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    read this today on and thought to share.

    i felt that many of the points made in the article helped me in my last tournament. i brought the fight to the ground in the matches i won. i train in takedowns a lot at my gym (we've even got a judo coach that comes in) and it definitely helped during the tournament. the match i lost, as we were in the standup phase, i tried pulling my opponent down and felt something pull in my ribcage. it was horrible. the shock of it gave my opponent an opening to pull me down instead and i was on my heels the whole rest of the match.

    finding the right weight class was also a big improvement for me. previously, i fought as a super heavy-weight. took pains to get into a much lower weight class and i felt i was in better shape than most of the other competitors.

    one thing i feel like i have to work on that the article mentions is being proactive during a tournament fight.

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    Loved it, and now shared with my fellow students!

    Cheers man!

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