Are there any disabled martial artist here?

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by wayofthedragon, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. surgingshark

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    Bad eyesight and athsma here...but I fight without glasses. I have to rely on my reflexes whenever things get up close and personal... works, too. I didn't get hit during my final exam in school. I got GRABBED, but I immediately sent my free hand to the guy's balls...instant release button! He he he...

    ...and because of my asthma, running will never be an option for me. I HAVE to fight...
  2. SaiMaster

    SaiMaster New Member

    I have multiple sclerosis and a few other problems like asthma and hypothyroidism. My training is one of the best things I have done for myself.
  3. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Hey Sai! Long time no see :D

    How are you these days?
  4. SaiMaster

    SaiMaster New Member

    Hi Yoda, hope no one minds my visiting here. I find I like the concept of this area here and am looking forward to some good discussion.
  5. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Glad to see you Sai - hope you stick around to contribute in other areas too.
  6. Aravi

    Aravi New Member

    Why would we mind? :D
  7. KickChick

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    Sai, Yoda and myself were on another forum wherein we were fellow moderators

    I had chatted briefly with Sai on AIM this evening for the first time in a long time.... not even mentioning this new forum... but am happy to see that I had given her the "impetus to ask for her password so that she could get back in here".....

    Welcome Back Sai..... :)
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  8. SaiMaster

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    I had stopped looking at all the martial arts forums I could find. After a while it kind of got so I was seeing the same thing in cycles everyplace I was looking. Or maybe I just got over saturated.

    Then I forgot all my passwords.

    This looks interesting though. I am looking forward to some good discussion here. I have not really seen a lot of disablity issues on any forum.
  9. Matt_Bernius

    Matt_Bernius a student and a teacher

    Peronsally I'm affected by a moderate case of scholiosis (curved spine). While not debilitating, in recent years I've noticed a increased lack of flexibility in my spine (especially while rolling or doing ground work). The spine curve also effects my hip stucture. The net net is I've had to learn to tweak certain techniques to work for my body frame. Usually it's pretty subtle. But when it comes to teaching I always need to be careful to teach kicks in the standard way (not the "Matt Modified" way).

    On this subject (and probably more pertinant to it), Rochester NY has a large deaf and hearing impared population. We've been lucky enough to have deaf martial artists stop down for our open Saturday workout. It's been a terrific experience. It's also a little frustrating at times since at best I know about 15 signs and I'm the most sign literate person there. So we get to work on bridging the language barrier while teaching and sharing techniques. The great thing is that the arts are all about physical communication, so that makes things much easier.

    - Matt

    ps. this is a great forum idea!
  10. Reiki

    Reiki Ki is everything!

    I'm looking forward to hearing from people who are teaching MA to disabled people, what they teach and how they teach it so I can help apply that theory to my daughter Harmony & help her to use more of her body.

    Its not that she cant use her body, its just that bits of it wont work when she wants them too or work poorly.

    Her muscle tone is high - its like having all the muscles in your body tensed up tight ALL the time so u can imagine how painful it must get for her being like this 24 hours a day!

    She loves watching others do it and has been trying to punch and kick in her chair as best she can. I am sure that she can learn some things as self defense and also the movement will be great for her muscles.

    As part of my holistic approach to healing, I attuned her to reiki last year and she is now a level 3 reiki practioner like the rest of the family. I figured that she could use it to help herself when it was really painful and I believe she has been doing so!
  11. xubis

    xubis New Member

    Cain, sorry about your hand man, does it affect day to day life a lot?
  12. Scooter

    Scooter New Member

    I also have a learning Disablity. I know it probably has a name but I have never really asked. I went to a pravate school for high school for people with learning disablities I also had bad eyesite so I have trouble doing stand-up stuff.
  13. Cain

    Cain New Member

    Not much I am used to it after 19 years, though I do have to adjust some things to my liking. ;)

  14. Chris Yates

    Chris Yates Valued Member

    Personally I am not disabled, but I have had the pleasure of training with a disabled actor who is a 2nd Dan Dynamic Self Defence, he is a thalidomide and an example to all able bodied martial artists.

    He has been on many television programmes in the past few years.

    Click here for the link to his website
  15. rolling thunder

    rolling thunder New Member

    disabled martial artists

    Hello all................I am a 4th dan blackbelt in taekwondo. I own my own school and presently have about 90 students. I am 50 years old.

    I have been parapalegic since an auto accident in 1995.

    I have taken my entire curriculum and adopted it to the needs of students in wheelchairs as well as other hinderences.

