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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Diego, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Diego

    Diego New Member

    Hi, I live in Montreal Canada and I'm looking for people to train with :)
    I myself train in Wong Shun Leung Ving tsun system

    I'm planning on starting a school in Montreal.
    Does anyone have any tips about how to start and where to be to open a kung fu school in Montreal? Thanks :)
  2. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    Diego, are you a qualified instructor, because that is the first requirement.

    Once you have that down you'll need a business plan that covers venue hire, equipment, insurance and such like.

    Do you belong to an organisation, because that certainly helps.

    Certainly in the UK you'll need some kind of background check for teaching youngsters.

    Get yourself the book small dojo big profits by Mike Massie.

    It's the book that was recommended to me by my instructor.
  3. Diego

    Diego New Member


    Thanks for the info.
    Problem is I'm from Belgium and recently moved to Canada, and have no ideo how it works here in Canada.

    I was an instructor in Belgium but no idea how it works here.
    So I really need some help with it ^^
  4. Simon

    Simon The Bulldog Admin

    We do have members based in Canada, so hopefully one of them can give some advice.

    I'd start with the local government office to see what the legal requirements are.
  5. Diego

    Diego New Member

    I hope so too. Thanks for the advice :)

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