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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by ptkalista, Jun 17, 2007.

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    Moi Warriors live forever x

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    well there's 30 seconds of my life I won't get back.
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    Especially given that you already heard much of it in Return of the Jedi.
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    Blade Runner

    Here Ptkalista,

    Please tell me your having a laugh!

    What's all this lark about the soul, culture and flavour of the blade and not to mention you sleep with one.

    By the way here's one for ye about fear. Warrior status is not given it's earned, not by culture but by the self. To define courage is to recognise your fear and to admit it's existence otherwise how can you define a true warrior from a rocket.

    Here's one for ya about having no fear that was once spotted on a gravestone.

    '' Here lies the poor mouse who thought it was safe to nest in a cat's ear.

    Figure that one out

    Aiodan 7
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    Well, that say's it all folks :( I know what you mean, but still it should be stated somewhat different I'd think?

    What happened is a reverse thinking about blade etc., interesting to know who you are and who you are representing.
    Must be someone out of "Kalis Illustrisimo" camp. :cool:

    The white man took the blade to the country I believe. Maybe we need to distinguish lilly white as in Scot/Dutch, or the white of Spanish blood mixed with Moor's.

    I do understand what is being mentioned though, regarding a warrior mentality, for today I mentioned to a few who are really into kata, I explained they need to cut the fluff, and get into some contact. ;)

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    [deleted: nice try though]
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    I doubt that very seriously Gary.
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    And you are entitled to your opinion, but think on this, howmany Filipino's actually know FMA and out of those that do how many are at the top. Yes there are many many Pinoy's that excell in the FMA, but you also have to remember that there are many many non-Pinoy's that do to. Just becuase your Japanese, does not mean your good at Karate.

    And the Warrior Culture is not exclusive to the Philippines either, it is exclusive to warriors in every country. As you so clearly state in your signature "This is SPARTA!!!!!!!" Sparta is not in the Philippines, but the Spartans are well documented Warriors.

    The blade is not exclusive to the Philippines, ask yourself, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe the stick came before the blade, then the blade took over and then the stick came back. You said earlier that what ever you do with a stick you can do with a blade, not so, there are certain things that are exclusive to the stick and there are certain things you do with the stick you cannot do with the blade. Each has their own benefits and each has their own weak points.

    I think maybe you need to look deeper into the art to understand that no matter the weapon, they are all effective in the right hands and not in the wrong hands.

    Just my thoughts

    Best regards

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  9. Pat OMalley

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    I have to ask 'ptkalista'.

    What makes you a warrior as opposed to an artist?

    Please share with us your veiws on what a warrior is and what a warrior is not?

    And why as you insinuate a warrior needs a blade?

    I am curious because I thought a warrior was a warrior regadless of the weapon, but I could be wrong.

    Best regards

  10. Pat OMalley

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    Just been scanning through this thread and found this:

    A concept and idea are the same thing, they are but a thought. once you put that concept and/or idea in to practice it either works or it does not, then it is no longer a concept or idea, it becomes a principle. FMA does not deal in concepts and ideas, it deals in practicality and principles.

    "The idea is you hit me here, the concept is I could do this".
    That is assuming things will run in line with your idea, not good.

    "The fact is you try to hit me, the principle is I stop you".
    That is knowing you have a task to acheive. Now that is FMA

    Best regards

  11. ptkalista

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    I believe that inquiry regarding experiences was more on how many fights have I been in or how I win fights, which this forum is not the place to show off. We are talking only about the returning to the blade.

    A true warrior does not need a blade, a true warrior can incapacitate you with just a word. The returning to the blade is both physical and philosophical. True FMA is based on the blade (I think this we all agree with), because either FMA masters watered down their art to cater to computer geeks or computer geeks attended so many seminars that they feel they can now teach the true FMA with sticks and make FMA into a comedy.

    Not too many Filipinos know about FMA because the quality control of producing fighters in the Philippines was set to a very high standard, now you have fat uncoordinated individuals twirling sticks for all the people to see, but this is not the true FMA. Anyone can twirl a stick, not everyone can wield the blade. When it is all blade all the time, your outlook becomes different. If you drive a Ferrari car all the time, you can still drive a Hyundai, but people who drive a 4 cylinder Hyundai all the time can't drive a Ferrari.

    These fat uncoordinated "FMAers" will naturally fear the blade, because a stick is so much easier to handle why take a ride in the wild side (this goes against their comfortable circle of safety). So in a way the return to the blade symbolizes a return to when FMA was something sacred before it was watered down to accommodate non-warriors. This is what I mean by all blade all the time, to put the fear in the hearts of those who wish to water down the true FMA and adjust the flavor to make it taste more like cotton candy instead of the true flavor. :woo:
  12. BGile

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    I was just reading the history of Sumatra, I believe it is a location that can rival the blade of FMA.

    They had it long before PI and are still very much into it. Not like the Celts (scots) that are much more civilized of late ;) But like I had mentioned they are a culture that is surrounded by the blade, they had it long ago also.
    I pointed that out already.



    Fat people have a better chance of surviving knife attacks. I have seen it for real, fat is a covering and helps to protect the body from many things.

    Hmmm check out that motto.

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  13. ptkalista

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    This is exactly my point, the Spartans have gone because lesser warriors lessened their blade culture (the Athenians), the Samurais succumbed to lesser warriors who used guns, Salah al Din's Tikriti warriors succumbed to lesser Arab warriors the list goes on of blade culture being undermined by people who feared the truth of the blade. Now the Philippines is the only blade culture left, but it is being undermined by sticktwirlers. So to counter the sticktwirlers, I say promote the blade, make them shake in fear. :woo:
  14. Ular Sawa

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    Nope, wrong again. The inquiry was in regard to any experience you have had with with Indonesian or Malaysian practitioners. You've failed to answer that one, just like you've failed to answer every direct question put to you. You have relied on movie quotes, English literature, and posting the words of Tuhon.

    Lots of us hold the blade culture (of various cultures) in high regard. Your only original contribution has been that Rosetta Stone is a rip off.
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    Errr... tim waid trains the filipino marines... cough.. cough..
  16. shootodog

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    so does uli weidle of pekiti tirsia europe.
  17. BGile

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  18. shootodog

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    in fact there are quite a number non-pinoys teaching pekiti-tirsia kali.
  19. ptkalista

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    There are many non-Filipinos teaching the FMA. If any of you had read what I wrote I said I personally would not train with a non-Filipino to learn my true FMA because of the sad irony of this. Feel free to disagree with my opinion, it will not change. But that is a personal conviction. Should I learn the Filipino national anthem from a white man also, the irony was what I was trying to point out. The Spartans did not learn their art from the Persians. :woo:
  20. ptkalista

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    Yes, and they all agree with the return of the blade culture. :woo:

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