Archery, Fencing, and Broadsword by "Stonehenge" and Wood

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    I have republished "Archery, Fencing, and Broadsword" by "Stonehenge" and Wood

    The ebook download is, as always, free.

    Writing in 1863 John Henry "Stonehenge" Walsh and Rev. J. G. Wood, the "authors" of this book, published their manual apparently intended for the "historic combat sports" market, in vogue with the middle class of the time.

    Despite the fact that the authors engaged in whole-cloth plagiarism, most notably, plagiarizing significant amounts from John Gaspard le Marchant who wrote his popular military and Broadsword manual 67 years prior, they compiled a fairly comprehensive yet concise little manual covering Archer, Fencing with the Foil, and Broadsword.

    The Archery section contains basics of equipment, usage, and uniform as well as itemizing several type of competition, and even detailing the basics of an Archery Club.

    The Fencing section includes the basics of the use of the Foil, positions, terminology, engagements, and general advice.

    The Broadsword section incorporates details on the training and usage of the Broadsword, in a Military Saber configuration, training, set drills, and suggestions for "loose play."

    Peace favor your sword,

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