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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Dreamstrike, Aug 30, 2020.

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    Been training since 2003 and was told on my last trip to Japan to start a Dojo. Things you wish you did when you started teaching, go! :p
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    My advice would be to
    1) be patient, it takes several years to build a good base of people
    2) make sure you find ways to create honest feedback loops for your own technique. The most prevalent issue I see when people start teaching is that their taijutsu becomes unrealistic because their students will take dives for them (or at a minimum be significantly below their skill level) and the teacher starts believing their own BS
    3) don’t be afraid to ask people to leave
    Hope this helps & good luck!
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  3. Dreamstrike

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    Many thanks for the helpful words. :)

    I presume that Ten Chi Jin is the logical starting point intermixed with weapon fundamentals? I'd like to include some optional sparing down the line to offer the opportunity to practice in real time. It would be good to include fitness and flexibility, without it descending into a full time job. Basically a place when I can do all my own training and have people to practice on :p. How did you make people aware that it takes time, and is technically speaking its not a 'self-defense' class in the commercial sense? Hopefully people simply like the way I train and those that don't will go elsewhere.
  4. Dunc

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    You'll find a lot of different opinions as to where to start
    My recommendation would be the TCJ and you'll probably find that people who are similar to you stick around, which is nice, but can be a double edged sword as you may want to create an environment where you're challenged in how you do things if you're interested in your personal progression
  5. Im a newbie waiting to start my first class on my (hopefully rest of my life) Bujinkan journey. I have a boxing and Muay Thai background. Ive heard and read all the negative press about Taijutsu / Ninjutsu from the hardline MMA'ers etc...and ive asked some questions on here recently myself. So heres what i would be and am looking for as a beginner

    The way i see it...Remember its called Martial Arts.

    The Arts part: -
    Enjoy the Artistic side, the demonstrations, learning all the crazy locks, and swirling Aikido like throws etc. Enjoy the weapons side and the etiquette, the mental aspects, the medicinal learnings etc etc. I know im so looking forward to all that side. its exciting to me.

    But then:
    The Martial Part:
    Remember ultimately, its a combat system. People want to learn a practical self defence. So make sure you teach them properly. You know the old saying..."everyone has a plan until they've been hit". Well its one i believe in strongly. Nothing prepares you for that first punch on the nose in sparring, or big right hook. Its a shock. You close your eyes, panic etc etc.

    Your students need to know what its like to be punched....hard, And always be ready for it!! They need to know what Taijutsu grappling moves work against someone who doesnt want you to do that move on them. Show them the impractical stuff and explan why its impractical - This way they will each learn and develop their own go to moves in certain situations in a genuine out of the dojo confrontation. Both male and female.

    Sparring and Randori (Judo style for example) are essential. I know thats boring old rhetoric from all over the internet...but its something i believe to be true.

    Thats just my pointless tuppence worth :)

    Fortunately i have found an instructor and Dojo which offers exactly this ( the students say at times its absolutely brutal) and i cant wait to start.

    Good luck for the future.
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  6. Sounds good! Best of luck.

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