Basic palm apps from Gao style baguazhang

Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Buddy, Apr 6, 2006.

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    These are interesting clips but I would like to ask a question. Since some of these applications actually last some time (a couple of seconds may or may not become eternity in combat!) why is only one person active during the demonstration? I am not asking for the student to go non-compliant(I believe that is the term?) since this is a single technique demonstration, but rather perform(in a rehearsed manner) the instinctive actions he would have normally taken as reaction to being handled around. So in effect, one would not show "look, i do this, then that, then this and the bad guy is down", but rather "look, i do this so naturally-instinctively the opponent does this which I handle by doing this and he's down". Demonstration is not sparring but even in a demonstration of an application one would expect the guy being handled about to react somehow. For example, in the Kai-opening palm in the first video, the attacker takes his time advancing on the defender's centre before reaching down for his leg, which the defendent offers freely. I understand that what one considers instinctive one may think of as quite unnatural but then again who would think standing still when attacked is natural?

    The above were not meant to apply only to the videos posted but more generally to many application videos out there.
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    You've already answered your question.
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    I actually enjoyed more the Xingyi clip. ;)

    Thx for the link.
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    Eric Lo's Xing Yi is just soooooooooo good!

    that rooster clip is the daddy!


  6. awakened nature

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    Agreed, Eric Lo's Xing yi is awesome.

    how old is that clip? I thought eric lo only taught bagua these days.
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    Actually he recently started a new xingyi class in Taiwan and generally will include it in his seminars if his students request it. Maybe one day the instructional vid will come out. But it'll have to be re-shot. BTW I didn't realize thet had added the extra stuff.
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    Does the Palm Apps work with iPhone?? and Can you use the Palm phone by itself?
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    Wow.... you resurrected a 13 year old thread, just to make that lame gag?
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    Dan Bian, I thought you of all people would know it takes 13 years of Bagua Zhang to build up enough chi for a gag of this magnitude :)

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    Tai Chi takes 13 years, Bagua only takes 8.
    Xingyi is the fastest route to internal punnery, with only a 5-year wait!
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    I’d call that an in(ternal) joke :)
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    I'll tri(gram) to do better next time...
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