And Mrs Xue can't understand why I have no faith in humanity

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    That sad thing about this picture is that none of those masks will protect the wearers from viral spread, but the one person not wearing a mask was the one who would have benefited the most from it, and the masked people might have stayed unexposed....she was infected and those mask would stop her virus-laden spittle as she spoke. This picture is the definition of "bad optics" because it basically proves these new "mask defiers" are the biggest threat of all. So stupid.

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    Was in a tea shop just before they closed the USA and the owner was wearing a mask used for carpentry work to keep you from breathing sawdust and she had it up to high on her nose so the bottom was wide open. I did ask her if she realized that was doing nothing for her at all, she seemed surprised
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    On top of dealing with the loss of her mother my wife is having a real hard time with the American system for burials. Very different from China,
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    Two words, Deadpool: cycling masks. They were engineered to protect bikers from pollution, and as it turns out most are not only made in China, but unlike N95 masks, might actually protect the wearer from the virus. You want the 5-layer version, and an ample supply of carbon filters. Beware knockoffs.
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