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    Has anyone read this book? If so, what are your opinions on it? I was browsing through it at the bookstore today, and it seemed to be well-researched and informative. If I remember right, the author's name is Wavey. I've got a birthday coming up; maybe I'll put it on my wish list.
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    Filipino Martial Culture

    The author is Mark.V.Wiley

    I've read the book several times now and IMHO it offers a relatively factual, and well researched account of the FMA. The book covers:

    i) historical aspects - from pre-history to the modern day, prior to reading this I was unaware of the British occupation of Manila in 1762

    ii) cultural aspects - I found the topics of anting-antings / oraysons intriguing

    iii) personalities - all are fascinating, but the account of Tatang Ilustrisimo was particularly impressive

    iv) systems - a number of differing systems are introduced, but I felt that this area could have been covered in much greater depth (though I think that the author does this in another book)

    In brief - it's not really a "how to" book, it's scope is much broader than that. It's well worth a read, and is definately one of my top 5 martial arts books.

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