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    and legs it was!

    Wednesday (28/11/18)

    I decided (for no other reason than because I could) to make my rep count age-related today, which is to say that I did 43 reps of each exercise, over a total of 6 sets

    Goblet Squats (5 x 7 / 1 x 8)
    Weighted Left Lunges (5 x 7 / 1 x 8)
    Weighted Right Lunges (5 x 7 / 1 x 8)
    Weighted Butt Bridges (5 x 7 / 1 x 8)
    Weighted Calf Lifts (5 x 7 / 1 x 8)

    (All of the above performed with my 12kg KB)

    I did not wear my chest strap, but I manually took my heart rate directly following my final set, which came back with a reading of 129 BPM

    Feeling motivated, I also managed to finish this year's Advent (with bonus exercises between Christmas and New Year) Training Calendar


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    Nice! I love the advent calendar.
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    Hopefully it'll be enough to keep me motivated thru to the end of the year.

    Thursday (29/11/18)

    I had to drop the car off for the dreaded MOT this morning, whilst Mrs Travess took our other car Sainsbury's, for a spot of shopping, which is where I'd arranged to meet up with her - Cue a short, unplanned, and impractical (I was not wearing my running trainers, and was wearing a big thick duffle coat!) Road Run

    Distance: 1.31km
    Time: 7m 23s
    Pace: 5m 38s per/km
    Conditions: Mild Rain, and a Constant Headwind (which, according to the met office website, was anything from 18 to 22 mph...)
    Running Style:

    (Following the kids class) Karate @ 90 minutes - As previously advertised, tonight's session was dedicated once again to Kicking, this time forgoing the kihon drills, jumping straight in instead to Pad Drills.

    We starting with a little revision of Mae Geri (kiage and kekomi) Kin Geri and Yoko Geri, before moving on to tonight's focus - Mawashi Geri (thigh kick, midsection and head height) and Ushiro Geri.

    After sometime of drilling the above techniques in isolation, we ran a Reactionary 'trigger' Pad Drill - 3 pad holders, one holding a pad in place for low mawashi geri, one for yoko geri and the last for ushiro geri - where the pad holders would randomly call out 'up', at which point you had to kick their pad with the appropriate technique, without hesitation.

    Finally, just for fun, we ran thru a few 3 or 4 station Pad Gauntlets, using any (kicking) techniques of your choosing...

    ...a very fun, and extremely energetic session.

    I'll be starting my Advent calendar on Saturday, so I'll be making tomorrow an actual, honest to goodness rest day!

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    Saturday (01/12/18)

    Being as it is the 1st of December today, I shall be embarking on the 2nd year of my Advent Training Calendar - I have set myself a list of exercises to do, on each of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, each one comprising of a 24 minute Workout (this time could be done in Tabata format, in rounds, as EMOM, or even as a straight thru workout, and may or may not include the warm-up/cool down)

    Day 1/Workout 1 - Bag-Work
    For today, the 24 minutes will include both my Warm-up - Light Shadow Boxing (90 seconds) and Stretching (2 minutes) as well as my Cool Down at the end - Stretching (4 minutes)

    This left me with a 16 minute Bag Routine, which was made up of 11 x 1 minute rounds, with a 30s break between each. Rather than free play, I set myself 5 specific Combination Drills, doing 1 drill per round from Orthodox Stance, alternated with 1 drill per round from a Southpaw Stance, with 1 round of free play at the end.

    Note: I awoke with zero motivation today, with a million and one reasons not to train bombarding my brain, but following an absolutely phenomenal Kids class, where we covered Kubotan Drills, and Tameshiwari (breaking) I was now buzzing.
    It'd been over 8 weeks, since Mr Wavemaster and I spent any quality alone time together, and I really feel like that showed, but I am glad that I did not postpone again.

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    Sunday (02/12/18)

    Day 2/Workout 2 - Upperbody TRX Workout - I got my Advent Calendar exercise out of the way nice and early today, with a pre-8am workout (easier to do when you work the night shift)

    I started with a 2-minute Range of Motion warm-up, and closed with 2-minutes of Stretching (bicep, triceps and shoulders) leaving me today with 20 minutes of Bodyweight work in between - I set the countdown on my phone, and got to work on my 10 reps each of Bicep Curls, Low Row, 'Y'-Flyes, Triceps Curls and Press, (followed by 20s rest) with the aim of doing as many full, or part sets, in the allotted time. (I managed 9 full sets, with 17 seconds to spare)

    This was a fantastic little inclusion to my strength work, which I look forward to doing again, the next time that it pops up on my calendar.

