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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Kof_Andy, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Kof_Andy

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    I did a butterfly twist the other day, I landed weird and ended up dropping all my weight on my elbow forcing my fist straight to my back right at kidney. It hurt like hell. :( I see no sign of bruises, and I dont think I broke any bones either, but it just starts to get worst during the night when I sleep. It feels like is burised up really bad, but I dont see any sign at all. It hurts everytime I breath now, is getting to the point where is unbearable. I probably go check it out with a chinese doctor later and get some herb. Anyway did anyone have something similar? I like to hear what you did to fix it up, and how long it take for you to heal.
  2. Kinjiro Tsukasa

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    I've never had that particular thing happen, but I wouldn't mess with it -- especially if it hurts every time you breathe. See a doctor, for your own peace of mind, if nothing else.
  3. Virtuous

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    Do you think you might have bruised/cracked/broken a floating rib? Its around the same area and hurts like hell for a long time. If you're not sure what is really hurt I would strongly suggest you see a modern doctor, internal injuries can be very serious.

    If it is a floating rib my only advice would be to take it easy for a few months. Wait a few weeks after the pain goes away before you do any strenuous exercise, espescially lifting, it is still very susceptible to reinjury.
  4. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    90% sure is just bruises, but interal bruises. Cause I cant see it from the outside, but I felt it when I move. Nothing herb cant take care of I hope. I'm not too worry about that anymore tho, but I'm upset that I might not be able to take gymnastic today!
  5. Saz

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    If you have internal bruises, that would mean internal bleeding. You may have ruptured something, so get medical attention before it gets bad.

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