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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Vegeta, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Vegeta

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    And I'll do my best to answer your questions.

  2. Fish Of Doom

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    is it true that CLF can chuck more wood than a woodchuck?
  3. Vegeta

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    I think this question is meaningless since CLF is not a physical entity.
  4. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    can you prove that?

    also, what are considered the traditional targets for the dofferent clf hand strikes? (alternatively, what are the traditional uses for each formal hand striking technique, whether used as strikes or otherwise?)
  5. ap Oweyn

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    Refer to your own sig line. It was a joke.

    We do have some well qualified CLF folks here already. So I imagine you'll be able to talk shop with them. Please don't hesitate to add some content to MAP, and people will undoubtedly add you to their mental list of good resources regarding CLF.
  6. Mushroom

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    will keep that in mind.
  7. aaradia

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    :rolleyes: I hate threads started full of hubris like this one.

    How about talking with us instead of coming on here acting like some authority for us to partake of your supposed mighty wisdom?

    And if you are going to set yourself up as some authority, how about telling us your background in detail? What lineage(s)? Hung Sing, Buk Sing or both? How many years have you studied and how many hours per week within those years?

    I have learned a lot from some of my fellow CLF people over the years on forums, but never from someone who starts off with this sort of attitude.
  8. Mitch

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    No, ask ME about CLF!

  9. bassai

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    Ask me about the klf !
  10. Mitch

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    Are they justified?
  11. bassai

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    They are also ancient
  12. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    I think they may also be cows as they say Mu Mu :D

  13. Mangosteen

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    Ask me about lkf!
    (It's a club and bar area in HK that I've lost most of my youth. The young women by the bar usually require you buy them, more than a drink)
  14. Mushroom

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    I think the Hong Kong City Planners are right trolls.

    "We need a bar / club area where we can appease the Western drunken tourists.."
    "Well we got a really steep hill...its about 40 degrees"
  15. Vegeta

    Vegeta Hmm I love my girlfriend


    Fish of Doom:

    1. Charp, stabbing fist, attack throat/neck, face, anywhere on the body, collarbone is good (most likely your fist will slide across but you can crack it easily). Yum charp cuts down, across opponent's guard/hands, this is a good technique for taller guys who already established some form of hand control/leverage with his other hand. Yurn charp shoots up, this is suppose to intercept another attacking coming at you. Ping charp is just flat, it can go up or down.

    Yum/yurn charp chui are harder to pull off, and I've not seen yurn charp work too well in practice (it's hard almost impossible to do "interceptions" anyway). So for sake of effectiveness ping charp is your best bet to actually land hits and do significant damage.

    2. Sao chui, there are two variations. The first is with the forearm/inner wrist area, parabolic arc, slams down on whatever, head/face/neck/shoulder. The second is with the fore-knuckles, with a fist, parabolic arc, aiming for side of face/neck usually. There is a derivative of the second variation called siu sao (small sao), kinda in between a hook and a normal one, with a smaller arc.

    3. Gua chui, backfist, arcs up and down. Kind of like a reverse sao chui in the movement. Requires some chambering to hit with power, or no chamber for a quick snap to the face (we call this one tan chui). Bean chui is a variation, back-hammerfist, basically like a backfist but using a hammerfist, throwing it behind you horizontally (seems like horizontal generates the most power so, why change it).

    4. Pow chui, uppercut. Traditionally this is done with a huuuge arc, but that is kind of silly and telegraphed in real life. Also generates less power since you're not putting as much bodyweight behind it. A common use is right charp, left spinning backfist, right pow chui. But you can get more power if you plant your feet, pivot the back foot, apply some tension before striking. Specifically you can feel your lats and shoulders contracting a lot when you want to put power in it.

    5. Pek chui, hammerfist coming at an angle or straight down. Just hit the head, neck, shoulders... man I am repeating myself (not much else to attack honestly). Weird technique, hard to get your arms into position where you would actively use it. I've never used this one in fight/sparring.

    I basically avoid other hand strikes, so that's it. Don't want to comment on things I've never done.

    ap Oweyn: I know it was a joke, well, I know Fish of Doom personally so I'm just messing around.

