Any more Like Fairbairns "Get Tough???

Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by SB1970, Jul 23, 2008.

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    drop step correction

    Mr. Ronin, thank you for the 'drop step' origin correct to my reply. Tom Kobela
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    The Drop Step (or "Falling Step") Punch is a long standing favorite of old style Bare Knuckle Pugilism. It's illustrated and discussed frequently in old boxing manuals (pre-Demspey's Chapionship Fighting).

    However, Dempsey's description of the mechanics and instructions on it are probably the most detailed of the antique boxing manuals and is what I usually quote first for discussion and instruction.

    Peace favor your sword,
  3. cdnronin

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    Kirk, you are of course correct about the drop step. let me re-phrase my statement. Carl Cestari took the drop step from Dempsey's book, Championship Fighting, and applied it to FAS combatives. As you are aware, Carl had extensive knowledge of many styles of fighting, including bare knuckle boxing.
  4. lklawson

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    Like I said, Dempsey's instructions on, and description of the mechanics of, the Dropstep are the most detailed (and, imo, the best) of the old manuals. It's where I go to first when the discussion comes up.

    Yea. IMS, he was a big proponent of Jack Slack's elbow guard which he termed the "Vampire Guard."

    He was absolutely right about reintroducing BKB techniques into fighting. Because of where he was at in the time line, I'm not sure if I should classify him as a "hold out" (the last of the old school boxing proponents) or as a "visionary" (the practice was dead, let's get it going again). Either way, the impact Cestari made is undeniable.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    books you might like

    Here are some great combatives books from the period you are interested in... all of these are available from Paladin Press...

    Cold Steel by John Styers

    American Combat Judo by B.J. Cosneck

    Combat Conditioning by Chuck Melson

    How to be an @$$ whipping boxer by J. C. "Champ" Thomas

    Boxings dirty tricks and outlaw killer punches by Champ Thomas

    take care, steve
  6. lklawson

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    On the "any more" front, I just purchased a copy of "American Combat Judo," considered to be among the cannon of WWII "Combatives," and expect to have it delivered to my house within a week or so. It's the original 1944 version, not the 1959 version that Paladin Press republished.

    I will add it to my list of books to republish (about 8 or 9 currently). Watch here for more details.

    Peace favor your sword,
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  8. lklawson

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    As promissed

    As promissed:

    I have republished Cosneck's "American Combat Judo." This is the 1944 WWII) version, not the 1959 version which Paladin (an excellent company whom wish much success) republished.

    Many thanks to Ken Pfrenger for providing a copy of the '44 edition for me when the '44 edition which I bought turned out to be a '59 edition. :p

    As usual, the download pdf is free.


    As a student at the University of Illinois, "Barney" Cosneck won two Big Ten wrestling championships. Later he served as Judo instructor in the armed forces, where he co-authored "How to Fight Tough" with Jack Dempsey. In "American Combat Judo" he has adapted the best of Japanese ju jitsu, French foot fighting, Chinese boxing and American wrestling to produce simple but effective techniques for defense and counterattack.

    Authored in 1944 and illustrated with 188 photo sequences, this book, considered one of the cornerstones of American WWII era "Combatives" is a unique window into self defense theory and the early evolution of combined martial systems. ​

    Peace favor your sword,

  9. callsignfuzzy

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    Awesome! I love these PDF downloads.

    Incidentally, are we looking at any more wrestling manuals in the future?
  10. lklawson

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    Yes, absolutely.

    I'm currently working on Allanson-Winn's "Boxing" but I expect that to go fast. A week or two at a guess.

    After that will be Dick's Wrestling. Though I am a little afraid to see how google will group that. :p

    Peace favor your sword,

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