Anyone for boxing advice???

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by binski20, Nov 4, 2002.

  1. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    I am new to the boards and I am a boxer currently.
    I have been posting with another board, but things have degenerated on the board, and the atmosphere is not a great one.
    I have been posting columns on training to help out others and was wondering if that would be welcome here?
    If so, I hope to share with you guys, and be of some help.
  2. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    Talk to Melanie (the super moderator) about posting articles, she would most likley be thrilled. I am a karate-ka but I really enjoy reading about other styles because you can usually pick up usefull information that can be applied to your own training. As far as boxing advice . . . . I don't box but, I hear that kepping your hands up is always a good thing to do :D
  3. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    I would be more than glad to share any info I can.
    I too enjoy reading info about other arts, and I am impressed by the maturity on this site thus far.
  4. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Heres' one for you binski20

    On the lead hook - how far do you turn the lead foot in? To 90 Degrees? PAst? Not that far? Pros & Cons?
  5. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    Hmmmm, that's a good one.
    I have never really analyzed it like that, just done it the way I have done it.
    I'd say once again, there are 2 different ones. A 45 and a 90.
    These would depend on the commitment and the speed. If it was the second punch in a 3 or more punch combo, probably the 45, shorter movement, which is faster.
    This is all off of the top of my head though. Like I said, I have never analyzed it, but I definitly will tonight and get back to you.
    Your thoughts??
    Geez, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't paid attention to it lol
  6. TkdWarrior

    TkdWarrior Valued Member

    Geez, I'm ashamed to admit I haven't paid attention to it lol
    dude i admit that too...tho i m not boxer but like to box...
  7. binski20

    binski20 Valued Member

    Just as I thought I use the 2 angles, 45 and 90.
    Which one is used depends on the commitment to the punch.
    All out power, I tend to use a 90, in a combination the 45.
    The lead hook is one of the most difficult punches to really develop well. Although my left lead is decent, I have toyed around with fighting as a south paw because my right lead hook is phenomanal.
  8. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    Me personally I don't throw circular punches. I don't train to fight in the ring. I train at a boxing gym, but I train to fight on the streets. That's because that's where I'm from. From my personal experiences crosses and double jabs dominate the punching range. I use the double jab to close the gap and crosses to "snatch jaws off" :D . Linear (straight) punches are faster and more structurally stable as far as stance and wrist placement go. I cross train martail arts, but more boxing. On a straight punch the elbow moves 2.66x slower than the fist yet on a circular punch the elbow move 4x slower than the fist (learned that in MA). That's why when people throw circular punches I "snatch they jaw off". You telegraph your punch when you throw hooks.
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  9. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member

    Don't know about a telegraphed hook

    Hello all,

    I've years of experience in Aikijitsu and have just started to learn to box and am finding the experience fantastic. Talk about a change of pysche. I've seen some (and not seen more ;) ) hooks that were not telegraphed at all. Neil McLeod throws a mean one.
    I would appreciate as much help as possible as everything I do is pants. What about tips on footwork drills?

    thanks for your effort:D
  10. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    I guess all these pro boxeras that knock guys out with hooks don't know jack huh?

    Stuff physics - the measure is performance. Just because YOU suck at throwing hooks doesn't make the technique suck.
  11. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member

    have to agree with Yoda

    I mean, old Iron Mike couldn't have got lucky with all of his left hooks could he?

    And he came from the street.
  12. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    You do you because all I know is me!

    I don't use circular attacks because they are easy to deflect. I don't go by boxing rules because there are no rules in the streets.
    I use MA blocks and parries, that's what I mean by not going by boxing's rules. I prefer double jabs and crosses. I'm not saying you should I'm simply stating from MY experiences circular punches failed to work. I really wanted to let you know that a linear punch is much faster than a circular punch. It's all about Economy of Motion.
  13. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member

    fair enough me old mucker...

    horses for courses and all that.

