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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Dao, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    My partner is going overseas at the ned of the month for 6 weeks so i thought that would give me an ideal opportunity to play with my diet without interrupting hers.
    I am looking for some ideas for small and simple snacks that I could consume 6-8 times per day which would give me all my daily nutritional requirements.

    I am looking primarily for whole foods rather than nutritional supplements (although I am not opposed to those I am excluding them from this exercise) and foods that will keep in a lunch box if possible.

    I am aiming for approximately 2000 calories and approximately 100 grams of protein, other than that I am open to suggestion.

    All ideas welcome,
  2. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    I've never found 6-8 meals work for me just a cut down on my 3 meals a day with 4 custard creams biscuits or 1 chocolate bar to give me a sweet fix.

    I just make all my food and cut out all the ready made sauces.

    Food wise, rice, noodles, fish, chicken and a bit of red meat now and again. Stir fry is always a good one and you can make fish ones, fish curry etc some simple things I find work best for me.

    If you want a good online counter to keep track use :

    Not much advice in my post sorry!
  3. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    On the contrary d0ugbug,
    Thankyou for your advice. I have reasonable diet most of the time anyway but I would like to experiment with making a small snack with high nutritional value that can basically replace meals.
    Last time I did it I made little sticky balls out of various dried fruit, soy & whey protein powder, rice bran and spirulina.
    They ended up being a great constipation treatment and tasted like something the dog leaves on the lawn but this is the kind of thing I am hoping to build on.

  4. Custom Volusia

    Custom Volusia Valued Member

    Well, really I can't give you any advice unless you let us know what your goals are.

    If you are trying to maintain weight then you might want to go with an even split of fruits, veggies, meats

    If you are trying to lose weight you may want to lean more towards fruits and veggies with only some meat.

    If you are trying to gain weight, muscle size, you may want to go for more meats and veggies with some fruits.

    Unfortunatly, your goal of 2000 calories is really kinda right in the middle. You could be a small person and that is a TON of calories. Or you could be a REALLY big person and that is WAY to much of a cut.

    Sooo..basically, could you provide:

    body type/size
  5. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Ok good point,
    I am 185cm and 112kg,
    Approximately 21% bodyfat. I train daily with moderate weights and jujutsu. Also beginning training for an endurance event at the end of the year.

    The goal is to maintain/increase muscle mass and shed bodyfat.
    Also basically aiming to improve/maintain general health in an easy snack!

  6. d0ugbug

    d0ugbug learning to smile

    If you want to build muscle id say you need to eat more than 100 grams of protein. You need to be consuming more calories as well instead of cutting them down somewhere between 300-600 more I think.

    The more muscle mass you build the more you have to help shift fat once your doing aerobic work outs.

    As for food, we have switched over to boil in the bag rice, leave it cook an extra 5min so it all sticks together and dish up with some pork, chicken or fish. As mentioned stir fry is always a good one (i can PM you my recipe if you dont want to buy fancy ingredient)

    If you want to cut out all sweet stuff, you will still need something so try and have something with / after your meal that will stop you from craving it (or at least help) again something I done was this :

    Mixed fruit (fresh) cut into slices, Get some soft butter and mix with cinnamon and syrup, butter the tin with that mix. Brush it over the fruit and add to the oven for 20min till it goes golden brown. Serve hot on its own or a scoop of low fat ice cream!
  7. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Thanks for the advice D0ugbug
    I like your recipe ideas and would love the PM if you can spare the time.
    Also I just checked my bodyfat percentage on a set of fancy scales and I am 16%.

    I think you are right about increasing the protein and decreasing calories. I was referring to the 6-8 snacks though. My other meals would be light but add about another 25-50 grams of protein per day, not too sure about the calories though.

