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    Here's a great podcast about some of the best boxers of all time (according to the Kyle McLachlan of course).

    McLachlan has it as...

    10: Barney Ross
    9: Bob Fitzsimmons
    8: Willy Pep
    7: Muhammad Ali
    6: Ezzard Charles
    5: Roberto Duran
    4: Sam Langford
    3: Sugar Ray Robinson
    2: Henry Armstrong
    1: Harry Greb

    It's a great listen (although has some fruity language so not for kids). I had wikipedia open as I listened just to look up some of the names mentioned (there's lots of background on who this top 10 fought). An absolute gem for boxing history and context.
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    No Charles Burley? For shame! Lol

    Great list though - nice to see Grebb getting his props too!

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