The "So There" Thread

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Simon, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Travess

    Travess Misplaced Melancholy Supporter

    Ha ha ha - Well, as I am currently 42, this journey may prove to be shorter lived than planned!

  2. Rataca100

    Rataca100 Banned Banned

    should i take this advice as dont chance learning grappling when i am older? :p
  3. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth

    Judo is very very hard on the body, your essentially getting hit with a planet fifty odd times a class, it's easiest to pick up when your young, light and bouncy still.
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  4. Morik

    Morik Valued Member

    I think BJJ may be a better grappling art to pick up when you are older, though it could depend on the place you train.
    Regardless, you probably won't be spending more than 20% of the time doing take-downs/throws, and likely less than that.

    I'm currently 35. My thinking for myself is: Keep doing Muay Thai for a couple years, then when I feel like it I'll start cross-training BJJ. (I did do BJJ for a few months, but found it too hard to try to learn both Muay Thai & BJJ at the same time--hard to get to enough classes of each every week.)

    My throw/stand-up grappling won't be as strong as if I trained Judo (I'm guessing), but I think they do go into the stand-up grappling at my Muay Thai gym in the advanced classes (which I don't attend yet).
    With what I learn from Muay Thai, and the little bit of takedown practice I may get in BJJ, it'll have to do for me. I am a large guy and not getting any younger--I don't see myself doing Judo, but who knows.

    I do recall seeing a 60+ year old guy who was a very experienced Judoka at the Judo class I tried. He was getting thrown around like everyone else and seemed fine. But he probably learned it young.
  5. bujingodai

    bujingodai Thinking about it Supporter

    Re opening my dojo after closing it a year ago. So there, opens next week.

    And buying an RV so there, starting retirement living a little earlier
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  6. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I was today at a seminar (I nearly missed that, because I caught a fever Wednesday night, so there's the first so there! ;) Now I'm hoarse like hell, but it was worth it :D )

    Seminar was run by Philippe Chenique, Jose Vasquez and Frank Schreiber.
    I know, the first one doesn't seem to be too popular here, but I actually did enjoy what he and his partners had shown.

    It was rather Aikido-focused from the locks but in a way it might actually work; I wouldn't count too much on it, because I think it still takes time until you could actually use it in a real case, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
    For me not everything has to work on the street, I also like to learn some stuff just for the fun of it.

    It was a seven hour long seminar, but they shortened it by roughly 30 minutes, for all the talking that came later (a little speech of the host, certificates and the such).

    Next Saturday there will be another seminar with them, this time more about Arnis.
    I'm actually rather excited to see, what will happen then.

    They also invited us (as in association members) next year to the States.
    But it will probably cost around 2000-2500Euros, so... yeah... but I'd like to go. The association does something like this every year (last year it was on Sicily for example), but it's probably just too expensive for me. After all it's my entire money of fife months :oops:

    I also found a photograph of todays seminar, which made me realize, why people ask me how my school holidays are or that I should take some of my pocket money with me.
    I look like an 12-year old (at least on the phone) :rolleyes::D

    World Seminar, 14.10.17 - 2.jpg

    So there!
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  7. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    Wow, aikido and arnis, two of my favorite things! :D:D Lucky you!
    And 6+ hours of it! :D
  8. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    Not MA, but we had a few of them in this thread, so --
    Was in Las Vegas for a few days on business, so of course I had to take in a show. I saw Penn & Teller from the front row, center seat, and for the final act I was called up on stage. :D I was part of the human chain that made sure the "spotted pygmy elephant" didn't disappear by running off the stage. :D:D

    I have no idea where that pygmy elephant went. It was there and then it wasn't there. :eek::oops:o_Oo_Oo_O

    But I was on stage with Penn & Teller!! So there!!
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  9. Mushroom

    Mushroom Goes well with everything Moderator Supporter

    Just had an Acai bowl! So there!
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  10. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    Not only do I have a punchbag at work I've just set up a weights area and a floor to ceiling bag.

    End of shift, walk upstairs and train.

