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  1. KickChick

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    Here are some links to Martial Art print/online magazines and journals ..... Happy Reading!!!! :)

    BlackBelt Magazine

    Martial Arts Online Magazine


    AMAS Martial Arts Magazine

    Aikido Journal

    Asian Moves Online

    Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences

    Furyu: The Budo Journal

    Qi Journal

    The Iaido Newsletter (iaido and kendo)

    Official magazine of the British Judo Association

    Journal of Japanese Sword Arts

    Kendo World Magazine

    Sumo World

    Filipino Martial Arts

    Shotokan Karate Magazine

    Tae Kwon Do Times

    Tai Chi Magazine

    Feel free to add more!
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  2. Terry Matthes

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    Thanks. That is a lot of usefull links in one post :)
  3. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    I'm adding mine as it's there to be read and used.
    Reviews of Martial Books, Dvds, Vcds, Technical Vids etc and some Articles, crafted by my loving hand for you dear and gentle reader.
  4. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    Jeez Kickchick, shame you barely found any......:D
  5. KickChick

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  6. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Martial Arts Illustrated is okay, a Tabloid style Martial Arts mag. They say they are Britain's best, if that's the case, then God Help Us...

    Some Other British Martial Arts Mags are
    Fighters (Seems to come out whenever they feel like it-Not bad..) and
    Combat (Like having paint slowly poured into yr eyes).

    There used to be a very good one called Fighting Arts International, but its Publisher the Karateka Terry O'Neil wound it down, shame really as it was much more indepth than the normal mags and covered alot of very interesting stuff.
  7. duongvo90

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    Anyone have a book about aikido and karatedo's kata please send to my e-mail!! I'm an martialarts student who need a book to raise my skill !!! Please Helps me!!!My mail is Thanks a lot of!!
  8. duongvo90

    duongvo90 New Member

    Hey!! Kick chick! You post kata unlimited is a great web but do u have any account to access and download it to my computer!! If You have please post it here!!
  9. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Please E-mail the editor ( the following:-

    Your name (first & last names)
    e-mail address
    home address (optional)

    .... to get your own access..... subscrption is free
  10. tellner

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    Here is another good resource:

    The Electronic Journal of the Martial Arts and Sciences which also includes:

    # InYo: The Journal of Alternative Perspectives on the Martial Arts and Sciences ISSN 1492-1669
    # Journal of Combative Sport ISSN 1492-1650
    # Journal of Non-lethal Combatives ISSN 1492-1634
    # Journal of Theatrical Combatives ISSN 1492-1626
    # Journal of Western Martial Art ISSN 1492-1642
    # Journal of Manly Arts: European and Colonial Combatives, 1776 - 1914 (a subsection of JWMA)
    # Physical Training: Fitness for Combatives ISSN 1492-1685
    # The Iaido Journal ISSN 1492-1677
    # Kronos: A Chronological History of the Martial Arts and Combative Sports
    # Proceedings: Records of Meeting
    # EJMAS notes, reviews, company information and launch page
  11. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I did post that link ... but thanks anyway, it is a good source of info
  12. Taliesin

    Taliesin Valued Member

    FMA Digest do an excellent (and free :D ) online FMA magazine, that appears in my inbox as if by magic.
  13. Jason Couch

    Jason Couch New Member

    I's like to submit my own (see sig) and then second (or is it third at this point?) the EJMAS recommendation.

  14. KoreanWarrior

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    Dave where is that link for book cover


    Send me a PM for book cover shirt? Is it Kuk Sool at zazzle?

    PM me.
  15. progdan

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  16. bnyd

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    Thank you for these lists. Wish more recent updates were available like these!
  17. spinning fist

    spinning fist New Member

    great links

    Those are some great links, thanks. I also like books by Sang H Kim. He has great resources for teaching. Also found great source online "martial arts activities unlimited." Very useful.
  18. Kicksider

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    Great list. I can add a link to the online archives of a German magazine that used to be sold on newsstands from 1995 until 1998:
    Kung Fu Revue: Kung Fu (Germany)
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