Best LEGAL self defense weapon to carry?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Adam, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. l3LUE-ghost

    l3LUE-ghost New Member

    actually, six inches,

    im goin to Europe soon for a vacation, and i would like to know if a Hestitan would be legal in Rome. i am being told that it is a very dangerous place. therefore i would like to pack some protection. a simple non sharp six inch black alloy keychain would be my weapon of choice, and would it be legal everywhere else?
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  2. Nevada_MO_Guy

    Nevada_MO_Guy Missouri_Karate_Guy

  3. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Which brings you back to the walking stick. My instructor tells a story of an instructor taking a bundle of canes onto a USA aircraft within the past two years - no problem ;) (They proabably thought he was a cane salesman)

    We spent almost half of this mornings lesson learning techniques with the cane OOOOoooohhhhhh!!! Wood vs Bone - the wood wins by a technical knockout (the nerves that get in the way)

    On another forum my signature is "The walking stick??? Oh! Just strained ankle :Angel: "
  4. uki

    uki Banned Banned

    the wooden cane.
  5. l3LUE-ghost

    l3LUE-ghost New Member

    i stuff on that page has been removed already, but i wasn't planning on carrying it with my on the plane ride, I wudn't need it there. but, is it allowed on your checked in baggage
  6. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    A Cane
  7. Scarmiglione

    Scarmiglione Valued Member

    for the places that a kubatan ae illegal heres a suggestion. I have my gym membership on a little plastic card (about half the size of a visa) on my keychain. So i took a razor and serrated 2 of the edges, i waited for my brother to start an impromptu fight (typical sibling rivalry :D ) gave him the upper hand then whipped out my new contraption. Worked better than i thought it would...his wrist took 6 stitches as the plastic cut to the bone. its ok tho, i bought him dinner after :rolleyes:
  8. Albert

    Albert Banned Banned

    You sliced open your brother! LOL Thats kind of funny... And thats a really good idea by the way, the razors on the card, i never would have thought of it, but now ive got a new weapon. :)
  9. Nevada_MO_Guy

    Nevada_MO_Guy Missouri_Karate_Guy

    Try this link:

    It is allowed in checked baggage.

    I was surprised that cigarette lighters are banned now....along with strike anywhere matches.
  10. l3LUE-ghost

    l3LUE-ghost New Member

    ty for the info, even tho i found out that i probly won't need it, they are mostly pick pocketers not attackers
  11. rebecca kane

    rebecca kane Valued Member

    fists elbows head feet teeth try out a rapid arnis grading it's the best place to practice!! lol!!
    Usually anyone who carries a weapon has the intent to use it and in a way makes them a bad guy!!
    I train with weapons and this only gives me a greater awareness of how they could be used aginst me!! In my opinion Martial arts should only be trained for self defence purposes.

    Imagine a scenario where someone attacks you with a weapon, however, you wern't quick enough to get your "Self defence" weapon out> You were left if lucky unconcious, at the worst dead!! Imagine that there are no whitnesses except you and the attacker. The Police search you and a deadly weapon is found upon your person, The Police will arrest you for carrying a weapon with intent to use it. You will be seen as the criminal and the police will more than likely believe that you incited the attack. You are left to pay the price and the attacker gets away scott free.

    best regards
    bexter :D
  12. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    you woudlnt happen to live in the UK would you?
  13. xander02

    xander02 New Member

    The style of clothing I have is Jeans/trousers with a long sleeved shirt and suit jacket, and I hang chains from my belt loops on clips, so if confronted, I can easily unclip the chains, and wrap them around 1) My hand, if I see a knife, or 2) their head, if there is no knife.