    So there.
  11. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I can't even say if that is something to eat, something to put on shelf or something entirely different :oops:
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  12. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I was told that it is something to be proud of.
    Not sure, if I agree, since I don't see it as that special, but: On Saturday I passed my 3rd Kyu test in Karate and 4th Kyu in Kickboxing.
    According to my trainer both were good gradings, and he wants me to keep going.
    (Which I thought interesting, as he was always critical about not only learning but also grading in several arts).
    He also nearly screwed me over, since I had to do something different half the time, compared to what I had planned :D

    So there.

    And: The Saturday before that (so 21st) was the second seminar with the Americans from above.
    I enjoyed it again (especially the moment, when my Sensei was Uke and in pain. And yes, I asked to see the technique again. And also yes, he kicked my shin later and I'm sure that was only the beginning :D ).

    In all fairness, I'm not so sure about the gun-disarm techniques. Some of them I think could work, with others... not so much.
    But I'm also not exactly an expert on that subject.

    Overall though I really enjoyed the seminar and had lots of fun.
    Weapons and Aikido-influenced techniques again - fun.
    Especially since some of it - despite being rather complicated, especially for people with absolutely no Aikido-knowledge; I sort of dipped my toes into it, because my Sensei uses it sometimes and I get to visit an Aikidoka once a year for a few sessions - could actually work.
    Which is something, some Aikido-techniques doesn't seem to do in my eyes, if the person trying it is not *really* proficient in it.
    It's still fun though :)

    I would really love to visit the US next year for the training camp (come on: The visiting the USA, train a week and also see something of the States! That would be rather cool for me. Visiting Canada the week after and it would be a dream come true ;) :D ).
    It's like a once in a lifetime chance.
    But it's also a very expensive once in a lifetime, so I probably need to find another lifetime for it ;)
  13. Xue Sheng

    Xue Sheng All weight is underside

    I'm going to go do some yoga, then some taijiquan... and then go to bed.... So there!!!!
  14. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    Dude, where do you work that you can arrange that?! (Yes, I'm jealous of the punching bags at work.)
  15. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    It's more or less official now, that I will lead the second kids group, starting yesterday.
    It's the older kids and the hope goes, that I will manage to get them to actually grade regularly and that they actually learn something.

    The blackbelt coach will still be there, but I have the say for everything(!) in training. What gets done, when it gets done, how, ... everything.

    At least two of the parents are absolutely happy with it; not sure how many other parents even know it about it so far.
    I wonder how long it will take, until the first people will ask, why a greenbelt leads the training... :oops:

    So there!

    Now... I only need to actually feel like going "So there!" instead of "What were you thinking?!?" :oops::eek:
    If I screw that up, I will end up getting crucified, hung, drawn and quartered and probably more, I don't even know yet.

    First proposal to the "bosses" is already out as well: Starting next year, I'd like the kids classes start half an hour earlier; this way I could actually stay the entire lesson on Thursdays and wouldn't need to go half an hour earlier :rolleyes:

    That is... if I live until then...

    Gee, what were I thinking?!?
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  16. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Our twice a year sale is coming up in the beginning of December. There are seminars as part of that. This year, Tai Sifu decided that we don't have enough Lau Bun lineage forms in our curriculum, and he wants them handed down. So, he is teaching the Longfist form. Not a flashy form, but chock full of good CLF basics. Our GM lists this form as one of the eight principal forms of CLF.

    On top of that, because he just wants to hand down more of Lau Bun's lineage to students with a certain membership (which I have) he is offering the seminar for free!

    This is the form.

  17. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I had my first "competition" yesterday.
    A show, where five SD-techniques get shown and the best three win.

    I totally screwed it up and was only placed five of six.
    Not sure, how I'm supposed to look my teacher into the eye again on Tuesday, but hey!

    This also makes me the first starter for our club, to not win at least silver, when competing at anything.
    I have such a bright future!
    I should look out for others hobbies.

    So... yeah... utterly failed!

