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    After spending the past some years studying other arts, I'm now thinking about studying Aikido. I'm far from making a final decision, but part of my research is looking at the schools in my town, Austin, Texas (and surrounding communities within reasonable driving distance).

    Yes, I do intend to visit schools, watch classes, participate if possible, talk with the instructors, talk with other students... but that gives only so much insight. I wanted to ask here on MAP if there were any other Austin-based Aikidoka that could provide opinion, insight, and experiences with schools and instructors in town. I'm seeking not just positive information, but negative as well... I'd rather not settle on a school only to find out 3-6 months later that there are problems. I'm not looking for trouble, just honest information.

    As I've been doing my preliminary research into Aikido, I find myself drawn more to the "old school" flavor. That which is closer to aiki-jujutsu, like what I've seen in videos of Shioda Gozo. While I'm fine with "art" and "way", to me the important thing is "martial". I'd prefer a school that's more about the martial in terms of style/flavor, how they teach, how they practice. If folks know of Austin-based schools more along this line, that'd be welcome to know

    Thank you for reading, and helping if you can. :hat:

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