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    Monday (03/12/18)

    Day 3/Workout 3:
    I was down for a Tempo Run today, which I told myself all night that I was going to postpone, but luckily, I got a 2nd wind at the 11th hour.

    2 mins of Stretching

    (30s rest)

    Tempo Run:
    1 minute Jogging / 30 seconds Running, repeated for 19 minutes.

    (30s rest)

    Cool Down:
    2 mins of Stretching

    Duration: 24 minutes
    Distance: 3.51km
    Fastest Pace: 4m 59s per/km
    Slowest Pace: 5m 51s per/km
    Average Pace: 5m 23s per/km
    Starting HR: 75 bpm
    Max HR: 179 bpm
    Average HR: 152 bpm
    Calories: 250 used

    The 3rd Dec is always a tough day for Mrs. Travess, so I forewent Karate tonight, in favour of family time.

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    Tuesday (04/12/18)

    I figured, as I missed Karate last night, that I'd get in some light Kata Revision*, whilst I had the time/space - 8 x Kata (Ichi, Ni, Saifa, Seyunchin, Shisochin, Sanchin, Tensho and Nijishiho) all at around 50%

    (Note: *It would not be understating it at all, to say that I was not happy with my performance(s) today!)

    Day 4/Workout 4
    My trusty calendar has me down for a Leg / Core Routine today, which I decided to do in the form of a 'Deck of Cards' Workout

    2 mins of ROM exercises

    Deck of Cards:
    Hearts - Kneeling Kick Backs**
    Clubs - Mason Twists
    Diamonds - Pistol Squats**
    Spades - Leg Raises

    (Note: **I alternated between left leg and right leg, with each relevant card pulled, for both of these exercises)

    I guesstimated that the main workout would take 20 minutes, but as it only took just over 18 and a half, I was left with either adding an additional minute to my cool down, or with doing another minutes leg/core exercise - I settled on a 1 minute Plank. in the end.

    Cool Down:
    2 mins of Stretching

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    Wednesday (05/12/18)

    Day 5/Workout 5:
    I had a lot more free time on my hands, so I decided to make my routine that little bit longer today, by excluding both the warm-up, and the cool down, from the 24-minute work out time.

    4 min Light Shadow Boxing Tabata
    4 min Stretching Tabata

    4 x 4 min Tabata, alternating each minute between Bag-Work and Insanity Drills*, with a 60 second rest between each tabata.

    (Note: *Alternating randomly between Suicide Drills, Squat Kicks, Basketball Jumps, Mummy Kicks and High Knees)

    (30s rest)

    4 minutes of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off, again, alternating between Bag-Work and Insanity Drills

    (30s rest)

    1 minute of Bag-Work

    Cool down:
    4 min Stretching Tabata
    Tensho Kata

    Duration: 38 minutes
    Starting HR: 88 bpm
    Max HR: 181 bpm
    Average HR: 153 bpm
    Calories: 388 used

    I was originally meant to be alternating my Bag-Work with Shuttle Runs, but I got all the way thru my warm-up, AND the 1st minute of my workout, before realising that I'd worn my flip-flops out to the garage, instead of my running shoes.

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    Thursday (6/12/18 - Part 1)

    Day 6/Workout6 - AM:
    My calendar has me down for another Upperbody TRX workout, but as I have my youngest with me today, and doing so would require me to be on the otherside of a closed door from her (due to the nature of the home TRX kit) I opted to change things up a little.

    Starting, as before, with a Range of Motion warm-up, (bicep, triceps, chest and shoulders) this time for 3-minutes, I then switched up not only the exercises, but also the format - Once again making use of my 'Deck of Cards' App.

    Hearts - Bicep Curls (KB)
    Clubs - Tricep Dips
    Diamonds - Overhead Press (KB)
    Spades - Push Ups

    The above took just under 18 minutes, which again left me the option of adding to my workout, or extending my cool down. (Today I chose the latter.)