    Mushroom: Cool

    aaradia: I'm always intrigued when people are hostile. Well I hope you are not having a bad day. First, I did Hung Sing for 7 years, then Buk Sing for 5+ years and ongoing. Second, you literally just accused me of writing a sentence predicated by implicitly existing hubris, and I implied no such thing. Third, you are accusing me of having some sort of negative attitude, which is not the case, as I'm trying to be jovial and open with everyone. Fourth, you accused me of acting like some sort of authority, when in fact I have explicitly made the claim on a previous day that I do not claim to have come to the conclusion of some objective truth regarding martial arts. So, all of my statements are anecdotal statements, not statements implicating objective truth-values (logically). Because of these four things, I think you're the one being hostile here, and using ad hominems in an attempt to derail what I'm trying to do, which is have a discussion. I would appreciate it if you kept the ad hominems to a minimum.

    Nobody else me a direct comment or question at me but hello to you guys also!

    Finally, I'm not an expert, but I think I have some useful information some people may find interesting. Or not. If everyone wants me to go away then I will (no hurt feelings ofc).

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  16. philosoraptor

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    Just a general comment about the thread, I think that not knowing a certain forum's etiquette can easily be mistaken for arrogance. I'd ask that, especially for new members, we interpret threads like this as introduction threads.

    So ok, what's CLF like? How much sparring do you guys do? Any particularly important videos you'd use to introduce it?
  17. Vegeta

    Vegeta Hmm I love my girlfriend


    We did a fair bit of sparring. My usual training (sifu had a day job and everything) was three times a week.

    So for sure, at least one of those days we sparring. Sometimes 2, or even all three days had at least some sparring involved.

    There was barely any focus on forms, although it was required as a very basic sort of thing for passing grades. We had our own internal grading system, it's suppose to be an indication of overall fighting skill, but since I had background in Muay Thai before that and full-contact fighting, it never really applied to me.

    For training we did a lot of drills. For example:

    1. All stances
    1a. All substances of each primary stance
    1b. All moving iterations of each substance

    2. All punches
    2a. All variations of the primary punches
    2b. All moving iterations of each punch variation

    3. All kicks
    3a. same as above
    4b. same as above

    4. Blocks/Parries
    5. Static (only body moving while stationary) blocking
    4b. Moving blocks/parries

    5. Counterattacks
    5a. Punching C/A
    5b. Kicking C/A

    6. Various mitts/pads/bag drills (also part of curriculum).

    For video reference.

    This is Buk Sing's "lien-wan charp chui." A lot of mystique/misunderstanding even amongst Hung Sing and Chan family CLF people (because Buk Sing guys generally refuse to share the mechanics of the technique with everyone) surrounding this technique (invention of Tarm Sarm) but you can see a literal demo of it here and in slow motion:

    [ame=""]Choy Lay Fut Buk Xing (北å‹è”¡æŽä½›) - EXCLUSIVE Lost Martial Arts Techniques! - YouTube[/ame]

    This is Buk Sing's interpretation of the gliding sidekick. It's done without tilting the body back, so there is less power than a Bruce Lee style one, but it's faster and does not impede your forward momentum (Buk Sing is conceptually about forward momentum and aggressively taking the opponent's space).

    [ame=""]Choy Lay Fut Buk Xing (北å‹è”¡æŽä½›) - Side Kick KNOCKDOWN! - YouTube[/ame]
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  18. ap Oweyn

    ap Oweyn Ret. Supporter

    Ah, I see. Fair enough.

    And I see you're a weird fiction fan, if you're quoting Thomas Ligotti.
  19. Vegeta

    Vegeta Hmm I love my girlfriend

    Hi ap Oweyn,

    I found Ligotti through his Conspiracy book. I like weird fiction, but my main concern is the philosophical aspect of Ligotti's pessimism (and Zapffe, Schopenhauer, etc.).

    I am a collector of books though, and I have several signed copies from him. =)
  20. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    Greetings Northern Victory!

    Just a quick couple of questions..

    1. What made you shift from Hung Sing to Buk Sing and what did you find the biggest difference in the training method?

    2. I have heard the Buk Sing only has 3 empty hand forms, Is this true and which ones are they please?

    3. Is there anything that you brought with you from Hung Sing that you felt complemented your Buk Sing training?

    4. Do you have the Yik, Tik, Wah etc in Buk SIng? :' )

    Thanks for your time and patience : 'D


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