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  1. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 21st and Wednesday 23rd 1 hour BJJ

    Wednesday afternoon 2.7mi run 30min 29s 158bpm AVG HR.
    20 mins stretching
    Thursday 2 miles walk, I planned lifting but I didn't have time with other tasks taking priority.

    Friday 2.7mi treadmill 30min 2s 151 BPM AVG HR.
    20 minutes stretching

    Running feels like it's improving.
    Wife had a horrible cold which got worse, then Saturday covid test came back positive. The rest of the week of was negative, so second time in 7 weeks :(

    With my wife unwell I thought it best to drop all workouts and not go out in case I spread it prior to a positive test. I had no symptoms throughout the week, but my wife has really unwell and 9 days later after the main symptoms subside the tests show negative.
    She is better now although taste is still coming back and fatigue seems to be still there.

    A week of "rest" seemed to be the right option for me, i.e. no BJJ, light running and light lifting. Without any signs of the virus and my wife symptoms clearing I went on the treadmill on Wednesday.
    2.26 mi 26min 4s 143bpm AVG HR.
    I kept it easy to break back into it.
    Changed the workout up a bit

    Barbell row
    15kgx10, 25kgx10, 35kgx10, 45kg 3x10, 35kgx10, 25kgx10, 15kg x10

    Lateral raises 10kg 3x10
    Curl 28kg 3x12
    Push ups 3x10

    Friday 3.1mi treadmill 35mins 147bpm AVG HR.

    20 minutes stretching.

    A few walks over the weekend.

    Monday all clear in the house so back to it.

    1 hour BJJ
    Drilling kimura from half guard Shied.

    Dropped my son off at school and was late back for meeting, no problems I can run for miles, looking whilst crossing the road and my knee goes "pop".
    Hmmm that didn't feel like the normal pops, but no pain, nothing unusual, walked the rest of the way.

    A few hours later- swelling and pain! From what I can tell it's a mild MCL tear, pain on the inside but knee is stable.
    I've been using the ice bath a few times a week for recovery, so I got into that again, it helped a lot.
    Decided no more BJJ, running or anything with leg work this week.
    A day later is feels mildly better, I can walk, but after being stationary for a while it takes some time to unstiffen.
    Walked 2 miles at a moderate pace, but any flexion on turns I could feel the pain on the inside.
    I have my trusty knee strap on and keeping an eye on it over the week.

    Wednesday no leg work day.
    Barbell row
    15kgx10, 25kgx10, 35kgx10, 45kg 5x10, 35kgx10, 25kgx10, 15kg x10

    Curl 28kg 12,15,15,15,15

    Ice bath and gentle stretching in positions that do not stress the MCL.
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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thursday no leg workout.
    Never skip leg day, unless you tore you MCL.

    Bench (without legs, that required some adapting)
    15kgx12, 35kgx10, 55kg 2x10, 60kg 3x10

    db press 28kg 3x8
    db lateral raise 28kg 3x8

    Would normally add push-ups, but not keen on trying with my leg, so I added db press instead.

    Ice bath again, walked a mile without issue, generally feels a lot more stable and no sudden pain when I turn.
    Stairs are usuable slowly down and moderate speed up. I'm not doing much more than that.
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  3. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Good to see you back to logging :)

    What a pity you started with an injury....Get better, soon!
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  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    15kg x10, 35kgx10, 55kgx10, 75kg 3x10
    db curl 28lg 3x10

    Walk 1.5 mile.

    Knee stiff after sitting at work for hours, but after a few minutes it moves well enough for moderate movement.

    Evening 2 mile walk.

    Saturday and Sunday 2 mile walk.

    Knee is definitely improving, but I'll give it another week before I test it out on more dynamic movement.

    Monday 2 mile walk
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu


    Barbell rows
    15kgx10, 35kgx10, 45kg x10, 55kg 5x8 45kgx10, 15kg x10

    Db curl 28kg 5x15

    2 mile walk

    Bench back to normal form, knee was ok with this.
    15kgx12, 35kgx10, 55kg x10, 75kg 3x8, 55kgx10, 15kgx20

    db press 28kg 3x8

    10 mins gentle Shadow boxing, hands only, minimal foot work.

    5 minutes stretch.

    Knee is improving, so today I tested it on controlled routine.
    1.77mi treadmill run with knee support on
    3mins walk, run for 1 mile, 2 min walk, run for .3 miles
    Run pace was about 11min/mi
    A few times I could feel the knee if my tracking went off.
    5 mins stretch
    Nothing felt bad
    10 mins rest then 30 minutes drilling on the dummy.
    I went through a few steady drills, things I would normally work on in class, but also to see what I could do in controlled environment.