    The extra meals would be:
    Breakfast: Boiled egg
    Lunch: steamed vegetables with 90gms tuna in brine
    Dinner: lean chicken breast or other lean meat with steamed vegetables

    Any recipes for these meals are most appreciated as I would like variety but I am most interested in high nutrition snacks other than protein bars or powders/shakes etc. At the moment I use bars and shakes but would like to use whole foods to achieve the same purpose, both for health and financial reasons.

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  8. Custom Volusia

    Custom Volusia Valued Member

    That isn't enough for breakfast. Believe it or not, but a larger breakfast will help you LOSE fat and GAIN muscle. It's that important and that effective. As long as you eat correctly. Add another egg or two and add anywhere from a 1/4 to a 1 cup of complex carbs. Steel oats are a great source, but regular oats are very good as well.

    The extra eggs will provide more protein and the complex carbs will provide a slow energy source, thus reducing cravings. However, you can burn through that meal in just a few hours, but as long as you are aware of that and have one of those healthy snacks ready you would be good to go. Your lunch and dinner plans are decent.

    Doug is right. Increase protein, increase calories and you will see fat shed off as long as you are exercising. Muscle mass burns more calories then fat, so the more you add the more fat your body will burn all day.
  9. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member

    Hey Dao,

    I also eat 6-7 meals a day. Most of my meals are protein and carbs in forms of vegetables (no complex or processed carbs). I don't really have any snacks, my meals are small enough, were most poeple would consider them snacks. I simply cook all my food for the whole day (except for the dinner meal as I need one hot meal a day).

    If you are looking for snacks, few almonds is a good snack. I also drink a Whey Protein shackes (the Whey Protein needs to be of GOOD quality). This is pretty easy, just add water and there you go.

    I know some people recommend hard cheese or yogurt for snacks, but since I am on high endurance training, and also working on my weight loss, dairy is something I stay away from. I also found that dairy slows my metabolism down, and I do not loose fat as quickly.

    To help put on muscle, creatine supplement before a workout would be very useful. I bet that after about a 3 weeks of taking creatine, you will see significant difference in the muscle size and performance at the gym.

    I also avoid sugar at all cost, and, after a few weeks of no sugar, the cravings go away completely.
  10. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Thankyou Custom Volusia and CatWise,
    I will take on the advice about the breakfast and the creatine.

    Can you give me a sample of your daily diet CatWise? What do your snack sized meals look like. I am also a bit dubious about dairy as I was sensitive to lactose as a child so I don't tend to have any dairy at the moment other than a small amount of yoghurt or cheese and obviously the whey supplements.

  11. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member

    I will send you my diet via e-mail. It is too much for this post, and I don't think that others care what I eat.
  12. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member

    Dao, I just send you the e-mails. Let me know if you don't get them. There should be a total of 5 e-mails, 1 for each cycle I did.
  13. Nutjob

    Nutjob Jimmy Tarbuck

    Are these extra meals?? ie a second breakfast? i'm losing fat while adding muscle and i train every morning for an hour & half from 7.30 - 9.00, between 6.30 and 10am i take in about 1000 calories, for one its important to get a good breakfast but its also important to bracket training with protein and carbs, also are you really asking for recipes for a boiled egg, a tin of tuna & steamed veg? are you taking the ****??

    forget 2000cal then, this probably only just covers your BMR.
  14. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Hello Nutjob,
    Not taking the **** mate, those are my standard 3 meals which I don't need help with, I am after recipes for snacks that have a high nutritional value to supplement those meals and occasionally replace them when pressed for time.
    Having said that CatWise and some of the other posters have been very helpful with meal suggestions to add variety to my pretty bland diet plan.

    But just to emphasize I am mostly interested in ideas for snacks, using wholefoods if possible as an alternative to supplements, shakes and protein bars.

  15. Nutjob

    Nutjob Jimmy Tarbuck

    try a rice cake & cottage cheese before bedtime, high quality slow release casein protein.
  16. Dao

    Dao Valued Member

    Thanks Nutjob,
    I will get some cottage cheese tommorrow!

  17. texassmart

    texassmart New Member

    hi all,
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