    I finished my time with 4-minutes of Stretching (bicep, triceps, chest and shoulders) to cool down.

    (Note: I'm sitting here drinking a pint of chocolate milk, as I write this up, and my hands are shaking so much, that I am struggling to find my mouth!!!)

    I'll add my evening session in later, as that is a bit of a lengthier post.

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    Thursday (6/12/18 - Part 2)

    Karate @ 120 minutes - I was asked by one of the 1st kyu students, who helps run the kids session, if I would show him the Niseishi/Nijushiho Kata that we learned at the Iain Abernethy seminar a couple of weekends back, so that is what we did in the 30 minutes before class started.

    It was a 'Matts Down' class tonight, for a session on Stand-up Grappling, Striking in the Clinch and Takedowns.

    From a grappling position, we started with 2 or 3 rounds of trying instigate the Clinch. The next escalation (in addition to the above) was Limb Control, in order to take your partners back, which we again did for at least 3 rounds. The 3rd, and final (at this point) grappling escalation, was to include Shooting in for (but not completing) a Double Leg Takedown.

    Advancing, further to the 3 grappling goals listed above, we now started to introduce Strikes - Just Bodyshots (exercising control, as we weren't wearing gloves) for the 1st few rounds, then later adding Elbows and Knee Strikes in to the mix.

    (All the above drills were non-compliant, with your partner trying to prevent and/or counter your 'attack')

    Sensei dialled things back during the next portion session, as we looked at a variety of Takedowns - Specifically Foot Sweeps, Outer Reaping Sweep/Kick, Knee Drops and finally the Double Leg Takedown - All of which were performed again over many rounds, this time against a semi-compliant partner. (strikes were not permitted)

    The last night 10 minutes of the session was spent on Kneeling Randori - 5 x 90 second rounds - looking for Holds and Submissions. I wouldn't go as far as to say that I got my rear end handed to me at the end here (as I know my opponents weren't having too easy a time of it themselves) but over the 4 rounds that I took part in (my last partner bowed out, just before we got started) I got tapped with 2 x Guillotine, and 1 x Rear Naked Face Crank - I did successfully pull off my 1st full Triangle Choke though, so all was not lost.

    I'm due to be doing an Insanity based workout tomorrow, but we'll have to see about that...

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    Friday (7/12/18)

    I told myself all morning, that I was no longer gonna do today's workout, then at around 11am, I thought "ah, screw this" and just cracked on with it.

    Day 7/Workout 7:
    I wanted to include a few Insanity type routine in my calendar, but due to the length of each DVD, did really wanna do a full one.

    So, following a 3 minute Mobility Warm-up, I turned to the Insanity Fitness Test, which is made up of 8 Exercises (Switch Kicks, Power Jacks, Power Knees, Power Jumps, Globe Jumps, Burpees, Push Up Jacks and Oblique Twists) which I worked for 30 seconds on/30 seconds off, for a total of 3 rounds.

    I was pretty exhausted by the end of this one, so I finished up with 3 minutes of Breathing Exercises.

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Starting HR: 76 bpm
    Max HR: 177 bpm
    Average HR: 153 bpm
    Calories: 301 used

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    Saturday (8/12/18)

    Day 8/Workout 8:
    So, today was meant to be my calendars 1st Weight Circuit session, but as I'd managed to put it out of my mind until well after dark, and since there are no lights in my garage, I was forced to have a re-think.

    Sticking to the Strength Training theme, I subjected myself to 4 x 6-minute EMOM Exercises instead...

    EMOM 1 - 12 x Push Ups
    EMOM 2 - 12 x Tricep Dips
    EMOM 3 - 12 x Bicep Curls (TRX)
    EMOM 4 - 2 x 6 High Pulls (12 kg KB)

    I am due for another Tempo Run tomorrow, but I am starting to feel that I was being a tad optimistic (short sighted?) when I failed to include any rest days in my calender - If I can stand the thought of having my OCD triggered by leaving a single solitary day (thus far) go unchecked, I think that I would get more benefit out of tomorrow being a rest day, than if I 'pushed through!'

