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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by kenpoguy, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    The following story I can relate to.(in terms of how my house is at times)

    i recall seeing on tv, a story of a man whos house got broken into. The robber was armed and dangerous, and the people were at home during the time of the break in. Upon entering their bedroom he tripped over an object and broke his leg. He sued the owners of the house, and won.(I guess he not only got to keep the money he found in the house, but also the money that the people never had to spend in the first place). There was another case somewhere else, of a burgular jumping out of a window(not as a suicide attempt, but as an attempt to escape), and broke both of his legs. Same situation, and he ended up winning the court case. Go figure :confused:
  2. Kenpo

    Kenpo New Member

    How does that work, is there more to the story? I don't understand how that could happen :mad:. I think that would have called for a public outcry there.
  3. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    You'd be surprised as to some of the laws we have that seem, well, contradictory. For example, here's a story of a small shop back east somewhere that kept getting burglarized. Well the owner decided to put down an electric charged grid where the burglar would come in. One night another break-in occurs, but this time the burglar is fried..electricuted(sp).....dies. The owner of the store, for his troubles, is charged w/2nd degree murder. All for protecting his business/livelihood :woo: .
  4. savage

    savage New Member

    well yeha lmao
    your not supposed to kill the people
    just like bounty hunters it not dead or alive anymore
  5. Kirberus

    Kirberus Valued Member

    Yes, criminals have too many rights in this country. It's my opinion that as soon as you infringe on another persons rights, i.e. breaking in to someones house, you lose your rights, i.e. the ability to sue that person. Our judges are a bunch of morons sometimes.
  6. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    with some of these cases, holy cow is the only thing i can say. (To be honest I could say much more but dont want to be kicked off MAP :p) Espeically when the guy who broke into the persons house that broke their leg was armed!!
  7. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    Im equally stumped. Although, let me add a few quick details here about lockpicking. I did soem training in locksmithing/picking because at one point in time i hat intended to go on to study such a craft. Right now i can pick pretty much any front door, file cabinet, back door, and even garage doors. The three main types of household locks are called tumbler locks, wafer locks, and double waferl ocks. And once you can pick one, you can preitty much pick the others with a little ease and skill. now despite me knowing all this, I am no crminal so no-one get that iea ;) But my point is once someone figures out how to pick a lock, most other locks are easy, and places can be entered without any sign of forced entry by using standardl ockpicking methods. Although it doesn't sound like your house was nessesarily broken into. And nothing was stolen either you say? Perhaps it was the ghost of bruce lee :D
  8. La Mancha

    La Mancha Valued Member

    Sounds like the UK.
    Welcome to the rediculus verdict club.

  9. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Police tell home owners that are multi-victims of crime that using barbed wire it is not burglar friendly and they could be sued by a thief injuring himself attempting to break into their home.
    It is Judges who have made this happen by allowing criminals to sue property owners when they are injured by any anti-burglar defences. Innocent citizens are punished for defending themselves against burglars in their own homes. This is an inversion of morality, it stands justice on its head.

    kenpoguy .... it's not just here in America I'm afraid

    While acting criminally, criminals should not have the protection of the law.... whether it is UK or US or anywhere's else for that matter!

    Attackers should not have the ability to sue their victims for injuries acquired by their victims’ defending themselves!
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  10. alex_000

    alex_000 You talking to me?

    Here an armed robber (with a knife) entered a guy's house. The guy shot him in the leg with one of those air pistols (cant remember the name) . They both ended up in jail (the house owner for a wile) and the house owner paid the thief 3000 euros :D .
  11. NeonxBurst

    NeonxBurst 1st Black

    The court systems give the burglars way too many rights. It's alot like some of the posts in the Bully! thread on this forum. They keep taking away the victims rights, and when the victim fights back we're the ones who end up getting it worse than the freaking guy trying to come into our house, take our things, and hurt our families. It's an outrage I tell ya. Something needs to be done.
  12. cybermonk

    cybermonk New Member

    I dont think things similar to that have happened here, I believe here when someone is traspassing your property you could defend yourself without being penalized, althought im not sure.
  13. stratiotes

    stratiotes Valued Member

    This country sure doesn't seem like the land of the free anymore. At least not for law abiding cititizens.

    You can get more punishment for abondoning a pet than committing armed robbery.
  14. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    thats absolutley true. In america, our forefathers fought for freedom and every right to come along with it. Now that we have them, they are becoming less and less self-evident. Our speech has often become restricted, our right to bare arms is no more, freedom of the press is tampered with, and now we do not even seemingly have the right to personal protection. If someone tried breaking into my house, held a gun at me, and i kicked him square in the groin, id get twice the prison sentence or fine as he did.
  15. Judderman

    Judderman 'Ello darlin'

    It is said that the Law is an Ass. That may be true. What doesn't help is media hype. To play devil's advocate:

    It is illeagal to burgalarise someones home. It is also illeagal to put certain wire in a place where any person may come to injury. Here there might be a loophole.

    Does that include the right to enter someones home uninvited?


    Personally I too am of the mind that no criminal should be allowed to sue when found guilty of an offence to which they get injured. The only caveat would be that it also shouldn't justify the victim to act illeagally (cf R vs T Martin).
  16. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon

    But ahha! there is a loophole to that loophole!! I beleive the constitution says no-one may enter anothers home without a warrant or right to search!
  17. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    I don't believe either of these stories. I think they're fictional because they don't correctly state the law. The only trespassers who have rights as against the property owner are children.

    This one I believe, because it correctly states the law: you cannot set a trap for a trespasser if the trap is potentially lethal. The reason behind the law (right or wrong) is that you cannot use lethal force to protect property.

    I don't believe that ('cause the Constitution doesn't say that).
  18. Pacificshore

    Pacificshore Hit n RUN!

    Got another one for ya aikiMac....True story, burglar breaks in to local bike shop via roof. Ceiling caves in, and the burglar who had one of those mini mag lights, falls through, and chokes on the flashlight. Now is that justice or what :woo:
  19. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    Not in those exact words, but essentially the same
  20. kenpoguy

    kenpoguy The Last Dragon


    And these were all true stories. The law is filled with unfavorable and unfair glitches. Many years ago my grandfather was involved in 2 such instances. I do not feel the need to explain what happened word for word, but both times his store was robbed. FIrstly let me say that the store was located in a horrible part of missouri, quite possibly the absolute worst. Guy points a gun to my grandpa, and when my grandpa gets the chance he pulls his out. Trys to shoot the guy but misses. Chases the guy down the street and still misses.(he was a horrible shot as you can tell). The cop who arrived said it was a good thing none of those bullets hit him, becasue the second the thief stepped out was the second he was a free man.

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