    First to say "At least you tried" or something similar will get kicked ;)

    So there - my first MAP threat :cool:
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  18. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Yeah, well, you can try to kick me. ;) I am going to say it anyways.

    You got in there and competed. And putting yourself under that sort of pressure makes you a winner over the many MAists out there who don't do it. It's just true, like it or not. I see people at my school who don't put themselves under tournament pressure- they don't progress nearly as fast. Same for those that don't spar as often as they should. People who compete get my respect. You worked hard and you stepped outside your comfort zone.

    You did not utterly fail. Well, unless you just beat yourself up instead of learning from it. And if you actually did quit over it. However, I don't think you will actually do that.

    The key is, are you just going to beat yourself up and put yourself down? Or are you going to analyze it and see what you can learn to make yourself better? Are you going to talk to your instructor and get his/ her advice on how to improve from the experience?

    Give yourself one day to feel bad. Then no more. Just learn from it.

    I totally forgot my form the very first tournament. Totally had a blank mind. It was crushing. But I learned what I did wrong, what works for me. I got a medal for my form next tournament. (Gold I think, but it was a long time ago, might have been silver.) I learned I can't watch people go up before me, because I got so caught up in what they did- good and bad- that I wasn't focused on what I needed to do.

    I came in second in push hands to this one woman who always beat me. She kept getting me with the same move. I asked instructors and drilled what to do the whole next year. Well, she still beat me, but not with that move! LOL!

    The point of competition IMO is to make you a better MAist. Medals are nice, they are icing on the cake. But to me, that isn't the point of tournaments.

    What you get from this experience is totally up to you and in your mental control.

    If it was easy all the time, what would be the point?

    Yes, like it or not, the fact that you tried means a lot and you should give yourself credit for that.
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  19. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    You're from the other side of the pond, aren't you?
    You might be save there ;)

    Well, it's not that it was a fighting competition, so I'm not sure about the progressing.

    I doubt I will too; yesterday was also the annual general meeting of the club in which I teach the kids, and it was made official, that I will train the older Jitsu-Kids from now on.

    Anyway, I think I will keep beating me up over it a little longer. After all I have to face my Sensei on Tuesday; you know, the one who's name I mentioned as my master and whom I made look bad - which for me is way worse, than the loss itself.
    Not to mention the time he and two other teachers wasted on me, when my partner and me practiced for it.

    Until then (and probably afterwards as well) it's back to learning for sure.
    My partner and I already thought about trying again next year.
    I'm a little torn - I sort of would like to try again, but I would also prefer to stand a chance.

    I'd also like to actually fight at a competition next year, but for that I'd need more training accordingly.

    Already showed one the video of it (I might put it on youtube or something similar for a few days; it's really nothing special though); he said it wasn't bad.

    Will have to talk about it with other, whether I like it or not; but since I still feel like I have disappointed him and threw mud at him I don't have much of a choice.
    The good thing in that: He will certainly make sure, that I understand where I made mistakes lol

    That day would be nearly over already :eek:

    I don't think I could even start at forms, because I am so bad at them :D
    I forgot part of a kata on a grading, until my coach whispered "Mae Geri"...
    I think it's an interesting thought to not look at the others though. I need to think about that!

    That would require actual mental control ;)

    No one wants it all the time.
    But once in a while would be nice.

    But Seriously: I do get your point and even agree.
    Still feel crappy.
  20. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Guys, I hate double-posting, so keep posting here :oops:

    I hope it is allowed to link the video twice, as I put it in my log as well.
    If not, I will delete one link, no problem!

    As mentioned, nothing special.
    A Shiho-Nage that had a delay that wasn't part of it; Seoi-Nage without bending the knees; ... and I manage to look fat in a Gi. Still. :D

    Still a bit bugged by the competition.
    Not the loss itself so much, as to belie expectations.
    Tomorrow I'll have to face my main teacher, as he didn't manage yesterday. Still not looking forward to it, even though I'm sure he won't say anything about it. At all. Which makes it even worse.

    Anyway - here you go.
    (I hope; it's the first time I try to load something up :oops::rolleyes:)


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