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    I had a really tough professor of Biogeology back in college.

    One time he was showing a slideshow in class,and his narration went like this:

    "We see here a fossilized ancestor of the trapdoor spider.This extict fellow is a prime example of an evolutionary dead end.Like it's present day descendant,it would dig a hole in the ground,fashion a canopy made from earth and webbing,and lie down there waiting for its prey to come along.It could easily sense the steps of oncoming creatures,and when they were near enough it would jump out,grab its victim,and drag it down into the hole to devour it."

    He then smiled and said:

    "Unfortunately,it was herbivorous."

    He then turned to us and sternly said:

    "You'd better laugh;that's the only joke you're getting out of me for the semester!"
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    hope you passed dude :)
  3. Zealot

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    He was going to flunk me,but he liked my thesis covering "Land of the Lost".

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