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OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire, from humid North Atlanta US

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Mar 10, 2016
    1. raaeoh
      If you have specific questions we are more than happy to answer.
    2. aaradia
      Also, he said he doesn't have a personal opinion or knowledge of the Shaolin place. He said he knows it has a Wushu flair (I took that to mean the modern day definition).
    3. aaradia
      Here is some cut and pasting of what my online friend said about schools in your area. Hope it helps. "One thing he should look into is at Bogan Park. See if Tim Pugh is still teaching Praying Mantis. If so, he should get involved with that. I've met Tim, great guy & good mantis. His teacher, Sun De Yao, lives in the area & Master Sun can be Googled' for his CV.

      Depending on his Spanish, he can go north to Gainesville & there's an Eagle Claw teacher there from Puerto Rico under the Lily Lau line.

      And there's also some Hop Ga up that way from Ku Chi Wai.

      The Shaolin guy is under Shawn Liu & there's room for debates on all sides of that coin.

      We'd love to have him, but unless he's just stupid diehard, I'd not expect him due to logistics."
    4. aaradia
      Is Kennesaw in the Metro Atlanta area then? Or you have to go through that?

      I'll check with my online friend who lives in Atlanta. Have known him for many years, although only online. But he has written for Martial Arts magazines and he knows his stuff. At least this is what I think having had many conversations with him. I'll see if he knows anything- good or bad - about this Shaolin School too.
    5. aaradia
      Hey Belltoller, Where is Kennesaw? Is that a part of Atlanta or somewhere nearby? I might have another school for you to check out. Someone I highly respect on another forum goes there. He may even teach there by now- not sure. If that other school doesn't work out, that is.
    6. Madao13
      About the lung x-rays you mentioned on my log, I really hope you got good news man!!
    7. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      *deadlifts you*
    8. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      lol. i've had 200 on me, and let me tell you, the old vertebral column doth protest rather loudly :p
    9. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
    10. Fish Of Doom
    11. aaradia
      Thanks! I am however, going to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma to visit my brother. First time I have seen him in about 15 years. So I will miss it.............
    12. aaradia
      Thanks, Likewise. Your posts are amongst those on here I always look forward to reading.
    13. Bozza Bostik
      Bozza Bostik
      I am British. I moved here 10+ years ago. Yeah, gonna write back later. Been a bit short of time what with NY and all.
    14. Bozza Bostik
    15. Guitar Nado
      Guitar Nado

      The Muay Thai is very hard, lots of conditioning. But I really like it!
    16. ShadowHawk
      Yeah man, from the doctors, to old women blessing me when it initially happened and they had me in a military venezuelan hospital stretcher out in the hallway jampacked with people. Eyes were swollen couldnt keep them open
    17. ShadowHawk
      My orthopedic doctors have cleared me. The dentists have been working on a 'bridge' for my bottom teeth and also said I can fight with them no problem. Healing wise, Im all healed up minus my right wrist. Still very stiff. My left is almost 100% . Already training in everything I can that does not use my wrists too much
    18. neil73
      I train at endgame in north jersey. I'm learning a lot. You get taught things you can use . The head coach is talented and believes in hitting the ground running.
    19. belltoller
      "Doesn't make a difference though, I still suck ass! "

      LOL! Wait'll ya get a load of me
    20. Pretty In Pink
      Pretty In Pink
      Well JKD is only once a week, (and to be fair, it's really JunFan GungFu). Kali is much more often though. To be fair, I go maybe twice a week to kali, once a month to JKD, mostly though, I take about 4 classes of MT/kickboxing a week, and 5+ BJJ lessons if I can.

      Doesn't make a difference though, I still suck ass! :D
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