black boxers?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Adam, Jun 23, 2003.

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    Actually O Blood group is pretty efficient at storing Body Fat, if they eat the 'wrong' diet loaded with simple Carbs, Sugar, trans Fatty Acids etc etc, they blow up like a Barrage Balloon. I believe that the key to all this is resting metabolic rate etc etc, but you'd have to talk to someone more knowledgeable than me on that for the correct science. The science is more about the absorption and usage of the amount of Protein in the diet and how it is used by the body in relation to levels of Fat and available Carbs etc.
    Regarding info on this, unfortunately you'll probably have to Google it and have to wade through hundreds of very boring academic papers. I can't think of anything Commercially available works on the subject. Obviously books like Peter D'Adamo's Eat right and Live right for your Blood Type touched upon these subjects, but I can't comment on them, because I've never read them, they did seem to make alot of sense to alot of people though...Let me know what you find in terms of Study papers, most of them are probably Russian...

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