Anyone know when we will be able to train contact?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Maryreade1234, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Maryreade1234

    Maryreade1234 Member

    Hello so i've noticed that a lot of the gyms have reopened with social distancing.
    Does anyone have any inside information (eg you work at/run a gym). On whether there is reopening phases and if so what the dates if any are planned for that?

    Iv heard people talking about training partners/ people who live together training contact.
  2. Flying Crane

    Flying Crane Active Member

    Well, I don’t know what part of the world you live in, but here in the US anyone who thinks this might be a good time to start close training deserves criminal prosecution, in my opinion.
  3. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    The "when" in the UK is still relatively unknown.

    In some places you can bring some one from home to train with contact. The rest is no contact.

    My estimate is, if things continue to decrease in the UK and no second waves (possible) then last quarter of the year.

    The vaccine will be the big determining factor on the longer term option.
  4. JesusIsTheBest

    JesusIsTheBest New Member

    My Jiu Jitsu school has reopened although I have not yet re-enrolled. Jiu Jitsu is perhaps the riskiest when it comes to the virus since you roll with people but they are open nonetheless. As for me, I do not plan on going back until we have reached a safer level in terms of the virus.
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  5. Grond

    Grond Valued Member

    A good friend of mine recently told me he's given up martial arts training for lifting. I think I agree with him. I think he was trying to tell me that it's a win-win scenario and it doesn't require a partner, really, and right now partnering up isn't a great idea especially with multiple partners. What's wrong with a whole year of just lifting weights, shadowboxing, punching bags, or whatever? Sounds like a win to me, but that's just my opinion. I've had a lot of sparring partners over the years.
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  6. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Gyms can't open with contact yet,

    When they do it'll be via a pod system, to minimise the contact between groups.

    Starting with current members only.

    It your not currently a member anywhere, you'll have to wait till everything fully reopens.

    Vaccines will start to be rolled out late October onwards, so I'd say February at the very earliest.

    But this is all conjecture, we'll only really know, when it happens.

    We've got the second wave to get through first, covid hasnt gone away, there's been too many people breaking the rules for that.
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  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    my BJJ gym opened for non contact, they taped off sections - you can drill with a partner from home, or bring a grapple dummy.

    Yeah I feel the second wave is going to be bad because people are already bored of the first lock down and itching to get back to it.

    I have been shielding, so I don't know what it means for me, but I am reigning in my excitement of seeing things open up, as by the time I will be okay to go, it will probably be second wave time.
    The only silver lining for me is I will be first on the vaccine list. Then I can spar with anyone, like I'm invincible!
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  8. JesusIsTheBest

    JesusIsTheBest New Member

    I haven't been able to lift with the really heavy weights ever since the quarantine since the gym has been closed and I don't have any of the really big heavy weights at home. Instead I've been using the smaller weights along with a weighted vest and I've gone for repetition instead of maxing out with weight. I've also continued with martial arts training. There are tons of martial arts drills that you can do by yourself without a partner so your friend doesn't have to give up martial arts if he can't find a partner. If you ask me the real win-win situation is when you make the best of what you've got which for me means doing both weightlifting and martial arts training.
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  9. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I think we're taking the bubble approach when our government opens us up again.
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  10. Botta Dritta

    Botta Dritta Valued Member

    British Fencing has released guidelines on how clubs can reoopen:

    "Fencing specific adaptations include (but are not limited to):

    • Protocols around equipment usage – no sharing of personal equipment, minimising other equipment sharing and disinfecting protocols. (Specific cleaning info here)
    • Equipment adaptations – eg use of fencing mask liners in situations where face coverings under fencing masks are not appropriate.
    • Rule changes – no handshaking or any other type of body contact, certain types of moves no longer permitted to ensure that 2m social distancing is maintained where at all possible: Fleching/running attacks, corps a corps, deliberate close quarter actions and any actions that breach the 1m distancing are not permitted.
    • Group sizes restricted to 6. Multiple groups can train in the same venue, (subject at all times to government and venue guidance on maximum numbers and protocols being in place to avoid/limit interaction between groups.)
    • Restrictions around the length of activity to reduce the total time two people can spend together ‘on piste’ . For example, adapted sparring between two individuals in a group can take place but is limited to 1 x 15 hits or 3 x 5 hits, up to a maximum of 10mins of fencing time and 15mins of elapsed time. (This means, for example, a poule unique of 6 fencers can take place where everyone fences each other once only to 15 hits and each bout takes no longer than 10mins of fencing time and 15mins elapsed time including the breaks).
    as well as

    • Appoint a Club COVID-19 Officer and register them on the BF Membership platform (see here).
    • Check your club is listed as a BF Club. Clubs that have opted not to be publicly listed should check their club status in the BF membership platform.
    • Ensure that your Coaches are on the BF Coaches Register and up to date with all necessary checks and qualifications.
    • Ensure that your Welfare Officer is on the BF Welfare Officers Register, fully trained and up to date with all necessary checks and qualifications.
    • Update your club risk assessments.
    • Contact your venue to discuss when they are opening, their risk assessment and the requirements they have on any clubs using their facilities. We expect that any club or coach using a facility (that they do not themselves operate) will provide a copy of their risk assessment to the facility manager.
    • Survey your members and volunteers to find out how they feel about returning to fencing and identifying any barriers or opportunities that restarting club fencing will bring,
    • Audit your club kit and review the BF guidance on equipment sharing and disinfecting protocols (see here).
    • Ensure that your club membership records are up to date.
    • Review your member communications channels – being able to send up to date information to your members will be extremely important as part of any restart.
    • Review your system for managing and storing accurate attendance records for at least 21 days. This will be a vital part of how we will support the NHS Test and Trace.

    Which basically means that infighting is banned and near all attacks will be kind of limited to at least a step and half lunge distance and in no instance can you move past your opponent. And yes the Fencing mask is not enough to make the sport Covid19 safe so 'face mask liners' have been specifically developed in conjunction with the University of Hertfordshire recently to sit on the inside of the mask so that you can breathe but still catch majority of the droplets get caught (but not eliminate transmission)
    Disposable Mask Shield X 10. Not paticulary cheap. Hope mopre affordable versions come out. While this would suck big time as it would vastly limit fencing actions to pre-20th century tactics we may be able to some assaults in and get some exercise in. Not sure if I can trust kids to follow the guidelines though.

    Now I'm posting this primarily for other Martial arts/ Activities that that use Fencing Masks and weapon simulatorsin sparring i'm thinking:

    HEMA (excluding perhaps ringen, armizare and pugilism)
    Eskrima in particular those that do Largo mano. Not sure how WEKAF can keep the distance though?
    Kendo/Gumdo? Would they would be willing to compromise their training?

    I know that enclosed martial arts masks such as this Taekwondo Headgear with Face Shield - Blue that may take fencing mask linings, but the problem about body to body physical conract remains....
  11. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    It's going to be so awkward picking your bubble partner... pick your gym friend or the people who push you most? (theres a big social element to bjj and not having your closest training partner might make it suck)
  12. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Also the people who push you the most may be the ones you push the least, I'd just pick people who are free the same days as you, are roughly the same size, and who arnt injury machines, bonus points if you get on well too!
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  13. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Moved on MAP 2017 Gold Award

    I'm going to be super popular. Literally the only perk about being a brown belt.
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  14. I train Wing Chun, and I am trying to figure out training. Things are open my state in US, but I have no idea if the student's could be carriers of the virus so I go it alone. It's tough for sure.

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