All-England Shin-Kicking Championships!

Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by Louie, May 8, 2004.

  1. Louie

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    This will bring tears to your eyes...

    Purring, the traditional kicking method of Britain may have developed from the shin-kicking event at the Cotswold Olympics in the 1600's.
    Although the 'sport' dissapeared from the mainstream the shin-kicking 'game' survived in Britain's school playgrounds well into the 1900's and was known as 'Purring' ‘Shinning’ or ‘Cutlegs’
    Perhaps over time the violence was toned down and the game became 'Stampers' – as its name implies, (and from personal experience), it called for stamping on each other’s toes.

    Today, this traditional 'British' sport of Shin-Kicking continues at the Cotswold Olimpicks in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, and will take place this year in June....Keep an eye on the Events Forum for more details!

    "You don’t tickle them, you give them a good thwack. But not with your toes, you need to use the inside of your foot." – Defending All-England shin kicking champion and pub owner Joe McDonah. , involving two men grabbing each other’s shoulders and hacking each others shins for the best of three fall-downs.

  2. Infesticon #1

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    heheheheh, sounds like football at my primary school and secondary school.

    one kid got his leg broken at my primary school. Crazy stuff.
  3. Trent Tiemeyer

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    That's hilarious, yet intriguing.
  4. YODA

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    This was a regular way of settling disputes down the coal mines here in lancashire.

    There were two versions, both carried out wearing steel shod wooden clogs (which you can still buy here)...

    1. The "Easy version" - where as above they held onto the shoulders and went at it until one side gave in.

    2. The hard version where they simply drew lots to see who went first then took it in turns to give it their best shot - undefended. (Yeeeeouch!)

    The term "Give it some clog" is still used here to mean "Give it your best shot."
  5. Louie

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    'Give it some steel toe-cap boot'

    Yes, intreguing is the word.... I wonder if they train for it or just turn up for a 'laugh' after a few in the pub?

    I have yet to find out about the 'rules' of the game but I have read from one source that it involves two contestants filling the legs of their trousers with straw, to help reduce the pain. The players then hold arms and proceed to kick lumps out of each other using steel toe capped boots.
    Like some of the old forms of stick-fighting, the winner is the one who stands firm and does not submit to the pain and give in. :cry:

    The attatched picture is from the original games in the 1600's and shows a couple of shin-kickers as well as stickfighters in the background!


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  6. Louie

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    Not by the hair of my Shinny Shin Shin!!!

    Excellent review of a previous Shin-Kicking event can be found through the following link:


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  7. YODA

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    Interesting stuff.

    I must say though - I find some of the other stuff on that website a little disturbing.
  8. Louie

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    Didn't realise the other content was racist/anti catholic and the rest....

    Apologies all, I'd better remove it

  9. Ash

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    So I wonder where the term "Give it some welly" comes from then ;)
  10. madfrank

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    mmmm I've seen this on clips on TV.
    It makes some MA's look like pussies.
    Just think last time you banged yer shin on the table at night.
    these guys are insane.

  11. YODA

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    From the sport of welly throwing of course :p

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