Anyone heard of this Instructor?

Discussion in 'Aikido' started by Qasim, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Qasim

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    Found this site posted in another forum.

    Lancaster Aikido

    Click the photos in the "Articles" section to watch the videos.

    I'm a beginner, but it gave me the heebie geebies when I saw the videos on it. Clearly something is wrong here. :eek: :woo:
  2. aikiscotsman

    aikiscotsman Banned Banned

    I know what you mean, i guess we must be missing the big pic (god knows what it is).
  3. Dave Humm

    Dave Humm Serving Queen and Country


    Bit of a strange one this.

    The video clips of the aikido do absolutely no credit for the art, to the newcomer however, the title of the article in which these clips are part, is..

    How can a “soft” art be effective?

    1st problem form me.

    Aikido studied in a martial sense isn't soft by any stretch of imagination

    2nd problem for me.

    Although the article is indeed about the supposed softness/effectiveness of aikido, the clips of the so called technicalities are, well appauling. We all know we can practice in any degree of speed from almost static to full speed however, the foundation/principles of what we do are evident regardless.

    3rd problem for me.

    A nick-pick I realise however, white hakama for Aikido ?? I don't think so.

    I could go on but wont. :)

    Now, take a look at the Iaido article.
    I study MSR and the quality between the MSR clips and the Aikido is a world apart. The technicality in the iai clips could be debated but that would be unfair not knowing the guy's grade or supposed ability but, equating that to the quality/technicality of the aikido clips, given he's supoosed to be an instructor.. well put it this way, I wouldn't take a class.

  4. bambeer

    bambeer Whatareyoudoingrightnow


    The above link brings you to a discussion about this teacher.


  5. JohnnyX

    JohnnyX Map Addict

    Didn't do anything for me.
  6. RichieRich

    RichieRich Valued Member

    I've seen (and tried) Aikido twice, both times in DC. Those Ukes are so compliant -they're doing their forward rolls before anyone has touched them..
  7. aikiscotsman

    aikiscotsman Banned Banned

    whats wrong with a white hakama, look at some of the old photos from Iwama and you will see some people like saito in a white hak.
  8. aikiwolfie

    aikiwolfie ... Supporter

    My teacher wears a white hakama for special occasions like gradings and courses. But the guy in those videos has to have been the worst I have seen. Never even with a total beginner who has been on the mat litterally two seconds have I ever performed techniques that slow.

    I must admit though. The video where the technique doesn't appear work on a compliant uke was top entertainment. :) here it is :)
  9. Dave Humm

    Dave Humm Serving Queen and Country

    Lets keep perspective.

    Saito - White Hakama, old days, who's going to argue ?

    Joe soap junior dan grade supposedly running a dojo - makes himself look different, I would ask why ? However, having read the Aikiweb thread especially from the lady with direct experience of the person in question, the answer's obvious.

    Sidelining slightly to offer an observation on white (different colours) hakama in Aikido. I may have just been unlucky however, I've seen a number of Instructional sensei on seminars wear white, brown or striped hakama, on each occasion they were clearly making a statement by doing so. I just find it a bit odd, thats really all I was perhaps saying in my previous comment.

    Just watched the vids again (jeez that was a painful experience) I note the guy is also wearing an Iaigi so, it may well be that the aiki shots were taken at the same time as the Iai clips, explaining why he's wearing exactly the samy clothing

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