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    So I wanted to make a thread where I make notes about my diet and my training.

    I recently went vegetarian and I'm trying to work my way to going vegan. I've cut out meat completely, but there are still small traces of dairy finding their way into my diet. This will be sorted as of tomorrow...I hope.

    So basically I'm going with a high carb low fat diet, where I eat as much fruit and vegetables as I can and I basically just smash in carbohydrates. To give you a detailed overview of where I'm getting my nutrition from I'll list them in categories. I'll add or remove items from the list as I go.

    -Beans (white/brown)

    -White Rice



    -Olive Oil

    When it comes to my training, I train 6 days a week. 3 times is for running and 3 times is for weightlifting. I also go for a 30-40min walk 5 days a week.

    My schedule looks like this;

    Monday: Running
    Tuesday: Weightlifting
    Wednesday: Running
    Thursday: Weightlifting
    Friday: Running
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Weightlifting

    In my mind each week of training starts on Sunday.

    I'm running distances between 5km and 16km atm, but I'm going to run a marathon in March, 2016. Right now my focus is mostly on weightlifting, because I want to gain some mass for that masculine look and to just feel stronger in general. I don't have time for more than 3 days a week for weightlifting, so I'm doing full body workouts to compensate. But I'm trying to make some cardio gains as well, because I want to increase my jogging speeds.

    The focus of this thread is my vegan diet. So as I said, I only recently switched to a vegetarian/vegan diet and I'm interested to see how it will affect my training. Will I get weaker? Or stronger? And also, how do I feel? Real life comes first, so it's important that I have the energy to take care of my responsibilities. So I will also be noting how I feel.

    Btw, I'm 171cm or 5'7 in height and I currently weigh 74kgs. I'll update any weight changes as well.

    Thanks for reading. I will update this thread on a weekly basis to give an overview of my diet and training. Expect updates on Fridays or Saturdays.
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