    10min round knee slice pass variations.
    To the left no problem, to the right when using my left/bad knee, I could feel it pull/sore. This seems to be the way I place my foot in the cut through which pulls on my knee outward, so I'll be conscious of the over the recovery period when I get to training.

    10mins closed guard drills, setting up omoplata.
    Not much problems in my favoured direction, but to the left I felt a few times.
    Also having had leg under in the closed guard is sore.

    10mins side control and mount escapes.
    Not much problems for the most part, reguarding as I escaped it is tender if my butterfly hook on the left is pointing out too far to the left.

    5 minutes butterfly guard sweeps/setups.

    5 minutes stretching.

    Knee felt ok after this, and an ice bath later helped.

    Friday, no obvious after issues from running.
    Today and the rest of the week next week is DIY, so no workouts planned.
  6. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 25th April
    Back to BJJ
    1 hour kimura escape.
    Sat out for sparring which will be my plan for next week.

    Tuesday 26th
    1 hour BJJ
    Arm bar from mount against outstretched opponent and closed opponent.
    Sat out again watching sparring.

    Knee felt fine, no problems, mostly overly hesitant to move it in certain position.

    Barbell bent row
    Straight leg deadlift

    Db shoulder press
    Push-up ups
    20 mins BJJ drill on dummy

    Single leg dumbbell deadlift

    Went away on the long weekend, plenty of walking and a bit of swimming. I noticed a couple of times turning quickly in the water tweaked my knee, so kept it to a minimum.

    1 hour BJJ.

    2 sweeps from half guard with underhook.
    I did 1 easy round of sparring with a trusted partner. No problems with my knee.

    Sat out the rest and watched along side another MCL injured guy.

    Barbell row
    Romain deadlift

    30 minutes BJJ drills working omoplata, triangle arm bar from closed guard.
    Half guard sweep from Tuesday
    Side control escapes.

    Last day at 41 :D
    Db shoulder press (felt much improvement)
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  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    A few weeks of BJJ twice a week.

    Monday, Tuesday 1 hour.
    Each week upping the sparring a bit, now back to moderate pace with coloured belts only.

    3 lifts a week, 1 run
    Every other day I am stretching and doing some rehab exercises.

    On the whole the knee feels ok except when I have been sat at my desk a long time, then it's a bit stiff.

    This week I upped to 2 runs, it's usually 15-20 mins, so I'll keep it this steady.
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  8. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Knee has been about the same.

    Still doing BJJ twice a week, some drills from closed guard to take the back or sweep from 2 on 1 grip.
    I've been focusing on omoplata from closed guard since the start of the year, with all the interruptions from illness and injury this has probably been about 3 months of decent training.
    I have been able to consistently omoplata sweep and depending on who it is against, finish the omoplata.
    So even though I feel I could work on it more, I am going to switch to focus on other areas.

    Defense is definitely better.
    A lot of focus on knee slide pass, and finishing from mount.
    I'll spend the next few sessions playing with a bit of everything then I plan to focus on working to back takes, and control/sub from back.

    Outside passing definitely needs work, with knee slide variations being my go to, I rarely try outside pass.

    Open guard, from seated, I will continue to play with.
    Half guard improved with sweeps and reversals, but still needs a lot of work.

    I plan to follow these areas of focus for 3 months.

    Running is back on, 2-3 times a week for 20 mins, I'm keeping the pace steady, it's usually about 2 miles.

    Lifting continues 3 times a week; pull, push, legs.
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  9. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    A very busy jubilee weekend, lots of lifting and constructing with a green house in our allotment. By Saturday I was very sore.

    Sunday no physical work, so took the opportunity to rest.

    Monday BJJ 1 hour
    Drill closed guard 2 on one sleeve grip to back take or pendulum.

    12 mins treadmill run

    1 hour BJJ.
    A different format, started with half guard positional sparring, then worked on passing the knee shield 2 variations.
    Then 5 minutes positional sparring from side control, followed by 5 minutes from back.

    Final 20 mins was free sparring.
    Got to work on some back takes, x pass (instead of my usual knee cut), and half guard sweeps.

    Plenty of chances to work on defence against higher belts :D

    30 minutes treadmill.
  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thursday bench, db shoulder press, push-ups in the morning, run in the evening.

