Bob arum up to his tricks yet again for Pacquiao Bradley 2.

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Saved_in_Blood, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Rios isn't even close to the level of Bradley. Manny before would easily have stopped Rios... even Alvarado was able to hurt him and Manny never did that at all. Bradley is a better boxer. Manny only has speed, but not the boxing brain that Tim has. If Manny cannot KO Bradley, he will be in for a very long night.

    Also keep in mind that compubox is simply just a few people counting punches they THINK are landing. Manny threw more and according to the stats landed more, but if you watch the fight, they were not very solid shots and many of them didn't land at all, yet they were counted. Throwing punches only counts if you are landing them... or if the other fighter is throwing hardly any. HBO will be all over Manny's jock too, watch the first fight again... they show ALL of Manny's punches during replys, very few of Bradley's do they show... they make a huge deal anytime Manny throws punches, but say nothing when Bradley lands good shots. I get so sick of the HBO politics.... it's really just crap. Turn the volume off and watch the fight again... Manny still won IMO, but it was much closer than people give Tim credit for.
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    In their last match, Pacman seemed like he wasn't doing his best, but he was still better than Bradley. Bradley in the later rounds found his rhythm though and was a lot busier, but in the first rounds if my memory serves me right Pacman seemed to be on a different level.

    Right now, I don't really know how good they are.
    There is a chance that Bradley has become a better boxer and that Pacquiao has indeed lost his power for the reasons Saved in Blood has repeatedly mentioned.
    It's an interesting fight!
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    I've been watching Bradley for several years now (since his surprise win over Witter) and since then he has gotten better every single fight he's been in. He took Marquez apart and Juan is a master boxer. Bradley boxed and moved and fought a beautiful fight. If he fights like that vs. Manny it will be an easy night IMO. On the 24/7 series I already see Tim working on catching Manny with his lunging in shots that he throws, that's what got him KO'd vs. Marquez so he better not do that this time or he might find himself on the floor again.
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    This is what irritates me about Manny and Tim

    Here you have Manny and as I've said before... I think he won the first fight, but we'll see this time how it goes... all that aside keep in mind their resumes over just the last few years.

    SHOT and weight drained Dela Hoya who had to try to rehydrate with needles
    SHOT Ricky Hatton that had already been KO'd by Floyd and clearly his best days were behind him.
    Weight drained Cotto at 145? Really... couldn't move up 2 lbs for the REAL weight class?
    margacheato, who had just been brutally beaten by Mosley and that fight still had to be at 150... 4 lbs under the JMW limit.
    Completely shot Mosley: After his win over cheato, Shane went to Roach's wildcard gym and openly challenged Manny... their response? The fight has to be at 142. Needless to say he got the fight with Floyd and got schooled anyway.
    Clottey: Openly admitted that "I lost because I had to". Clottey fought Manny in texas stadium and supposedly Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys was "so happy" that Clottey got a bonus... which supposedly was 1 million dollars. Really?
    Cotto offered to fight Manny once Cotto had gone to 154... the rematch didn't happen... why? Because they wanted the fight at 148. Cotto said he would not sacrifice his body for a fight with Manny again.

    Here we look at Bradley over the last few years.

    Witter: Pretty good fighter, was getting a little older and was winning the first part of the fight. Bradley dug deep and put Witter down and after than owned the fight the rest of the way.
    Peterson: Undefeated, was expected to give Bradley all kinds of problems and beat him... Bradley wins every round but 1 IIRC.
    Campbell: Older and the fight was lost because of a butt, Nate wasn't going to win that fight though.
    Holt: Good puncher who put Bradley down two times I believe. Was considered a top fighter at the time at 25-2
    Abregu: Was 29-0 at the time and is now 36-1 (29 KO's) with Bradley being his only loss. This was Tim's first fight at 147
    Devon Alexander: Was expected to beat Bradley, but lost a technical decision due to an accidental but. Bradley was up on all 3 cards at the time.
    Provodnikov: was 22-1 and that was the fight of the year with Bradley winning a UD despite being hurt several times and on the canvas once.
    Casamayor: Won't make excuses for this... the guy was old and though he was a great fighter, he was never going to beat Bradley.
    Marquez: Bradley was picked yet again by many to lose. He outboxed the boxer and did what Manny couldn't do in 4 fights which is win convincingly.

    Many of these guys were fresh or near prime, looking at Manny's run at the higher weights he has only fought 2 guys in their prime... one being Bradley and the other being Rios, who sucks.

    People really should give Tim his due IMO.

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