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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by StingKing, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. StingKing

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    What exercises are good for people with not so strong / problematic back that train martial arts with a lot of falling?

    I have slight issue with lower back, and some guys I know also have more serious issue in the middle to lower backs. It is holding us back our training, any advises?

    Seeing physio for an hours can pay 10 lessons so I am not keen to fork out that much money yet :woo:
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    Its kind of hard to say..."slight issue" isnt very informative, it would be best to see a professional, especially when its your back. However I will say this, deadlifting is great for strengthening the back. I used to suffer from back pain a few years back, since starting deadlifting its been a heck of a lot better, best thing I've ever done lol. But like I said initially, its hard to recommend anything if we dont know how bad your back is.
  3. Incredible Bulk

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    a few sessions or physio or proper treatment will allow a life time of martial arts training.

    a few martial arts lessons might lead to a life time of physio/treament ;)

    think long term, issues with your back/spine should not be put off for something short term
  4. Mr Punch

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    Both of the above are true.


    1) Search this board!

    2) Search the net for Dr (Stuart?) McGill's core lower back exercises.

    3) Do them.

    4) Find someone qualified to show you correct form for ATG squats and deadlifts.

    5) Do them.

    6) Search Bullshido for El Macho and check out the stretching exercises in his sig. They are core exercises for hams, calves, glutes and hip adductors. In 70% or more percent of recurring lower back problems are caused by inflexible or damaged hams.

    7) Do them.

    8) Remember don't do long-held (over 5 secs) static stretches before your body is warmed up (sit out if your MA class does them before training with 'cold' muscles). And don't bounce.
  5. Su lin

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    There are quite a few threads dealing with back issues around. It is still possible to train with one,depending upon what the issue is.Visit your gp to try and get a diagnosis first. I have lower back problems and am trying to develop my core stability- this seems to be a common occurrance with martial artists according to the physio i went to see.
    It may be a muscle problem,or something to do with your spine or joints etc, so it is best to get it checked out first rather than try and get info here as there are so many things it may be, and you don't want to risk damaging it any further.
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    I had back problems and I went to a physio, it only took about 40 minutes and he gave me a list of stretches to do for my lower back, in 2 months the pain had pretty much gone, so I reccomend just going to one.

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