    Friday squats and deadlift at lunch, 10 mins punch bag in the afternoon.

    I realised that I had not hit the bag since we did the gym up in April. That double end bag really is hard to hit when you haven't been training on it a long time!

    Monday 13th
    1 hour BJJ - working on omoplata sweep from closed guard on standing opponent, some nice setups to learn.
    Managed to pull the sweep off a few times, but higher grades know it well and are quick to defend.

    Afternoon 10min treadmill run.

    Tuesday 16min treadmill run at lunch
    Evening 1 hour BJJ
    Drilling X guard pass, great! I have needed this and a pass like torreando
    Pulled the x guard pass of a few times in sparring to knee on belly.

    A long sweaty hot day and I thought I'd weigh myself to see the loss since Saturday I was 14st12lbs.
    Today I was 14st 2lbs clearly a lot of water weight lost!!
    So spent the evening drinking plenty of water.

    Wednesday morning barbell row and curls
    Lunch time- outside run! I'm mostly running on the treadmill due to a mixture of time constraints, uncertainty about my knee, and cautious about cold or wet weather affection my asthma. I think it is paying off as my asthma has been ok, and mileage is progressing.

    Outside was hot, managed a steady 2.7 miles.
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  11. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thursday morning
    Bench, overhead dumbbell press, pushups
    Afternoon 2 miles on the treadmill

    Squats, deadlifts.
    My right "good" knee felt a bit odd in what I am now familiar as the MCL region, so took some time to cool, stretch and rehab.
    After an hour it was fine, but I'll be keeping an eye on it.
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  12. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    BJJ 1 hour
    Omoplata sweep to mount 1 arm in and pull back to triangle from bottom.
    I like this setup and seem to be able to hit it more than trying to go into omoplata from sitting on it shoulder position.

    1.1 mile treadmill run.

    Tuesday morning bent row, curls.

    Evening 1 hour BJJ
    Same drill omoplata sweep to mount then triangle.
    Getting the sweep I can do from closed guard or when they stand. The higher grades are better at base on the roll, so trying to figure out a more efficient way to roll (ended with using my strength to finish the roll to sitting in shoulder).

    Wednesday 4.4 mile run outside. Was hot!

    Thursday morning bench, shoulder press
  13. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Thursday lunch 3 mile run
  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Squats, since MCL tear I have been keeping it low weight but I feel that missing leg work would be detrimental to recovery.
    Squats up to 45kgx8
    Romain Deadlift 45kgx10

    I purchased a weight pin so I can do some grip training. Put 40kg and static hold using a marital arts belt for sets of 15 seconds each hand. Much harder than I was expecting.
  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Monday 1 hour BJJ
    Collar drag to single leg takedown
    Lapel baseball choke from side control.

    17mins treadmill run 1.33 miles
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  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Tuesday morning lifting

    Bent row, curls

    Evening 1 hour BJJ
    Butterfly sweep variations :)
    Great to drill these setups
    4 rounds of sparring.

    Yesterday and today I definitely was on the hard end of sparring intensity. It felt great to be able to keep the pace up.

    Wednesday 4.3 mile run 41mins

    Thursday morning bench, shoulder press, push-ups.

    Afternoon 3.4 miles treadmill 41mins
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  17. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Friday working lighter weights as I think the next week should be easy week.

    Lunges, Romanian deadlift.
    Some grip work.

    Monday 1 hour BJJ
    Started with some positional sparring. Back mount and side control.
    Omoplata drill

    10 mins run in the afternoon.

    Tuesday 3.4 mile steady run.
    Afternoon barbell row and curls

    Wednesday BJJ
    Bit of a beast of a session. Double warmup with some new drills.
    Straight into positional sparring from closed guard, 5 mins each side.
    Drill standing open the closed guard to leg drag.
    A short drill bit enough to work on it.
    Then 5 x5min rounds of sparring.
    Focus at the moment is getting to back, which I managed a few different ways. Finishing from back is something to be worked on.
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  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Carrying on my standard routine
    Week of 11th
    Monday 1 hour Bjj
    15 min treadmill run

    Weight lifting am: row, curl
    evening: 1 hour BJJ
    Wednesday 5.3 mile run 52 mins
    Thursday am bench press, db shoulder press, pushups
    Midday 3.6mile steady run

    Friday squats, lunge, Romanian deadlift
    Knowing that the next week was going to be record breaking hot I planned not to go out.
    So week schedule changed
    Weight at 14st 2lbs

    Sunday morning 4 miles treadmill

    Monday morning lift: row, curl
    Was super hot and with kids at home as schools shut we played pass the Aircon.

