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    1. ninjadom
      hey garth do you have a FB account? if so can i add ya cause your cool.
    2. ninjadom
      its best if you didnt say anything about the last message i sent you. the one were sensei aint talkin to me no more. and also im giving up on the martial art now. i thout the martial art world was a good one but it appears to be worse than the hood/ghetto world. anyways byes.
    3. garth
      read second post first
    4. garth
      If however its a system devised by Kenji based on what his father taught him from the Genbukan then Kenji has to prove his father was even in the Genbukan and received a grade. This is I guess a fairly easy thing to check as the Bufu magazine included all the students that were graded and Mr Tanemura kept very good records.

      Of course in the later case it would not lead to international seminars but it might give him a little respect if indeed his father was highly graded in the system. If however he was only a shodan and taught his son Genbukan I feel (and i'm sure others do) thats its a huge stretch from Shodan to make yourself a grandmaster of your own style.

      In other words the balls in Kenjis court now.

      To be honest the best thing he can do is go on to MAP and give us the details of his training history and his father. Of course he may not want to do that, and thats fine, but of course that being the case he will always be a little suspect.

      Regards Garth
    5. garth

      In regard to Kenji and the Hakk style its been spoken about for years that there may be other styles of ninjutsu still active in Japan and these have been searched for by scholars and people who have lived in Japan for many years. The quest has been fruitless which is why we seem a suspect when a 20 year old from london is learning a style we have never heard of.

      it would be absolutely fantastic if this art is a legitimate art with a lineage that goes back to the medieval ninja. If it is the i'm sure we will all be queing up to attend any seminars.

      Hell if this Kenji guy can prove he's legit i'll organise a seminar where kenji can walk away with at a minimum 10 grand in his hand, but of course he has to prove his legitamacy first.
    6. garth
      Hi Dom

      I think this is a huge start, and I will post what you put on MAP, I think it will get a positive response.

      If Kenji exists that fine, and if he has a system called Hakk then thats fine too.

      Some of us here have been taken in by frauds. Thats not to say that Kenji is a fraud of course. I'm sure that the people on MAP would love to find another true ninjutsu style. But of course its now down to Kenji to support what he says in regard to this style.

    7. ninjadom
      im going to do it now btw...
    8. ninjadom
      ok i am gonna come clean with the vids. kenji has told me to take hes name of them vids!! i just forgot to do it. i thout that was them because and ex student of hes (frank) told me thats them. i couldnt really tell if it is them by the faces caus its blurred abit and stuff, but i had a feeling it wasnt them by the kenji vid i could tell by the way he fights in the vid. tell the others please. thanks. dom.
    9. ninjadom
      Hello Garth ive read your message. I faked the bujinkan certificates because i grew up watching hatsumi and bruce lee and my life goal is to become like them so i made them certifs up to make myself believe that i am going to be like them and make myself believe that i know soke. at first i didnt know it was being disrespectful to soke of doing that thats why i put them up on facebook, but i know it is disrespectful i have deleted it. thats why i faked them. but now i know its very disrespectful i feel sorry that i have done it. i may not able to write im sorry but the most important thing is atleast i feel sorry for it.

      i am being very serious about the hakk and kenji they do exist. but unfortunatly the only way to settle this is to pretend that i made him up. i just hope that kenji can forgive me for doing this.

      please write back. thanks for the help aswel :).
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