    It is legal to carry chains in this manner in UK, even though 9/10 people wouldn't hesitate to unclip their chains and use them in a fight if confronted.
  14. fugepilot

    fugepilot New Member

    "Hello Sonny, is this your Dutch-Army folding/locking entrenching tool?"
    Yes Officer, it is for digging my car out when I'm offroading. :D
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  15. dutch80au

    dutch80au New Member

    how bout a torch! sound wierd? i have an aluminum torch that runs in 4 "d" cell battries (like security guards use) always sitting next to my drivers side seat of my car, and when i'm on nights the wife knows its in my bedside draw.
    obviously its not something you can carry in your back pocket without being noticed but if it was available it would be the first thing i'd go for. heavy, solid and if held correctly you can first blind an attacker then strike, blind, strike, blind, strike, and then run!
    they can also be used in alot if wrist lock or arm bar techniques.

    nothing illegal about a torch. (untill you beat the daylights out of someone)
  16. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    umbrella, try a kobutan on a key ring for "self defence", broadsheet newspaper:) or big rings on ur finger muahaha
  17. JKN-Taylor

    JKN-Taylor New Member

    My HPD (Houston Police Dept.) friend carries on him: a gun, spray, and an extendable baton and tells me that his most effective, most frequently used weapon is his heavy duty Maglite (flashlight/torch/whatever).

    He already has it out, shining it into the criminal’s eyes... if the guy tries anything, my friend just brings the back end down on him (as many times as it takes to de-escalate the situation

    I personally stopped carrying weapons when I progressed further into Kuk Sool. I used to always have one of these on me It was very low profile… it even made it past a “pat down” when I was wearing a light coat. For the time, It was a great sense of security but I began to realize that if a situation escalates you don’t always have the sense to use “just enough force” to protect yourself and those you care about.

    What if, in the blur of adrenaline, you killed an unarmed antagonist before you had the sense to realize what you’ve done?

    If I feel threatened (the “vibe” before a confrontation), I still look around for objects I can use to my advantage, if I need it.

    Because my sister-in-law wants to live “the thug life”, and my wife refuses to let her fall on her face, I end up in more possibly threatening situations than I care to be in…I have found that carrying yourself well is the greatest deterrent; Not like some body-builder chump that can’t keep his arms close to his body, but strong. I keep a relaxed focused stare, I try to be courteous and show respect and the desire to be respected and it’s seems to get me (a white spikey haired punk… look at my sig) out of every “yous front’n dawg?!” situation I’ve been in...thus far.

    o.. and I like the pliers thing… I don’t think I’d ever want to fight a guy with pliers.

    Another good, unconventional weapon could be Jumper cables (the kind with strong springs and jagged teeth) ~_^ ooooo the possibilities.
  18. R@IDEN

    R@IDEN New Member


    I dont condone weapons being used in anything other than self defence but for legal (ish) weapons you could use :-

    Coins - Thrown in the face would certainly distract an attacker!!!
    A belt - Metal bucket would cause an attacker a few issues! Could also use to pin an attacker.
    Keys - A form of knuckle dusters!

    The benifit of these is that most of us would be carrying these most of the time!
    Although these are all non weapons I believe once they were used as a weapon the police would still take a dim view!
  19. odaeariel

    odaeariel Banned Banned

    I find a wrist band with spikes on it can be pretty useful to have in case of being attacked. I also have a ring that is sort of like a claw (goes over my entire finger) which would be rather painful to be punched in the face with, I would imagine.
  20. Lurch

    Lurch Angry Kid

    If you want to carry something you can use as a weapon but won't get you into trouble, consider carrying:

    small can of deodorant - nasty if it gets in your attacker's eyes

    small can of hairspray - as above, but your attacker will need to go to hospital to get the resin out of his eyes. I used to work in a factory where we made the stuff, and it's nasty - glue dissolved in alcohol.

    Mini maglite - a useful aluminium bodied torch about 5 inches long which can be used as a kubotan. Don't put a wrist-strap on it if you are in the UK though, as it then becomes an offensive weapon.

    Leatherman or similar - also useful as a kubotan - don't bother trying to open it.

    Add to this most of the items listed in the other posts - keys, coins, pens, combs (NOT sharpened, though) etc, and you have a fair selection.

    You can, in the UK, legally carry something that would usually be considered as an offensive weapon if you had a legitimate reason for carrying it.

    You can carry a weapon if you have reasonable and genuine belief that you are going to be attacked, for example if you have been threatened by someone you truly believe will carry out their threat and so forth.

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