Avoiding Common TKD Training Mistakes

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by KickChick, Aug 19, 2003.

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    i don't know how old those kids are. kids are kids. they are not able to concentrate and focus as long as the adults, so you have to cut them some slack.

    it would be great to have a separate kids class and a separate adults class. since there aren't many members in your club, i can understand that you train together.
  2. Texas TKD

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    One of the mistakes that I see in class is when students try to knock over the wavemaster by pushing it, instead of snapping their kicks instead. They think knocking over the bag is more important than proper technique.
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    There's another word of warning about this point - you reminded me of a situation that happened over ten years ago when I was still with the TAGB. We were on a training holiday in Gran Canaria, I was about red tag and I was sparring with a yellow belt guy who was erm, something like brown in full contact karate and a bit bigger and older than me. Anyway he was going for it - not stupidly, but but being a bit heavier than normal, I ducked one way and kicked me really hard in the face - had me staggering a bit...

    Anyway 3rd Dan Tony Littlejohn noticed - who incidentally is a really nice guy and a fantastic sparrer. He told me to have a sit down for a minute and he'd spar with person X. Anyway I haven't seen such a fine display of pwnage in sparring before or since. Tony was really laying the smack-down to the point where the guy was guarding and Tony uppercutted him and it threw his head right up in the air and had him staggering backwards...

    It was nice to watch. Actually the dude said he really enjoyed it afterwards and wanted to spar with Tony more often... I think this was possibly to save face a bit though.
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    Hmm since starting training in WTF I think the number one thing I have noticed is....lack of hand training.
    Hands around waist, never where they should be! Utter lack of punching in sparring and next to no defence vs hand strikes or close range attacks.
    I was sparring a guy three or four belts higher who actually backed off to throw a kick from boxing range...
    I was told thats because of hands/wrists/arms getting broken by kicks-so in that case it's ok to get kicked in the neck/head by the same kick?
    Remember it''s the way of the HAND and foot:p

    @Oldie in #51
    Nice going their matey, you came out all the stronger in spirit for it though!
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    Sorry for double posting but I re-read this...

    I'm not sure I fully approve of that...I have the same issue as the brown belt, coming from mma style arts, sometimes we honestly don't mean to do what he did y'know and for a 3rd dan to go ahead and "teach him a lesson" doesn't feel quite right.
    How do you know that the guy was so on the defensive? He might have been really nervous about having a go back just in case...he did some damage to Tony:( Before getting upset-you never know how good someone really is, I'm just playing devil's advocate:p
    I mean you ducked one way and caught a kick in the face? Did he whack you on purpose like that?
    How can watching someone get "pwned" (maybe) be nice? :confused:

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