    I have developed and am about to release for sale a series of tapes entitled "Seated Self-defense". Look for them in martial art and disabled magazines. I will also soon have a website both for my school and to to market these tapes.

    The exercises, drills and techinques I show on these tapes are designed for the student to practice and advance so far as their disability will allow them.

    Though these tapes when used for training will not turn a person in a wheelchair into "Hell on wheels" but they most certainly will greatly enhance one's self-defense ability and confidence.

    I have spent th last 5 years working on these techniques with many other martial arts instructors of many styles. I use the essay writen by Darren lauer as to the "Anatomy of fear" and how that relates to self-defense.

    I am also a member of the Paralyzed Veterans of America, (PVA) and have gotten my wheelchaired Taekwondo Sports program (sparring, forms and breaking) accepted into the 2004 PVA World Wheelchair games in St. Louis as an exhibition sport. It must hold up for three years to be recieved as an offical sport.

    If anyone is interested in these tapes they will be available this June. If anyone has any questions whatsoever about disabled martial arts, just post it and I will answer it to the best of my ability.

  16. TheBorderer

    TheBorderer New Member

    Hi rolling thunder

    Welcome to MAP, enjoy your stay :)

    I practice TKD (ITF style) as welll (I'd suggest you check out the TKD Check In thread in the TKD forum), only a 'lowly' green belt, but I have a learning difficulty which affects my coordination slightly(granted I know that is something to be thankful for compared to what I could be like... no offence to yourself intended), it can be annoying sometimes (I'm sure you've faced that yourself in your TKD career and life in general too), the reward is worth it(it's part of the reason I chose to do TKD anyway :)). Your post sure makes me glad of doing an MA, and I'm sure you are proud of what you have acheived! :D

    I like that, I've always been told by my parents you don't seem to get far without putting in some effort, anyway.

    Once again, welcome to MAP and enjoy. :)
  17. rolling thunder

    rolling thunder New Member

    Thanks for the warm welcome Borderer. Sure I face what could be annoying interactions with people. But being in a wheelchair and disabled can have some advantages.

    I often have fun with playing pranks on people who (like most people) really don't understand disabilities.

    For instance, I recall seeing a group of my friends at a tournament. (These were big strong martial artists now!)
    They were in a group of 5 or 6 and standing near a wall facing toward each other in sort of a circle.
    I sped up as I crossed the wooden floor and came up on them by surprise. I was going at a pretty good clip. I started yelling, "Help me! I can't stop!
    Well naturally their immediate reaction was to jump out of my way since I was barrelling right for the center of them.
    Of course I simply grabbed my rims and applied pressure and brought myself to a quick stop in the midst of my scattered friends.
    I then turned to them and hollered, "Hey! I come speeding toward a wall, screaming that I can't stop and all of my friends move to let me hit the wall?! What kind of friends are you anyway?!"
    One of them muttered something about "Well I figured the wall would stop you." We all had a chuckle.

    When I'm out and about, especially shopping, people will see me coming into a place without automatic doors and quicken their pace to open the door for me. many times (especially if it is a lady), I will quickly jet ahead of them and with a bow and a dip of my hat, open the door for them. Most people are a bit surprised by how fast I can suddenly move and how easily I can not only open the door for them, but even make sure I am well out of their way. Of course if someone does open a door for me I thank them just as anyone would thank anybody for a kind act. But some things in a wheelchair are fun. (It's a long story otherwise I'd tell you one about me, my chair, an escalator in the mall and a security gaurd....................*g*
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  18. Chase

    Chase New Member

    Hi, Yeah, I have Cerebal Palsy, and have practiced many different martial arts along the way, but two stand out: Tai Chi & Kali. I've practiced TCC for 23 yrs. & kali for about 15. As I practice from a chair, there's been a lot of adapting, & weaknesses are really hidden strengths, & visaverse. If you have lemmons, you make lemmonade. The chair is a great teacher.

    Chase:D :D :D
  19. rouelle2003

    rouelle2003 New Member


    I have the injury at my back, that I it sometimes prevent me to do streneous workouts, even at times, walking alone just makes me tired (especially during cold seasons of the year). I got this when I accidentally slid along a creek beside our house when I was a kid, that some bones at my back are not properly aligned. I have heard about Tai Chi, slow movements that make you be healthy. Since, I got tire easily, is it ok for me to try this kind of Tai Chi, or do you have a better suggestion? :rolleyes: thanks in advance!
  20. WhiteWizard

    WhiteWizard Arctic Assasain

    The tai chi is worth a shot i've heard of a few people that it has really helped with injuries and problems like yourself

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