Avengers: Endgame *SPOILERS*

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    Damn, what a film! What a way to end it. Iron Man dead, CFaptain America old as heck. My friend was wondering, couldn't they just make him young again like they did with Ant Man nearer the start of the film. I hope not. Captain America had the best send off. My favourite parts included him lifitng Mjolnir and "Hail Hydra" particularly because it caused so much controversy in the comics!
  2. Mushroom

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    Lol at "faptain" what were YOU watching??
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  3. Mushroom

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    When Thanos hit the leg, I immediately thought "Old Man Rogers". Tbf I thought that in Civil War when Spidey said "Mr. Stark told me to go for the legs"

    Cap had a great send off. Which also leads to some questions but its an 11 year love story that needed to happen.

    Banner Hulk! Called it!

    And The Dude-Thor is probably the best thing ever.
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    Not really including any spoilers 'cos I'm off to bed. Just wanted to say I thought it was basically perfect. They had so much expectation to meet and they nailed it. It was emotional, it felt heavy and meaningful and the stakes felt real. Every character who had any form of emotional moment felt genuine and none of it felt forced. It really did feel like an epic end to a saga all the way through and it rivalled ends to series like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and surpassed them in some ways. Had some issues with small specifics, but otherwise I think they pulled off something amazing. Really want to see it again to let it sink in properly, but I really do think it was pretty much perfect.
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  5. aikiMac

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    LOL! Ya, I liked the
    moment when Thor looked at his weapon and looked at Cap's weapon and said, "No, give me that. You get the small one." :D:p:D:p:D:p Love it!

    Tony getting rescued by a conveniently-traveling Marvel was weak, and I am very disappointed that her trailer clip of showing up in the Avenger base out of nowhere and demanding, "Where's Fury?" was not in the movie. But daaaaaamn, 20 minutes in and they chop off Thanos' head?! They kill him straight up? I did not expect that for the START of the movie! Whoa! ::applause:: That got my attention!
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    "Dude Thor" is not really even a spoiler. That was really the "inevitable" part. So many wars over eons, I'd want to get fat and drunk, wearing a sweater and live on the Norwegian coast, too. Salmon and beer all day long, mate.

    Sorry, I only just figured out how the spoiler feature works. What a great movie. I got into it with my kids over the ending, they didn't get some of what happened, which shows how much these movies are made for grown ups as well as the kids. I'll bet most kids unless they're real Marvel groupies can't even follow most of the intricacies in the multi-threaded plotlines. More than 20 movies, some of my kids friends have only seen half or less of them. Ironically, I'm the old fart and I've seen every movie in the arc at least twice.
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  7. axelb

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    Just watched this, and yes it didn't disappoint. :)
  8. Pretty In Pink

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    I'm tempted to go to the cinema again before the month is out.
  9. Mushroom

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    It was filmed 100% in Imax so Im looking to watch it on that format.
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  10. Pretty In Pink

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    It was great fun in IMAX. Got to see Infinity War again in IMAX too.
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  11. Ben Gash CLF

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    That scene was one of the post credits for Captain Marvel
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  12. aikiMac

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    Ya, someone reminded me of that this weekend. I totally remember it on YouTube as a trailer, but not as an end credit in the movie. (shrug)
  13. Mitch

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    Despite me not having one iota of interest in his comics, Cap turned out to have some of the best films of the cycle, be one of the more interesting characters of the cycle, and have perhaps the most perfect ending. Not only raling the long way round and having the normal life he missed out on, but his answer when asked if he wanted to talk about his wife. "No, I don't believe I do."

    There is something so perfectly old-fashioned-polite yet final about that, hinting at being a gentleman, avoiding sentimentality, and mind-your-own-bysiness all in one. Brilliant writing and perfectly delivered.

    I thought there were all the usual plot issues films like this inevitably suffer, and I assume Ruffalo is cheap to keep getting hulk featured, or CGI+Voiceover<=ActualActing, because otherwise he was pointless, but otherwise it was the mix of huge spectacle, undercut with humour, and with genuine surprises that DC have so completely failed to achieve.
  14. Mushroom

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    Banner Hulk is one of my favourite portrayals of Hulk. Especially at the beginning in the 90s where theres a slight mean streak to him.

    Banner in this, is a great character change as well. Most people see essentially a comedy throwaway Shrek Hulk.

    What I saw, was a meek, previously depressed and man. Who always felt insufficient amongst his peers.
    Now with a cocky attitude. His physical manifestation of the now "big man" of the group.

    That now swagger Hulk has.

    Im also wondering that they might have "dumbed him down" a bit. Banner mentions that Quantum theory is not his field, but he always managed to get things done. So dont know if thats a character flaw they wrote in. BannerHulk not being as smart as Banner or as strong as Hulk. So kinda like the balance of both, rather than the bestof 2 worlds.

    Or.... they only did that to bring in Stark. :)
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