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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by ptkalista, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. ptkalista

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    The Filipino blade because it can cut and kill will always be superior to any art that is only sticks, because sticks only bruise not cut or kill. It's that simple. :woo:
  2. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    When you live by the sword you may die by the sword. Like any Samurai the sword is your soul, when you cut your core it will free your soul.
  3. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    When you warm up with the Filipino blade the sun will always shine on you and your blood will become warm knowing the blade will cut and thrust into the living flesh.
  4. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Sticks can't kill? I doubt it is that simple.
  5. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Mate, do you think you could take it easy on all the "living flesh" stuff? I've read three of your threads so far, and they all feature graphic descriptions of blade trauma. Ease up, would you.

  6. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    I'm sorry mate, but many FMA players have forgotten about the Filipino blade and I just get so passionate about this subject that I start seeing red. We all need to just throw away our little sticks and just train with the blade to take our art to the next level. Blades, arrows, whips, throw knives, blow guns, daggers that's the next level in FMA. The Spartans and Samurais did not train with sticks. :woo:

    Now there is only one Blade culture left in the world, we must not let Filipino blade go to extinction. :woo:
  7. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    If you had to choose between a stick and a blade because you have to go to combat (in a field of battle not unlike that in '300' or 'The last Samurai') which weapon would you take? There's a reason why many styles of blades found their home in the Philippines, that's because the Filipino warriors have always used them. The butterfly knife became extinct in Europe but was kept alive in the Philippines. Various Japanese swords and daggers were brought to the Philippines by Japanese soldiers who only knew how to cut bamboo with it, the Filipino guerillas taught them how to use it on the human body, their bodies. :woo:
  8. BGile

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    Yes one of the reasons I enjoy the books and stories about the conflict on the Islands and the bravery that was shown. GM Leo Giron wrote about it and in turn Guro Tony Somera has kept the blade in the art. Job well done by Guro Tony. But most do practice the stick.

  9. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    :woo: All Filipino fighters who fought in WWII (whether regular army or as guerillas) used their Blades, no one went to battle with light rattan sticks.
  10. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    My friend, the Sikhs are like the Arabs of Yemen, Oman and South Arabia, they wear their beautiful knives because it is part of their culture and fashion. They do not know how to use them. The best swordsmen use to come from the Arab lands now they just cut defenseless individuals heads off. There is only one Blade culture left, and it's in the Philippines. Come to where the flavor is. :woo:
  11. boards

    boards Its all in the reflexes!

    How do Sikhs go about taking knives on a plane, do they get exemptions? :confused:
  12. dyak_stone

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    I am a proud pinoy as well, but I beg to differ in regard to this remark. I don't believe we have a monopoly in the skill and willingness to fight with a blade. Off the top of my head, there are the gurkhas of Nepal who are respected the world over for their prowess in battle with the use of their kukhri.
  13. ptkalista

    ptkalista Banned Banned

    Have you seen the current Brigade of Ghurkas train with their weapons? It's not very technical. Their art has also been forgotten, atleast outside of Nepal (maybe in Nepal there is still a blade culture but doubtful). US Marine officers carry Mameluke swords, non know how to wield them now, but in the 1800s when they were given by Egyptian warriors they did know how to use these swords. :woo:
  14. oosh

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    Do you train in PTK ? or just read GT's Blog ;) j/k

    I admire your passion, but I think the nature of the FMAs is that some people like sticks...some people like blades....some people like both ;)
  15. Airyu

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    Hey PTKalista

    I prefer Mushashi's view from the Dokkodo:

    "Do not treat your weapons as anything different or special from other tools."

    Guro Steve L.
  16. kalislash

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    I think that Musashi was defeated by a stick... :Alien:
  17. BGile

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    They did call it a draw.

  18. Azazeal

    Azazeal Valued Member

    Of course they did.. Bocken for the Japanese for example...
  19. BGile

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    That is an interesting question/situation, I'll follow it up and see what I can find out. Here is something that is interesting.

  20. ptkalista

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    In the US military native americans can take peyote as part of their religion. I wouldn't be surprise if the Sikhs are able to fly with their daggers. There's a Sikh in Canada's legislature who carries a pretty sword. We're all equal some people are just more equal than others. :woo:

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