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    That reminds me of when I unintentionally did a lifting session in the dark, as I over head pressing, and hit the garage neon light.
    Que me trying to figure out what to do next in pitch black. o_O

    Maybe you can negotiate your OCD tomorrow by having a super light session? Or maybe like me, your light sessions always become medium session...
  14. Travess

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    Ha ha ha - I think I may have seen the footage similar to that on 'You've been framed', back in the day?
    I ended up doing just that, though the 'light' in this case just meant that it was non-impactive, did not tax my cardiovascular system, and that it did not raise a sweat...

    The 'medium' however, meant that it was still fairly gruelling, still left me shaking, and caused me to pull some god awful faces!!!

    Sunday (9/12/18)

    I decided, rather than miss out a workout all together, that I'd have a bit of a switch around, and do monday's planned Abs/Leg Session instead.

    Day 9/Workout 10:
    I did 24 minutes of Static Holding today - Holding, for 40 seconds each of Wall Sits, Plank, Right Side Plank and finally Left Side Plank (with a 20 second between each) which I repeated for 3 rounds. I then repeated all of the above, this time for just 2 rounds, and only holding for 30 seconds (with a 30 second rest between each) Finally (without any rest between each) I held each of them for 60 seconds.

    I'll likely have a bit more of a tweek with the next few days of my calendar, but will hopefully get things back on their original track, by the start of the 3rd week.

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    Monday (10/12/18 - Part 1)

    Day 10/Workout 9 - AM:
    I awoke with a bit of a Running bug this morning, itching to get yesterday's belated Tempo Run nipped.

    Warm-up: (10 mins)
    3 x Light Kata (Ichi, Ni, Saifa)
    2 minutes of moderate Shadow Boxing
    6 minutes of Stretching

    Road Run: (25 mins)
    Staying with shorter distances still, I stuck to just 5km today, alternating my output between 1 minute moderate effort/30 seconds high effort, throughout the course of the run.

    Distance: 5km
    Time: 25m 16s
    Average Pace: 5m 03s per/km
    Slowest KM: 5m 10s
    Fastest KM: 4m 49s

    (Absolutely overjoyed with these times, which gave me a brand spanking new PB 5K time today!)

    Cool Down: (6 mins)
    A 6 minute Walk, back to my front door

    Duration: 41 minutes
    Starting HR: 73 bpm
    Max HR: 177 bpm
    Average HR: 145 bpm
    Calories: 374 used

    I have decided to do away with my 24 minute time limit from now on, as I do not feel that it is practical for all the exercises on my calendar.

    (Karate tonight... ;))

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    Monday (10/12/18 - Part 2)

    Karate @ 90 minutes - After 2 ours of E-mails, face-time, and phone calls, trying to deal with government red tape, I really needed to hit something tonight, not only repeatedly, but also very, very hard!!!

    After a brief Kata based Warm-up, running thru Ichi, Ni, Saifa, Seyunchin and Shisochin, we jumped straight on to the Pads (Imagine my delight) The class was broken down into 2 groups - Those who wanted to drill long range skills, and those who wanted to drill Short Range Skills (I chose the latter)

    We spent about about an hour in total on the Pads, working a variety restrictions - Partner standing in front of you, partner reducing the range of after every strike, partner circling to your nearest flank, both parties staying in contact, and striking from a seated position.

    Next up, we ditched the pads, tied ourselves together to our partner, with an approximately 10" peice of cord, and enjoyed some Close Quarters Restrictive Sparring Drills. In addition to the close range techniques that will drilled on the pads (slaps, elbows, knees, headbutts, hammerfists, etc...) we also thru some muck into the mix (eye gauges, foot stomps, biting, groin attacks, etc...) to increase the fun.

    Just what I needed to clear my head.

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    Tuesday (11/12/18) - Rest Day

    There, I did it...

    Wednesday (12/12/18)

    Carrying on, (after skipping a day) with my Advent Workouts, today I returned to my TRX for some Arm/Chest/Shoulder work, using a Deck of Cards format

    Light Kata
    2-minutes of Shadow Boxing
    Range of Motion drills

    Hoovering the House.

