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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BionicMan2K11, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Pkhamidar2com

    Pkhamidar2com Panda Member

    Get a towel, put it around your pullup bar, Do pullups.

    Im sure this helps for grip in Judo or something, like BJJ and stuff right?
  2. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

    Yes! Towel pull ups will increase your grip for grappling.
  3. Pkhamidar2com

    Pkhamidar2com Panda Member

    Well then, if i do go for judo as my next art, tomorrows free lesson will decide, then i better start doing my towel pullups again :D I used to love towel pullups :)
  4. bbroad11

    bbroad11 New Member

    I never done this before. Sounds good. I'm going to try this.
  5. martialjorbin

    martialjorbin Valued Member

    Yes it will help you a lot according to study during the exercise, you also develop outstanding forearm and grip strength, which can be a great asset for many sports, including wrestling and rock climbing, along with combat sports such as judo, jiu jitsu and others. Pull ups are also a great bicep conditioning tool.
  6. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    Am I the only one who can't stand these threads? Making a thread about your own training like we should all aspire to be like you and one day, just maybe all your wealth of knowledge may help me do some almost useful push up variation.

    If you want to share your training make a log, if you want to discuss bodyweight ideas there is a thread for that, but really, your own thread? Are you going to interview yourself next week?

    This is a very understanding forum and the only one I've been on where you wouldn't get flamed to death for posting this thread, and that's great but I think we need to be realistic here, your like what 135lbs, with what qualifications or Certs? What experience training fighters?

    Slip has enough letters after his name to make a language, has trained fighters and fights himself I don't see him posting threads like this?

    I'm not saying I don't care what you have to say but please, join in on the discussions instead of posting threads like this.

    Sorry if this comes across harsh, maybe I'm a little sceptical these days, must be the premature grayness making me grouchy.
  7. tonyv107

    tonyv107 Valued Member

    It isn't any different then the "I'm different then everybody else that trains in MA and lift weights. Beginners routines aren't for me I need something more specialized, please layout a customized routine for me :D. " or " X Y and Z MAs are available in my area. ( I'm going to train in X because I really don't care what you think I just want a dedicated thread about me :D) help me choose please!!" threads.
  8. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

  9. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    And a YouTube under that name too.

    Good spot Kuma.

    At least when frazz did this he was acctually impressive and ripped right down to the bone.
  10. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

    Keep up the good work!
  11. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

    Rock Climbing is a very good way to developed forearm and grip strength.
    I like doing thick grip pull ups.It make my forearm and grip work harder.
  12. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

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  13. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    This is me not caring.
  14. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

    Well, my friend. I don't care either.
  15. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    Looks like a good technique for poking somebody in the chest to pick a fight.
  16. BionicMan2K11

    BionicMan2K11 Banned Banned

    You right! Well my poke going to hurt a little. lol

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