    Tuesday early morning treadmill run 3.2 mile

    Wednesday 90 mins BJJ
    Drilled double leg takedown, then turtle recovery options if they sprawl.
    Was hot and I'm pretty sure I melted half a stone.

    Thursday am lifting: bench, shoulder press, pushups.
    Midday 3.7 miles treadmill.

    Evening 1.4 mile treadmill

    Friday lunges, deadlift

    Week commencing 25th
    Monday 1 hour BJJ,
    Opening the closed guard, x pass, knee on Belly switch to side control.
    We worked up each part.

    A few recent upgrades and a visiting black belt meant that half the class was made up of brown belts and above (of about 12 of us).
    It was great to see such a range at the gym (and at a lunch time session!!)
    It really feels like the level of skill at the gym has gone up, and I'm seeing a huge turn out in the beginners classes. Really enjoying the classes (even when I get smashed by all the brown and black belts :D)

    Still trying to focus on x pass for guard passing, back take setups from any other position, and SLX against standing. I feel like I'm piecing things together, but it's grafting and I'll stick to this focus the next few months.
    On reflection I can get to the back once I setup from side control, mount or closed guard, but finishing from back I find difficult, I think this is in part because I can never decide which sub to do from the back. After I get there I try for RNC, but this seems a better chance of I set up during transition, bow arrow or arm bar seem to be my more successful finishes from back after failing RNC.

    Afternoon 20min run 1.75mile.

    Weight after dinner 13st 12lbs
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  19. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Keeping with the same routine most weeks.
    Last week felt a little on the fatigued side, so cut down the lifting and running.

    Family was away for a few days, so I went to BJJ 5 times since Sunday.
    90mins open mat.
    Closed guard standing break to knee slide, and variations.
    Drilled seated guard against standing partner, to SLX, x guard, or dummy sweep.
    Did sparring with this and reset whenever they passed or I swept. Took a lot in from it.

    I decided to use one of my many blank journals to write in. After each session to see if anything sticks in my mind differently than just using a spreadsheet with notes.

    Monday morning session half guard shield, 2 on 1 back take or, to side control/sweep.

    Lunch session closed guard break to floating pass.

    Tuesday evening half guard drill, same as Monday morning

    Wednesday lunch same drill as Monday lunch.

    I didn't run this week and only few sets of light weight lifting.
    Body coped with the load without any issues, managed to progress my open guard this week.
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  20. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I've been training BJJ twice a week since the last post, apart from a holiday for a week and a bit.

    I've changed my lifting routine a bit, so every day I lift something expect Saturday or Sunday.
    It will be 1 set for a body group, low CNS impact, or low weight compound.
    2-3 times a week I'll do a "normal" lifting workout.
    Running 2-3 times a week.

    Monday morning lift, 8 curls, 5 db shoulder press, 10 db squats. 40kg (20kg each db)

    I am changing my focus as it's been 3 months.
    Guard work more focused on half guard/knee shield/reverse de la riva.
    This fits in well with other guards I've been working on, single leg X, X guard, butterfly.

    Passing still focusing on knee cut and X pass.

    Continuing top game transitions to back, playing with arm bar, back triangle, bow arrow and RNC.

    So half guard needs a lot of work, but I have something to focus on, and accepted that I need to keep going to it even though I get passed by the bigger guys.

    Tuesday barbell row 3x5 60kg, shoulder press 2x5 40kg, db curl 2x40kg
    20 minutes stretching.
    BJJ evening 1 hour. Mount escapes

    I have an arm strap HR monitor which I put on for BJJ. 1 hour session was 1100 calories burnt. 145bpm AVG HR

    Wednesday morning lift, 8 curls, 5 db shoulder press, 10 db squats. 40kg (20kg each db)

    Lunch 1 hour Bjj side control lapel choke setup.

    Afternoon 15 minutes run

    Thursday morning lift, bench 3x8 60kg, 2x8 curls, 2x 5 db shoulder press, 10 db squats. 40kg (20kg each db) 2x10 pushups, 3x30 bridge.

    20 mins stretching

    Friday row 3x5 60kg, deadlift 2x5 60kg, 10 db curl 40kg, 5 db shoulder press 40kg

    10 mins punch bag.

    From next week I'm planning to schedule 3 BJJ sessions a week as my schedule can fit it in.

    Weight still hangs around 86kg
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