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  1. Korpy

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    Yesterday was a great day for me and the team I am apart of and coach! Myself and two of my students competed at a local tournament called the Midwest Jiu Jitsu Championships. It was a points/and sub only tournament. I had one student, who is 12 and has trained with me for three months. The other student is in her 30's, and she has trained no gi for a year, and trained in the gi with me for three months as well. This was there first tournament.

    My 12 year old student competed in no gi and gi. He won his no gi division, submitting his opponent (double elimination, 2 out of 3) with triangle chokes. He took second in his gi division, he had to face a kid with four years experience, and even with that, he lost by points. Never came close to getting submitted. Very proud of him!

    My other student competed in no gi and gi. She won her no gi divison with submissions and also won her gi division by submissions. All wins with a finish. She followed instructions perfectly throughout and had some great subs! Also very proud of her.

    Then there was my time. I had cut to 155lbs to compete, yet sadly no one showed up at that weight. All competitors were 145lbs and lower, or 200lbs and higher. My opponent was a tough no gi grappler/mma fighter who weighed 170lbs. Guy was massive and had over six years experience, while I was giving up 15lbs. I had to face him in submission only rules. The rules were one ten minute round, and if no one got submitted, then a coin was flipped to see who got to start on the back first. Winner would be determined who got the fastest submission or escape. We had to do best two out of three.

    My first match went the whole ten minutes. I was definitely more active. He had major issues with my guard and couldn't pass. I had sweep and submission attempts. I won the coin toss, and started off on his back. Finished him with a rear naked choke after 8 seconds. He had his turn on my back, but couldn't finish me before 8 so I won.

    More of the same in the second match. He could not pass while I worked sweeps and subs. I finally landed a triangle at about halfway in the match. He fought it, but I was able to cut the angle and finish him before the seven minute mark.

    This was the third tournament where no one showed up in my weight and where I had to fight up in weight. But once again, I proved that good technique and conditioning will beat strength. Should have videos to share with ya'll soon! Now that this tournament is over, I am focusing on making my way back into the cage in February.
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    GREAT!!! :D Sounds like you do a great job coaching! :) :cool: Any hardware? (medals, trophies, etc)
  3. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    We each won swords for no gi, and my students got medals for gi.
  4. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

  5. Pretty In Pink

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    Damn I wish I could get a sword. Congratulations to you and your team man. Sounds like an excellent day!
  6. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    It was definitely a good day! Now time to work on my return to the cage come February. Gotta sharpen my striking to match my Jiu Jitsu.
  7. Pretty In Pink

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    Well you sound pretty sharp, if you can get the striking to match you'll be a two sides blade ;p

    What weight are you fighting at? And pro or amateur?
  8. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Amateur and either 145lbs or possibly a catchweight of 150lbs.
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  10. Pretty In Pink

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    Same! :D
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    I can't watch your vids, mate. :/ This is the error I got-
  12. Zabrus

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    Congratulations!!! Great work! Nice to see 'em kids doing it well.

    Same thing with the videos, seems they are set so only your fb friends can see them.
  13. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    Thanks ya'll!

    The videos were uploaded by my student's brother and I cannot upload it to Youtube. I will try to figure something out this week.
  14. Korpy

    Korpy Whatever Works

    [ame=""]Corey Kuropas vs Josh Medina @ Midwest Jiu Jitsu Tournament (Part One) - YouTube[/ame] - Part One

    [ame=""]Corey Kuropas vs Josh Medina @ Midwest Jiu Jitsu Tournament (Part Two) - YouTube[/ame] - Part Two

    [ame=""]Corey Kuropas vs Josh Medina @ Midwest Jiu Jitsu Tournament (Part Three) - YouTube[/ame] - Part Three

    Here you go, ya'll! Here is the videos from my tournaments. I am the fella in the rashguard. You can totally tell the weight difference. Enjoy guys!

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