Banke Shinobinoden - Some Questions

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Ozma, Nov 29, 2013.

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    If you have a real interest to go to Japan and study then by all means follow your dreams.

    However, I would caution you to stop and try to figure out "what" exactly you are trying to get out of the training and what your goals are.

    What about the "traditions" or "systems" sound pretty good to you? My point is do you know any real details about them?

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from ultimately going but please do your homework and take steps to make yourself knowledgeable before you do it. Also please go in with realistic expectations.
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    Do some taste testing and go with your gut. Every person will find value in what it is they want.
    Every teacher is different. Every student is different.

    Do what you want, no reason to seek value from others.

    Japan, is a very cool place. Get as many experiences as you can. If I didn't have 4 teens in the house and a granddaughter I'd move there in a flash.
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    If you're going to Japan, why not go to Genbukan in Japan?

    If you want to learn the traditional arts as a foreigners, Genbukan is a good place. From what I know, in Jinenkan and Bujinkan it is either not done or nigh on impossible as a foreigner to get schooled in the traditional systems and receive full transmission. In Genbukan you can, it just depends on how hard you want to work for it.

    Or there are many other koryu which might mess better with you. Choosing for Banke Shinobinoden if you don't know anything about them is a bit strange. Especially since you mention you want to learn the traditional things, and it is still in doubt whether Banke is legit, or made up, or something in between.
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    Btw for the OP: This is the guy we're talking about.
    [ame=""]Endureciendo Nudillos - YouTube[/ame]

    This type of conditioning may have had benefits when life expectancy was such that arthritis and other age related ailments were not a real problem. Takamatsu sensei himself said that this type of thing had outlived it purpose.
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    Hey ozma, where are you from in oz?
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    He hasn't been on here in over 3 years. I do not think you will get an answer.
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    Yeah mate, I just saw that after I sent it lol, worth a try

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