"Real Ninjutsu" training?

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Wayfarer, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    Hello, I'm interested in training in “real ninjutsu” – stealth, espionage, infiltration, making weapons and tools, urban and wilderness survival, tactics & strategy, combat and esotericism. I'm not interested in being around dudes in black gis practicing hand-to-hand combat – I'm convinced that this is a totally bogus modern distortion of ninjutsu.

    So...does any such thing exist? Do any existing “ninja schools” teach this stuff? What I've seen of Bujinkan doesn't look very interesting. I'm visualizing some kind of "Jason Bourne"/Violent Nomad training with a bit of Eastern philosophy and mysticism. I wonder if there is a market for such a thing? Do you really think ninjas practiced katas all day? Doesn't what I'm talking about sound more interesting?
  2. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    Welcome to MAP.

    Firstly where are you based, as this will help us make recommendations.

    Like many arts there are those that have been watered down and those that still hold dear the original principles laid down way before we came along.

    Each year we hold a charity event where different instructors teach a cross section of their art.

    One of our Moderator team, dunc, teaches a Ninjutsu session and I've been very impressed.

    I'd wait for his input, but for me if Ninjutsu interests you then train in that and look elsewhere to teach you the survival skills.
  3. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    I'm in Washington state. Training in ninjutsu is what I had in mind; the problem is, what people are calling ninjutsu doesn't look like ninjutsu to me, based on my research. What did the session you're talking about consist of? To be honest, I find modern "martial arts" a bit ridiculous; too sterile and artificial for me. I'm looking for people with an edgier hacker/cultist/military/terrorist mentality, not middle class dudes in suburban dojos.
  4. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    To what end? Why not just join the military?
  5. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider pass, pin, pummel

    How about ISIS?
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  6. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    What do you want from your training?

    If it's a cultist, military or terrorist mentality you require you'll not get a recommendation from us.

    If it's good training, training for the modern age or good training with a self defence understanding then we can help.
  7. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    Fun, knowledge, empowerment, sense of brotherhood, development of useful skills, preparation for apocalypse, etc. Not gonna join the military; I have no interest in serving a paper state (constitution & dollars, lawyers & bankers).
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  8. Hannibal

    Hannibal Angriest MAP resident.... Supporter

    Your training background is....?

    I always find this approach laughable and usually indicatve of someone who can't actually fight....it's a variation on the "too deadly to soar" brigade

    Go to a full contact dojo, go to a kali training centre, mix e voila!

    Or rant about "blah, blah..real fight..blah..survival...blah..may Gunz!!" Which I anticipate coming in 3..2...1...
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  9. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    As I said, I'm not actually looking for combat training primarily. "Shadow warrior" training, yes, but hand-to-hand or firearms combat is a small part of that as far as I'm concerned. The smart ninja never has to fight, right? Anyway, it's probably a fantasy; in this society, anyone training in real ninjutsu will probably be considered a terrorist and arrested.
  10. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer New Member

    On second thought, it's probably bad form posting this here. Go ahead and delete the thread if you would. Thank you.
  11. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    @David Harrison one for you maybe.

    Can you make a recommendation, or does your organisation have contacts in Washington State?
  12. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool the merc with the mouth

    Have you tried a religious apocalyptic cult?
    Also random question, do you like cool aid?
  13. garth

    garth Valued Member

    Wayfarer posted...

    Training in ninjutsu is what I had in mind; the problem is, what people are calling ninjutsu doesn't look like ninjutsu to me, based on my research.

    I find this a very interesting statement on the grounds that how can one say that Ninjutsu doesn't look like Ninjutsu unless you have real ninjutsu to compare it to. And then how do you know what your watching is the real ninjutsu. I would also be interested to know what research you have done to identify real ninjutsu. Anthony Cummins by any chance?

    Maybe you can point us to REAL Ninjutsu?
  14. aikiMac

    aikiMac boxing is fun Moderator Supporter

    The part in bold -- you'll not find that outside the military, CIA, or a mercenary bodyguard company.

    For urban and wilderness survival, try NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School), OWLS (Outdoor Wilderness Leadership School -- although this is oriented to businesses), Ancient Pathways (these guys get primitive), and Gunsight.

    For esotericism ... I honestly think your best best is an occult bookstore.
  15. Hannibal

    Hannibal Angriest MAP resident.... Supporter

    We dont want him
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  16. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Hi Wayfarer

    Probably our understanding of what is and is not ninjutsu is a little different

    The Bujinkan does preserve some of the lessons that perhaps you're interested in

    Ways of walking quietly, ways to climb a wall, swimming methods, how to escape and hide etc are all part of the curriculum

    But they form a tiny part of the curriculum and most people, including myself, are not particularly interested in developing these skills

    If you do find someone teaching these things then either a) they have learnt them from one of the xkans and are likely extrapolating a long way from one or two concepts that are handed down, or b) teaching things that have not come from the traditions in Japan

    Hope this helps
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  17. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member

    David Harrison is a good shout.

    Although if I wanted all those things you specified I'd join the army.

    IIRC You can become a Navy SEAL straight off the street. Literally just do the entrance requirements and then you get basic training in "how to be a bad ass".

    If I was in th kind of shape that's what I'd do.
  18. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    I can only echo Hannibal's sentiment: we don't want him.

    Fail on all counts of hacker/cultist/military/terrorist training for the OP too, so not a good fit all round.

    Thanks for insinuating I'm in a terrorist organisation though, that was sweet. :rolleyes:
  19. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    I have spoken to David Harrison privately about this and made my recommendation based on the making of weapons and tools, urban and wilderness survival, tactics & strategy, combat and esotericism the OP asked for.

    Of course as David points out no-one wants to be associated with anyone who is seeking cultist or terrorist training.

    With that said I'm closing the thread.

    Wayfarer is welcome to discuss martial arts and the type of training he is seeking, but we'll not engage in conversation regarding some of the other things asked for.
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