Best Capoeira Movie?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by stkuroobi229, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. stkuroobi229

    stkuroobi229 New Member

    I'm going with Only the Strong.
  2. aikiMac

    aikiMac "BJJ Over 40" club member Moderator Supporter

    What other capoiera movies are there?
  3. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter


    Though I still prefer "Only the Strong"


  4. Bozza Bostik

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  5. Rand86

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    Undisputed 3

    Besouro for one - basically the life and deeds of a Brazilian folk hero who also happened to be a capoeira guy. About as historically accurate as you'd expect. Hampered by a pretty choppy script and overreliance on wirework (I mean, seriously?).

    There's also Madame Sata but from what I've seen - I keep meaning to finish watching it but something always gets in the way - it's more of a character study with occasional bits of capoeira here and there.

    There's also Cordao de Ouro starring Nestor Capoeira, which has the distinction of being the first movie ever made focusing on capoeira, but it's kind of like a college textbook - mostly of academic interest, and with entertainment value to match.
  6. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Capoeira doesn't get a lot of movies made about it specifically. But you get some outstanding bad guys in larger movies. Lateef Crowder being the obvious example. But the guy from The Quest and Shootfighter 2 was brilliant back in the day as well.

    The Assailant is a Brazilian movie about capoeira. Haven't watched it, but had it in my Netflix queue for a time.
  7. aikiMac

    aikiMac "BJJ Over 40" club member Moderator Supporter

    Ya, I remember the guy in The Quest. In Oceans 12 there's a thief who uses capo to get past security. :D And I think it was one of the Ong Bak movies that has a great capo fight in standing water.

    It's too bad it's not showcased more. Myself, I find it impressive and beautiful to watch. Hey, pump up the acrobatics and it could almost be billed as wire-fu without wires, LOL!
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  8. dormindo

    dormindo Active Member Supporter

    The guy in Ong Bak is Lateef Crowder, mentioned above. I really don't have a favorite, per se, but if I'm forced to choose, I'd likely choose Madame Sata. Probably not fair, as the film is not about capoeira (though it does feature in the film), but it is an intriguing movie and story nevertheless. Not for the kids, though, as the level of violence and sexuality is well beyond what is done in a film like Only The Strong.
  9. Dan93

    Dan93 Valued Member

    Vote for Only the strong here, One of my favourite martial art films. Played it to death when it first come out.
  10. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon


    What about any documentaries? Anything you'd recommend? Slums and Drums looks good, but I haven't seen it yet.

    Off topic - but just found out our capoeira group has moved to a near by school. it's about 1 minute walk away. I'm pretty annoyed actually, if they would open up a different entrance to the school, it would take me about half that time to get there. The selfish swine!!!!! :)
  11. dormindo

    dormindo Active Member Supporter

    Hmm, believe it or not, I haven't seen a lot of capoeira documentaries. Read lots of books but haven't seen many docs. Pastinha: Uma Vida Pela Capoeira is an interesting one. There's one out now that people keep telling me to check out called 'Body Games', if I remember correctly. I've seen parts of O Fio Da Navalha, but that was so long ago that I almost don't remember it. I've seen a couple of others long ago that pretty bad, so it's probably good that I don't remember their names. I'll try to remember if there are others and will come back and post here if I do.

    Oh, and that's good news about your group! Maybe one day they'll wise up and put in that other entrance!
  12. Ritab

    Ritab New Member

  13. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Vincent Cassel. He's apparently a big proponent of capoeira, in addition to being a well-loved actor in France. Check him out with Jean Reno in "Crimson Rivers."

    EDIT: I forgot he was also the villain in Brotherhood of the Wolf, alongside fellow capoeirista and star of Only the Strong, Mark Dacascos.
  14. Ritab

    Ritab New Member

    Believe it or not, i actually spoke to Lateef Crowder via email and he agreed to do a Q&A for my website. I sent him through all the questions on monday but hes never replied. Dont wanna pester him though. What would yous do?
  15. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Man... After a little research, I've realized that "Besouro" and "The Assailant" are actually the same film. I'd have watched it donkey's years ago if I'd realized that.

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