And yet another Member of Jefferson Airplane/ Jefferson Starship has passed away

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    Rest in Peace Marty Balin! Co-founder of both Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship has passed away.

    Marty Balin Of Jefferson Airplane Dies At 76

    Half the members of Jefferson Airplane in it's heyday have now passed away. I know they are all living into their 70's, which is actually pretty amazing. None of them died of drug overdoses or plane crashes, or anything like that. But it is still sad to me.

    I suppose everyone is going to think of "Miracles." It was his signature song. He did have a fantastic voice for that sort of crooning.

    But here are a couple of my personal favorites from him. He was not only a singer, but wrote/ co-wrote great stuff as well.

    Like this one.

    Or this. My second favorite album by them.

    He got a little sappy with Starship, but still wrote some great songs. Mostly crooning love songs. This one is one of the better ones. Although I have to say I loved his stuff with Airplane better.

    Jefferson Airplane has not been as popular with future generations as some other bands of the time, and I think that is a shame. I love them to this day.

    This is a sad day. :(

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