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  1. abby

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    are all TKD one-steps the same? i cannot find a website that lists one-steps. (i have to know 7 one-steps for advancement from white belt, but many places it looks like only have to know 1 or 2.) i can't quite remember all 7, was hoping i could find some online instructions.
  2. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Banned Banned

    Need to know 7? I only needed to know 4.

    Let's see. In my dojang it's:

    1) Knife-hand middle block, punch to solar plexus

    2) Knife-hand middle block, punch to base of nose.

    3) Knife-hand middle block, knife-hand strike to neck.

    4) Same as 3, but then you pull him in and attack the other side of the neck.

    5) Middle block, then slide in elbow strike to solar plexus.

    6) Same as 2, but then you grab his arm with your blocking hand, retract the punching arm, pull him in, and reverse punch to the solar plexus.

    7) Same as 6, but instead of punching, you do an elbow strike to the head.

    No, they aren't all the same. A guy who took TKD in California says his were way different.

  3. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    The one steps is way diffrent and when I tested for my yellow belt and this was when I was white belt and I had to know 5 one steps like:

    1)Avoiding to the right,stepping 45 degree to a riding stance and execute a knifehand guarding block with the left hand simultaneously punch with the right.

    2)Stepping forward with the left to a forward stand executing a rising block with the left then punch with the right.

    3)Avoiding and stepping to the left 45 degree to a riding stance simultaneously execute right outer forearm block then double punch(left & right)to the opponents rib cage area.

    4)Avoiding to left 45 degree then execute a side kick with the right.

    5)Step back with the right to a fighting stance then execute a front snap kick with the right.
  4. taifun

    taifun Valued Member

    One-step requirements differ between schools. At mine we don't do one-steps until 6th gup (green). For my fifth gup ranking I need to know 10 different pre-selected sets. After that it's up to me and my imagination/understanding to select techniques for one-steps.

    Only way to know what to do is to ask your instructor.

  5. Qis

    Qis Blue Tags WTF

    we've got to demonstrate 3, but are recommended to have 6 in case the tester asks for more.
    ours is 3 step. i dont know when we start 1 step, but its not for a few belts methinks.
    dont quite get the point in 3 step, appart form it gets you used to defending/moving, but it's fun trying new stuff.
    what if i...

  6. taifun

    taifun Valued Member

    3 steps are mainly for working on distancing, control and timing.
  7. Capt Ann

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    Lots of variation. At our school, we have three to six new ones to learn at each belt level.

    White to white stripe:
    1. Step R to Horse-back stance, L middle block, triple punch (two to midsection, third to face)
    2. Step R to Horse-back stance, L middle block, R neck chop, elbow to side of face.
    3. Step R to Horse-back stance, L middle block, R palm heel strike to face, R elbow uppercut.

    They rapidly get more involved and complicated after that.

    Turtle press (http://www.turtlepress.com/) has a video on WTF onesteps, but I haven't seen it, and don't know how it compares to what everyone else is being taught. Has anybody here ever seen it?
  8. scott_tkd

    scott_tkd New Member

    At our club, we teach 1 step sparring at Green/Blue belt.

    We only show the students 3 set pieces, for which they have to master before we teach them more advanced 1-step involving kicks etc!

    In gradings, the students are required to perform the 3 variations, then they may be asked to continue their own!

  9. tkd ajumma

    tkd ajumma New Member

    In Korea we never had to know any to advance through the belts. We did them about once a year, so consequently I am 2nd Dan and totally useless at them. I have recently started at a club in England and feel a complete pratt when we get to that part of the class.
  10. TKD

    TKD New Member

    At my school we do freestyle one steps, you just do whatever works with a minimum of 3 attacks. We have no preset one steps and you may or may not have to do any for testing, the Master varies testing to keep you on your toes so you don't get complacent.
  11. Daniel1324

    Daniel1324 New Member

    My school...

    1) Step left, riding stance, left outside block, right upset punch to solar plexus.

    2) Step right, riding stance, left knife hand guard block, right reverse strike to temple.

    3) Right cross block, turning 180 degrees so your back is facing them, in the same motion, reverse elbow strike to face, with same hand, chop to groin.

    4) Jump into a 45 degree front stance, right front kick to solar plexus, right punch to face.

    5) Step back into left fighting stance, right crescent kick, turning into a side kick.

    6) (Aikido)Turn 180 degrees trapping their fist under left arm, grab with right hand and turn their wrist to put them on the floor, walk around their head into a wrist lock making them tap.
    (This is a long one, but a good one)

    7) Left push block, ridge hand to solar plexus, step behind them and throw them over your leg to ground, right punch to face.

    8) Left outside block, right ridge hand to temple, right round kick to solar plexus.

    9) Left kinfe hand guard block, wrapping your arm around theirs, right front elbow to face, grab back of their head and pull down striking their face with your knee.
  12. tkdgirl01

    tkdgirl01 Silly no more!

    My class we start off with 3- steps, then at green belt we do one step sparring (freestyle).
  13. chungmoomonkey

    chungmoomonkey Just a few more months...

    at my place white belts anly ahve to no one ( thats fr kids adults have to lurn a few more ) and once u get to brown belt it dont matter if ur kid or adult u have to make up seven to get ur bb
  14. craigwarren

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    I learned the hard way at my last grading that when doing ANY form of matsogi, its important not to get used to only doing the same sets over and over again, sure they help when first learning, but afterwards its important to learn to be able to perform a defence for any attack you know, and practise with a wide range of attacks.

    Start learning a few sets, performing them in order.
    Start performing the sets in a non-specific order (RANDOM)
    start mixing the sets up.
    Finally perform with no sets, against lots of different people.

    What do you do if you have learned 3 sets Perfectly and then when you grade you are paired with someone from another school who doesnt know yours sets and you dont know theirs?

    You should have learned to think on your feet (read I SHOULD HAVE LEARNED TO THINK ON MY FEET).
  15. Guy Mendiola

    Guy Mendiola New Member

    Every Organization has diffrent one steps and variations of doing it.
  16. Din

    Din 3rd dan

    it definately differs... here we dont do one step till green... for yellow we do 3 steps.
    basicly the one step is up to your imagination as long as the techniques used are accurately done and are reasonable. we are required to show hand techniques, kicks, jumping kicks, side steps, and a combination of hand and leg techniques
  17. Kenpo Kicker

    Kenpo Kicker New Member

    Thats sweet as hell :) . We have 4 set one-steps for each belt. I forgot all of them even the ez white belt one. We don't practice them often at or school. We have freestyle sparring your school got that too? I think thats a great idea to do freestyle one-steps if your students are not lazy. I'll have to remember that when I instruct. Goes with my philosophy.
  18. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    ROFL! :D ................
  19. mattsylvester

    mattsylvester One proud daddy!

    Under SWIFT we had to perform a number made up by ourselves based on

    foot and hand
    hand and foot

    in that order. We weren't told what we had to do.

    My students have to do 1 step from white belt and have 8 to perform to get to the next grade.

  20. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    1 step help needed

    Hi, dunno whether 1 step sparring is specific to the TAGB, if so and you don't know what I am talking about, it is simply a combination of counter attacks, chosen by the indivdual, in response to a single mid-section punch. I had to do it in my last grading, but now they expect you to make it a bit more advanced, so I was wondering whether anyone had any descriptions of, or links to, any 1 step combinations. Thanks.

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