Are UK Police not allowed to hit a suspect who's assaulting them?

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by EdiSco, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Smitfire

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    I tell you what...I was in the B&Q garden section the other when some old geezer in an orange polo-shirt asked me if I wanted decking! So obviously I whacked him first and made my escape.
  2. Simon

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    The 1980s called and want their joke back.
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  3. Mushroom

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    Horrible things. I did see a selfie stick war in Forbidden City, China. Where tourists were getting in each others ways with their sticks and started to do a bit of fencing ... that was funny to see
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  4. Steve b

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    Well said Alan.
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  5. Ben Gash CLF

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    Something we discuss quite often in my class is how stuff will look on CCTV. Spinning kicks are great and all, but something that just looks like you bumped together and he fell down is less hassle after the fact.
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  6. bassai

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    At the back of my mind is a memory from reading Andy Mcnabs biography , where he stated that when he was taught h2h in , I think the SAS , it was definitely for his time in Northern Ireland , they were taught to make their movements and techniques less polished , so if when in they got into a scrap in plain clothes they just looked more like an accomplished street fighter than someone with formal training as it would raise fewer questions.
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  7. Pretty In Pink

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    Mental. If I ever get into a semi-mutual combat situation I'd hope a hard (but ultimately non-lethal) leg kick would fair me well. My little brother did it to someone a few years ago. Took his legs away from under the guy.
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  8. Dead_pool

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    giphy (22).gif

    Wise words from the cobra Kai!
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