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    Lol, just spotted this :)

    These are what I sent him about 3 years ago or so.

    Sajo Jirugi Applications (this is one of the best for practical defences that work).
    1. Counter attack against stepping in right front punch
    1.1 Parry with your left hand as you step in and to 10 o'clock (as if you're chambering for lower outer forearm block),
    1.2 catch with your right hand and
    1.3 step in again performing left lower outer forearm block to their ribs whilst pulling right hand back to the hip (the whole reason we chamber of course).

    You don't have to hit hard to get a good response. Make sure that you return your right hand to your right hip as this will not only improve the power but will also destroy their balance and open up the side of their neck for follow up strikes.

    2. Throw against stepping in right front punch
    2.1 as with 1.1
    2.2 as with 1.2
    2.3 step past the opponent and 'punch' with your right hand past their head and use your shoulder to tip their head back and destroy their centre of balance
    2.4 place your right leg behind them
    2.5 move your left hand to the top of their right shoulder and take a firm grip
    2.6 turn to the left and perform lower outer forearm block
    NOTE: It's important that you move your right foot just as you would in the pattern, i.e., bring it in to your left foot and curve out to the right. Because of the direction that their toes are pointing in (very important for sweeps) this enables you to take down big heffers without having to use your upper body against theirs. It's also very important that you get them tipped back.
    3. Low 'block', front punch/palm heel, knee to chest, stamp to knee
    3.1 - 3.3 as 1.3
    3.4 perform the right punch/palm heel first before stepping forward
    3.5 grab opponent behind the head with both hands and pull forward
    3.6 knee to opponent's chest
    3.7 keeping knee high land into the opponent with your right foot going into the soft area just above their knee.
    Although it looks like there are a lot of steps in each move there aren't. I've just tried to break it down as simply as possible as a forum isn't great for getting ideas across :)

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    ooh! look at all this old stuff :)


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