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Discussion in 'Silat' started by roblen, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. roblen

    roblen Valued Member

    hi all

    after 12 months of no training whatsoever and still nursing a knee injury I'm looking to restart training. I've been doing jkd for ages and spent 4 years doing BJJ. but the body is getting older and the knees won't take much more.

    so, I'm looking to get back to my south eastern martial arts and want to get into silat or FMA in the north london/ hertfordshire area.

    does anyone know of club that also teaches at weekends

    thanks all.

    ps on a completely different note what are the thoughts on Krav Maga?

    cheers agin
  2. ShangChi

    ShangChi KRAV MAGA!

    Just out of interest, what was the problem with JKD/BJJ that it was causing you so much knee related trauma?

    Also, might be a good starting point for you?
  3. roblen

    roblen Valued Member

    i stopped the jkd 5 years ago to concentrate on my non existent ground game. the problem is i should have gotten into BJJ when i was 30 and not 40.

    so, just like my instructors told me when i started training almost 30 years ago, you have to listen to what your body tells you.

    its shouting load and clear. believe me.
  4. ShangChi

    ShangChi KRAV MAGA!

    Cool, man, I'm a huge believer in listening to your body. I mean my body. You get me.

    I recently started BJJ and keep getting told/reading about how it's low-impact, pretty injury-free, good for older geezers, etc. Not that I'm doubting you in any way of course, just interested in your opposite experience.
  5. roblen

    roblen Valued Member

    low impact yes. lots of compression(knee injuries) and very very hard training.

    loved it and still miss it but i still have to go to work on a monday morning. trained at mill hill with nick and the team there. good bunch of blokes
  6. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    get in contact with a user called oddbodskins
    he knows a couple schools in london
  7. Wali

    Wali Valued Member

    Hey Roblen, I train at Mill Hill also (although admittedly not a fair lot this whole year), but trained silat for many, many years.

    My very good friend Alvin Guinanao teaches just up the road from MHBJJ and you won't find a better Silat teacher in the UK.

    PM me and I can send you some more info.

  8. Narrue

    Narrue Valued Member

    I think Silat will be even harder on your knees, lots of low stances and strange postures to stress those knees out! FMA might be easier on the knees.
  9. roblen

    roblen Valued Member

    i have been think that your right about silat. the knees have taken ages to fix (and I'm still not all the way there)

    mmm. time for a re-think

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