    Deck of Cards:
    Hearts - Bicep Curls
    Spades - Tricep Curls
    Diamonds - 'Y'-Flyes
    Clubs - Low Row

    Extra Credit:
    Best effort Low Plank @ 2m 19s (until Mrs Travess came in from work - Which I definitely used an excuse to stop... :oops: )

    Cool Down:
    Stretching and Tensho Kata

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    Thursday (13/12/18 - Part 1)

    Day 13 / Workout 13:
    I was down for an Insanity Workout today, but as I was digging out the DVDs, I stumbled across my long lost copy of Iain Abernethy's Solo Training DVD, that apparently resurfaced during a recent storage clearout.

    Warm-up: (10 mins)
    3 mins Range of Motion
    2 mins of Light Shadow Boxing
    3 mins of Stretching
    2 mins of Light Shadow Fighting

    (30s rest)

    Drills: (24 mins / 31 mins*)
    3 x 2 min rounds of Heavy Shadow Fighting, with a minutes rest between rounds.

    (30s rest)

    4 x 90 sec rounds Explosive Combinations, with a 20 second between rounds.

    (30s rest)

    2 x 2 min rounds Repetition Drills, (working individual techniques) with a 30 second rest between rounds.

    (30s rest)

    1 x 1 min round Punch n' Sprawl Combos.

    (90s rest)

    1 x 1 min round of Get up Drills (starting on the floor, then popping up to throw combinations)

    (90s rest)

    (Note: *As I'd not so much as looked at this DVD in recent years, I needed to take the time to familiarise myself with a few of the tutorials, resulting in 7 minutes of standing around time, which was less than ideal.)

    Extra Credit: (9 mins)
    4 min Staircase Sprint Tabata.

    (30s rest)

    4 min Shadow Fighting Tabata.

    Cool down: (5 mins)
    4 min Stretching Tabata
    Tensho Kata

    Duration: 55 mins
    Starting HR: 77 bpm
    Max HR: 171 bpm
    Average HR: 124 bpm
    Calories: 363 used

    As with all my 2-part posts, I will be adding in my karate shenanigans later.

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    Thursday (13/12/18 - Part 2)

    Karate @ 90 minutes - Tonight's session was a flip side to Monday night's session, where my group, who were drilling close quarters strikes last time, were now given the chance to work on their Longer Range Strikes. (and vice versa for the other group)

    There was a full Kata based warm-up, but as I was helping Sensei with the equipment set-up, I only got to squeeze in a couple - Seyunchin and Shisochin - at the end.

    As with before, we got underway on the Pads - and where necessary, on the Heavy-Bags - We started with the pad holder standing out of range, so that the striker had to Cover the Distance to Strike.

    This ended up being the only hand technique that we did on the pads, as we moved primarily onto Kicks - Starting with a Rear Leg Front Kick, firstly gauging how far away from the target we could be, whilst still being able to deliver power, then how close we could stand, before it became impractical - We then repeated both these drills using a Lead Leg Front Kick.

    Ditching the pads for a while, we ran some Restricted Sparring Drills, focusing Long Range Strikes, used to Close, and then Recreate Distance.

    Finally, back on Heavy-Bags, we did Explosive Kicking, coming up out of a seated position, again, increasing range, to gauge the maximum effective distance.

    Not a very taxing session, but certainly educational, and learning that I've got a good 8-10" longer reach with my right front kick, than I do on my left-hand (and preferred) side, was...


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    Friday (14/12/18)

    Day 14 / Workout 14:
    I was actually really looking forward today's little Bodyweight routine, as I'm starting to notice some definite results beginning to shine through.

    Warm-up: (5 mins)
    5 min Light Kata

    Workout: (20 minutes)
    I put together a small Timed Pyramid Abs/Core Circuit today, with 8 stations, working at each for 15s, (then 30s / 45s / 30s and then finally 15s again for the 5th and final circuit)

    Station 1 - Squats
    Station 2 - Crunches
    Station 3 - Lunges
    Station 4 - Mason Twists
    Station 5 - Butt Bridges
    Station 6 - Leg Raises
    Station 7 - Calf Lifts
    Station 8 - Plank

    When I planned today's workout, I was of a mind that it'd be a fairly moderate workload, but thanks to an excess of gut and thigh kicks last night, it was a tad more uncomfortable than expected.

    Cool down: (7 mins)
    5 mins of Stretching
    Tensho Kata

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