Arnold has another video out about strength

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    To add to the pile on...
    You chose to engage in a political conversation.

    Its entirely fine to hate certain political views - I hate nazism. I hate it because it openly wants to subjugate people. Its okay to hate specific beliefs that aim to hurt other people. Thats different from hating people with these beliefs or hating beliefs that create unanticipated harm as an unintended by product.

    But people do chose their beliefs

    Frankly the conservatives in the US are creating well proven harm to numerous people by placing beliefs and ideology and hate over wellbeing e.g. limiting abortion access, not letting trans kids transition or participate in competition etc.

    Also compromise with nazis is what led to the rise in fascism and them getting enough power to eliminate other parties.

    The only proven effective means of stopping that type of violence is a two pronged strategy of grassroots physical confrontation to scare them away and pursuing political legitimacy to oppose them.
  2. David Harrison

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    Anyone else suspect that Arnie's multiple uses of the word "losers" was aimed to sway MAGA supporters? It stood out that way to me.
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    Spot on. They're both actors, after all. Masters of language but different degrees. And as funny as it is to hear out loud, Arnold is better on all fronts. It's too bad the Governator can never be President, that's an unfortunate side effect of American nativism. But he'd kill the job, right?

    Once you've mastered the Riddle of Steel, no one can stop you. That goes for Xue Sheng as well. Everyone has a bad day, but what's most important is to leave it with yesterday. I will contemplate this on my daily Tree of Woe.
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    Nah, as a person who voted for him twice, I was ultimately disappointed with him as "the Governator." I wouldn't vote for him again.
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    Not even for the SAG?

    Sorry, just a little acting humor.


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