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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Bassmonkey, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Bassmonkey

    Bassmonkey Formerly Cobalt60

    Hi everyone!

    Anyone else bought this yet? I got it last week (im a massive predator fan) and i loved the games! I confess i have so far only played the predator missions, but im just so pleased that they have stayed so true to the general character and stylings of the yautja (predators).

    Admitedly there graphics arent brilliant and are somewhat 'gritty' in places, but in som places this gives the game more of an edge rather than let it down (dark dingy sections) but where you play in more open areas its let down by the not so great rendering that most games seem to give us effortlessly.

    Im going to play the alien mission next and then the marine. Im going to enjoy the alien missions as you just feel invulnerable (your far from it but the fact that your so fast and lethal is an awesome feeling) and then the marine. I think the marine mission is going to be quite a tense play through. Ill whack the difficulty up i think (true to the films, aliens are supposed to be stunnigly lethal so im going to make it difficult.)

    I really think the marine missions are going to be more survival horror rather than intense action packed fps shooter.

    What is everyone elses opinions?
  2. afhuss

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    I think its a bit crappy. I rented it for like 9USD, or whatever, and simply stopped playing it after a couple days (into a five day rental) and just turned it back into the store early. I am a huge Aliens fan as well, so I'm pretty forgiving of games related to stuff I like. I just thought it was really boring. Just my two cents...some of my favorite games are ones most people pass up or get mediocre reviews.
  3. Aloysius

    Aloysius Valued Member

    I'm leaving the predator game until last.

    The marine game was excellent, not feeling the Alien one too much, but more to do with my playing style than the quality.

    Glad to hear the predator lives up to the hype !

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