    I still prefer a knee in his jewels and a fast pair of legs ;)
  14. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    use a 45 degree angle

    Biomechanics of Punching:

    The old-time pugilism punched with a vertical fist. The horizontal fist only came into popular use in sport boxing after the introduction of thickly padded gloves. There was a good reason for this. A vertical fist protects the hand from injury. Two biomechanical principles are key. First is the idea of spreading the force of the strike over as large a portion of the surface of the knuckles as possible. This keeps any one bone of the hand from being subjected to excessive stress. Second is keeping the wrist aligned in as "squared" a position as possible so that when the force of your strike is reflected back, it travels through the center of your wrist and up the middle or "long-axis" of your forearm. If your wrist is not aligned properly, force will be reflected off an at angle rather than through the center of your forearm and your wrist is more likely to bend and suffer damage. Get up from your computer and try this simple experiment. Face the wall and extend your arm completely straight out in front at your own chin level. Make a horizontal fist (palm down) and place it against the wall. Now lean your weight onto your fist so that it is as flat against the wall as possible. You will find that not only will your wrist bend upward, it will bend outward as well in order to keep the fist flat against the wall. Now pivot so that you have a vertical fist (palm inward) while rolling your elbow inward and do the same thing. Your wrist should stay "squared" and your fist should be in good contact with the wall at the same time. The vertical punch keeps the wrist aligned to prevent it from being injured, and allows force to be spread over the surface of the knuckles as much as possible to avoid a fracture of the hand. Think of aiming with the "middle" knuckle of the hand when punching. This is the one that is most in line with the long-axis of your forearm and so will help you keep your wrist properly aligned. Also try and keep the elbow of your punching arm rolled inward as if pointing toward your opposite foot. This not only helps to keep the wrist aligned, but also aligns your forearm with your shoulder for maximum delivery of force when punching.

  15. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member

    Thank you chap

    Thanks GoatNipples2002,

    makes a lot of sense and explains some of the things I've seen and felt. I HATE hooks with an horizontal fist as I have slim wrists for my size but I like the vertical fist punches from Chinese Boxing and Wing Chun. Thanks, I'll try this tonight in my class and see how they compare. :D
  16. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    Proper punch position; "the bottomless triangle"

    Place your hands side by side. Both hands should be in horizontal fists. Now rotate each hand outward (with thumb knuckles touching) until you form a "bottomless triangle" on the in side of your hands. Each fist should roughly be at a 45 degree angle. Which makes a 90 degree angle hence the phrase "bottomless triangle". Now pull one hand back to your jaw line. This the way your fist should makr contact. This is the safest position for your wrist. Now on to the contact surface. If you punch as stated before; aim for the center line of your attacker and you will make contact with your bottom 3 knuckles only. this is the best KO postion as for as the target, the wrist/hand structure and contact surface.

  17. Sc0tsg1t

    Sc0tsg1t New Member


    I found it made quite a difference and because I don't feel my wrist is the weak point anymore I could let more power flow through my hook.

    thanks a lot:D
  18. Joe karate

    Joe karate New Member

    For advice on hooks read the Feb. or Jan? issue of Black Belt Mag. It talks about the proper angles to strike at different targets to get a KO. Sometimes the angle causes powerful punches to do nothing.

    Example: I remember hitting the jaw slightly angled so that the punch is directed to his throat.

    I'll have to read it again.
  19. Bon

    Bon Banned Banned

    Re: You do you because all I know is me!

    Every technique has a time & place. Looks like a good time to throw a left hook after the guy has thrown a cross, missed and is now overbalanced with his left jaw screaming 'KNOCK ME OUT!' wouldn't you agree?

    I personally love hooks and uppercuts, the power you generate when twisting your hips into it is absolutely phenomenal - this is why you don't need to recoil, thus, shouldn't be telegraphing your shot.

    I can't see the logic in your statement... I can say jabs and crosses are useless in a real fight because I can just palm them off.
  20. goatnipples2002

    goatnipples2002 someone tryin 2 learn

    First off crosses are much faster than hooks which makes intercepting these punches easier to me. I DON'T BOX, I BANG IN THE STREETS.

    I can say hooks will get you hurt in the street because it's easier to parry a hook then any other punch.

    The closest/shortest distance between to "objects" is a str8 line.
    You must not fight in the streets, I do. I'm not talking from what I THINK I speak from experience and EXPERIENCE ONLY!

    Hooks also are real easy to telegraph.

    I wish I could train with you.
    I'm a street fightin type of guy.
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