking in 2min and then running in 2min and do taht over and over agein... ur if ur lower in the system start walking in 2min and jogging in 2min, if ur really in good shape u could jogg in 2 min and then run in 2min
    (the 2mins is just when u start whit it u just increase the mins whit secs and u will improve fast!!).

    Training at home

    oky its much u can do home!! just reallt think of what u have home and try it out :).
    and exursise for chest, its good for bech training!.
    oky take 2 shears and play them from each other and take ur arms on it and do puchups, go so long down u can, if it gets to easy ether take some wights on ur back or take something lower then the shears :)
    its many things u can do whit shears just think and try!!.


    right after u have bad ur muscles rdy for training streach alittle, dont streach so u can feel it just streach. when ur done whit the training dont just bust in to a streach go slightly or u will lose ur improvments u done the training!!.

    to be ann good fighter is not all about muscles,power or speed

    ur thinking has much to do whit fighting, it could be hard to think when it really counts to improve ur thinking u could meditate or take yoga... its takes training to maditate ,and will ur at some place think of situasions .. ann example: like if ur on the street and u se 2 guys think that they will attack u and think what u shall have done, and do not be supriced if they attack!!
    to learn meditation search for it on google :)


    oky u dont need any diets , just stay away for things like coce,pizza and french frise and stuff like that.. when ur from 1-22 year u dont need to be afreid to eat so much when ur in that age ur growing and that take much fat,
    but be sure to get inuf energy in ur body!!, but when ur older then that be carefull for what u eat. or u could always trein avery day and give a **** about what u eat. but u will feel bether if u eat right. and never eat to little!![/U][/B][/B][/U]
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    i have been doing bodybuilding for 2 years now and i just started to do martial arts recently....this is a great post, i was wondering if i shoul change my weight lifting routine to help me with the martial arts...great post!
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    It sounds like you wrote my story. I have been weight training for over 2 years and I have 1 month in TKD. The only training change I have made is that I will not do legs on the days that I go to the dojang. It hurts too bad the next day. But I can do a decent leg work out the day after TKD. I have also worked more on flexibility and not on increasing muscle mass. I think I will keep this up for at least 6 months and then reevaluate where I am. :cool: :Angel:

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